Thursday, May 12, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vinod Kumar, Scientist ‘E’ (Retired)
                                                                                                                   India Meteorological Department
                                                                                                                            Shyam Bhawan, Ashok Nagar,
                                                                                                           Road Number: 11, Kankarbagh Colony
                                                                                    Dated: 04.05.2016
  Dear Sir,
I am to draw your kind attention on my letter dated 28.01.2016 regarding promoting classical homeopathy in the country, which has been addressed to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of India. The letter is also available on the aforesaid web site. In the first week of March 2016, homeopathic shops in Bihar were raided by Drug Inspectors and a few shops were sealed and a few homeopathic shop owners were also arrested on the plea that homeopathic medicines contain alcohol more than prescribed limit after alcohol was banned in Bihar under Bihar excise (Amendment) act 2016. They cannot sale bottles of 100ml, 450ml and 500ml homeopathic dilutions as it is feared that people will use these medicines as a substitute for alcohol as these dilutions contain more than 90% of alcohol. Truly speaking Sir! No general public outside homeopathic fraternity know about the constitution of homeopathic medicines all over globe wherever homeopathy therapy is being practised. Because of these controversies many people were able to know about the presence of alcohol in homeopathic medicines not only in Bihar but in other parts of the country. Drug Inspectors thought that they have unearthed a big racket in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines. But their imagination is the result of simple ignorance about the principle of homeopathy. I am writing this letter as I have been working to promote classical homeopathy in the country for many years and my all letters are available on my web site. The step taken by the Government of Bihar is a retrogressive step in the development of homeopathy not only in Bihar but in other States, wherever alcohol is likely to be banned in future.  Homeopathy is being practiced in India since early of 19th century. Such type of controversy should not have occurred. Firstly, I am giving details about preparation of homeopathic medicines, its proper dose, testing of homeopathic remedies, impact of ban on sale of homeopathic medicines above 30ml and effectiveness of remedies.
Preparation of homeopathic medicines: For making medicines from plants, plants are washed and juice is extracted without mixing it with water. Equal amount of absolute alcohol (water free) is mixed with the juice and the mixture is kept in a tightly closed bottle for 24 hours. Pure liquid is separated and is called mother tincture (Q). Alcohol stops fermentation of the mother tincture and helps in preserving the medicine for many years. So, more than 50% alcohol can be found in all the mother tinctures. Presence of alcohol in different mother tinctures varies as per requirement to remove the poisonous effect of some plants and minerals. Dr. Kshma Meher (M.D.), working with Dr. Rajan Sankaran (an eminent homeopath of International repute) at “the Other Song”, Andheri (W), Mumbai had informed me on 7th March 2016 about presence of alcohol in the following four mother tinctures in different percentage: Bellis Perennnis: 65% (alcohol), Rauwolfia Serpentina: 77%, Terminalia Arjuna: 82%, Ricinus Communis 94% etc. While preparing homeopathic medicine, one part of the mother tincture is mixed with 99 parts of pure alcohol. Now the mixture is given 40-100 jerks by machine (Hahnemann was using his hands). Potency of this medicine is given as 1C (centesimal scale). Now, it is not a simple composition of mother tincture and alcohol. All particles in 1C mixture are charged because of friction. On this principle homeopathy is based. The quantity of medicine present in 1C mixture will be 1/100. Now from 1C mixture, one part is taken out and mixed again with 99 parts with pure alcohol and the process is repeated. The potency of this medicine is given as 2C. The quantity of medicine present in 2C mixture is 1/104. It has been observed that particles of the medicine are visible by microscope only up to 9C. The similar procedure is followed to prepare medicines of higher potencies e.g. 12, 30, 200, 1M (1000), 10M, 50M, CM (one lakh) and MM (10 million). The quantity of medicine present in 30C is 1/1060. The medicinal power of any medicine goes on increasing with higher potencies and its curative power goes on improving enormously. That is why material dose of any other branch of medicine cannot match with the curative power of homeopathic medicines. The higher potency medicine has the power to penetrate and remove the deep seated disease from our body. In 1984 Paul Callanin, an Australian biophysicist, gave a lecture to Institute for Complementary Medicine in London at which he showed electron microscope photographs of frozen crystals of homeopathic remedies at various potencies. These pictures, taken with polarized light, showed that the same remedy in different potencies had different crystal patterns. He considered that certain potencies worked best because the structural pattern of the remedy was stronger at some potency than at others (Richardson, 1988).
 Medicines having potency 200 and above are considered as high potency drugs and should be used carefully. Very rarely medicine having potency higher than 10M is required for treatment. Homeopathic medicines having potencies 1C, 30C, 200C, 1M, etc. contain 90% alcohol. Slightly different procedure is followed in preparation of medicines from minerals, which are insoluble in water and alcohol mixture, one part of the mineral is mixed with 99 parts of lactose and the mixture is grinded in the ball mill for several hours. When the mixture becomes soluble in water and alcohol mixture (3C/6C), it is mixed with 99 parts of alcohol, and the above process is continued for preparation of high potency medicines. Medicines prepared from metals contain 90% of alcohol from potency 6C and higher. Homeopathic medicines even in low potencies cannot be compared with allopathic medicines/ cough syrups. Because in a composition of 10% homeopathic medicine and 90% alcohol ; 100% particles in the mixture get charged in the process of making higher potency medicines and total mixture is medicine, whereas in a cough syrup 80% chemicals and 20% alcohol are just simple composition of basic materials. So, in cough syrups impact of alcohol can be observed.  Homeopathic medicines do not get spoiled even after 15-20 years because of presence of alcohol in high percentage. If the colour of the medicine changes (from pure water appearance) the medicine is spoiled.   

Proper dose of mother tincture and its limitation
Doses of a mother tincture, depends upon the age of the patient, condition of the patient and type of mother tincture. Children and adults are given 1-6 drops and 2-15 drops of the medicine 6-8-12 hourly respectively. For example: Aconitum Napellus: Children 1-2 drops, 6 hourly and adults: 2-4 drops 6 hourly (Banerjea 2010,). Mother tincture is given when (i) the patient is on life saving drugs, (ii) defects are found in vital organs, (iii) the approach is just to give relief to patient including hypertension cases, etc (Banergea 2010). In most of the cases, it is not given for cure it is simply palliative. What is the content in sleeping pills in allopathic medicines? It is used for giving temporary relief and its side effect is worse.
Testing of homeopathic remedy as alcohol or medicine
I am giving the list of polychrest (commonly used) remedies which may be used for testing purposes on the officials who claim that these medicines contain nothing but alcohol. One dram (approximately 60 drops) each of following medicines only in 30C potency may be purchased from a any homeopathic shops. The medicines are Arsenicum Album (Chilly: poison), Hepar sulphur (Chilly: prepared from Sulphide of calcium), Lachesis (warm: South American snake’s poison), Mercurius Solubilis (chilly in chronic cases, prepared from mercury: poison), Natrium Muriticum (warm: common salt), Nux Vomica (chilly: poison), Phosphorus (chilly: poison) and Sulphur (warm). Persons who are having warm blood (they suffer or become uncomfortable more during summer) may take warm remedies and those who are having cold blood may take chilly remedies. Arsenicum Album, Hepar Sulphur, Nux vomica and Phosphorus are best suited for chilly persons, Lachesis, Natrium Muriticum and Sulphur can be taken by warm blooded persons, again Lachesis, Mercurious Solubilis, Natrium Muriticum, Nux Vomica and Sulphur can be taken by the persons who are getting affected by both heat and cold. Only half drop of any medicine in 30C potency can be taken by the volunteers three times a day for three days continuously. No food or any drink should be taken within half an hour before or after taking the medicine. If it is alcohol they are not going to be affected at all within three days or after three days because they have taken only ½ drop of alcohol three times a day for three days only. They will realise that these are powerful homeopathic medicines even in 30C potency during next 04-15 days. I have not suggested 200C for testing as from 200C onwards medicines are considered as high potency remedies which may be harmful for the volunteers/ officials. Still I would suggest that they should not go for testing even in 30C potency. Arsenic, Lachesis, Merc Sol, Phosphorus and Sulphur are very powerful remedies even in 30C potency. Dr. James Tyler Kent, M.D. USA (1849-1916), shifted to homeopathy when his wife did not get cured by allopathic medicines and was cured by homeopathy. He authored several valuable medical works. His contribution in homeopathy is enormous. His “Repertory”, ‘Homeopathic Philosophy” and ‘Lectures on Meteria Medica” are considered as great works on homeopathy. Kent (1996) has mentioned “It is well for you to realize that you are dealing with razors when dealing with high potencies (200C and above). I would rather to be in a room with a dozen Negroes slashing with razors rather than in the hands of an ignorant prescriber of high potencies. They are means of tremendous harm, as well as of tremendous good”.                  
 Impact of ban on sale of homeopathic medicines above 30ml
Bihar State Homeopathic Association organised its first State conference on 9th March 2016 to discuss the matter related with ban on sale of homeopathic medicines above 30 ml and raid on homeopathic shops by Drug Inspectors in Bihar. I too attended the conference which was held in Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir, Frazer Road, Patna. Shri B.N.Sinha, Hon’ble former Justice, Patna High Court was chief guest. In his inaugural speech, he said “Normally I do not accept such invitation, but I accepted it because it was related with homeopathy. During my childhood, whenever I was having any health problem my parents brought me to a Homeopathic physician practicing at Kadam Kuan Patna, who was giving one or two doses of the remedy and I was getting cured. Still I am inclined with homeopathy”. Dr. Ramjee Singh, President, All India Homeopathic Association, Dr Daud Ali, President Bihar State Homeopathic Association and former MLA, OSD, Government of Bihar and other Homeopaths from Bihar attended the conference.
Earlier when homeopathic shops were allowed to sale 450ml or 500ml bottles, the cost of one dram (around 60 drops) medicine was charged just Rs.10 for 30C (in centesimal scale: one part medicine and 99 parts alcohol) and 200C potencies. Cost of 30ml medicine of 30C and 200C potency is coming around Rs.70-75. They are not interested in giving just one dram medicine after opening a small bottle as the remaining medicine may evaporate due to such packing.  Some shopkeepers give one dram but they charge Rs.30 per dram. Cost of medicine has increased between 3-7 times and sale of medicine will also get affected as people will not purchase 4-5 medicines at a time for personal use because of increase in cost. Shopkeepers are so confused that they are not giving fresh orders for supply of medicines. None of the three, consumer, shopkeepers and Government of Bihar, are getting benefited from this decision.  Because of this ban, homeopathic shops were closed on many days on at least two occasions causing inconvenience to the needy persons. Normally, one to two drops (or four small pills) of any remedy starting from 6C to CM is being given by Homeopaths. For preparing medicines in pills (poppy sized), in one dram of small pills, 8-10 drops medicine is given. Single dose of 30C potency and higher potency, is taken once in 10 days, 20days, 30days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days or even in six months depending upon the condition of patient, type of disease and type of medicine used. However, most suitable adult dose is considered as half drop of the medicine or two small pills (children one small pill). Banerjea (2010, Dr. S. K. Banerjea is Principal, Allen College of Homeopathy, Essex, England and Director, Bengal Allen Medical Institute) has mentioned “I prescribe, in Centesimal Scale, a single poppy seed size globule to be dispensed in one bottle of water and ask the patient to sip it throughout the day for two to 10 days according to the depth of the disease and vitality of the patient. How much alcohol can be found in four pills or in one-two drops of medicine taken even on daily basis?  Banning alcohol is an excellent decision but it should not be at the cost of damaging the image of homeopathy. This action will affect the poor people most and will affect the growth of homeopathy in the State, which not only can cure any chronic and incurable diseases but improve resistance against viral and chronic diseases. Very rarely affluent people (except Mumbai) consult a homeopath. Normally, middle class and poor people take the help of Homeopaths. However, sale of rectified spirit may be restricted to 30 ml bottle, which is used for preparation of placebo. In one dram pills a few drops of rectified spirit are given. For mental satisfaction of patient, 2-3 daily doses of placebo are suggested.
Reasons for promoting classical homeopathy
I had been posted at Meteorological office, Dum Dum Airport, Kolkata in 1984. I have been infected with a water borne parasite (Giardia lamblia) from contaminated water. I started suffering from frequent stool, diarrhoea and dysentery. I had been prescribed antibiotic of Metronidazole group of medicine (Flagil). Gradually, it started affecting my digestive system. I also consulted eminent physician of that time Dr. Shiv Narayan Singh at Patna. He too prescribed Flagil. I developed allergy from most of the food. I joined Meteorological office, C.S.I. Airport, Mumbai in 1991. I tried Naturopathy and Aayurveda with not much relief. I was suffering from frequent cold, cough, fever (during change of weather and Season), diarrhoea, dysentery, loss of appetite, weakness, loss of weight, frequent pulse, high B.P. tendency etc. I just wanted to know the reason of my illness. After more than 13 years of sufferings I took single dose of Calc. Carb-30 in the last week of December 1998 and from there I never saw back. I was very much benefited from, Arsenic Alb, Calc. Carb, Nux Vomica and Phosphorus. I had taken Phosphorus up to C.M. (1, 00,000) potency. I realised that homeopathic medicines are very powerful, act very fast and these can cure chronic and incurable diseases in addition to acute cases. Details in this regard may be seen in my letter dated 11.10.2014, which is available on my web site.
Use of homeopathic medicines with care
In early 2000, I advised one single dose of Calc Carb 30C to my colleague from Uttar Pradesh. But he did not believe in just one drop dose of the medicine and took 40-50 drops, almost one dram. He immediately developed high fever with chill (old symptom). With a normal dose, within one-two days he could have recovered. He was not having any contact number. He abused the medicine. He had to consult a physician to get rid of his problems. The best thing about homeopathic treatment is that if from any medicine excess aggravation takes place, then it can be antidote by other known low potency medicine. Taking medicine in large quantity does not help at all in terms of relief rather than aggravation would be more. In October 2013, my platelets counts came down to 80,000 from 1, 90, 000, due to some unknown reasons. I was not having fever so, Dengue was not present. I took single dose (half drop) Merc Sol-30 considering that in the past I had dysentery. After 40 days my platelets counts increased to 120 000. Captain K.N. Mathur (1997) has written that single dose is the rule in chronic cases for Merc Sol. I did not think that it was a chronic case. So, I took another dose of Merc Sol-200C for further improvement in platelets counts. After 20 days my blood pressure increased to 180/100 with frequent pulse rate. I took Merc Sol-30 in January 2014, to lower the aggravation, which is a normal procedure. But it did not help. I had a dream of big fire going across my house at my native village and I had murdered somebody.  Also I developed severe vertigo during sleep at 0200 AM. Then I realised that the medicine has started proving. I took single dose (half drop) of Nux Vomica-30C during night to antidote the effect of the medicine. After 10 days I took Nux Vomica 200 to further remove the side effects. I should not have taken another dose of Merc Sol. So, how can a person use homeopathic medicines as substitute for alcohol that too in different potency? Every medicine has unique identity, which cannot be used as substitute for alcohol. Just only a few drops can create serious health problems to healthy individuals even in 30C potency.
Treatment to poor people: Three years back an 80 year old labourer (Mr. Bind) consulted me at my native village he had been suffering from fever with chill for quite some time and not getting cured after taking allopathic treatment. He might be having fever more than 100ᵒF as his pulse was running fast. Even then he came for harvesting wheat crop. So he was diligent. He said that during evening he fells chill although he was a warm blooded person. I gave him single dose of Lycopodium-12C. On third day he came and said that he did not feel chill during evening but fever came around 9 PM. I gave him Bryonia Alb 30 single dose and he got cured. I prescribed Bryonia 30 four pills once in 21 days for six months. He was cured completely and is fine. Bryonia people are diligent, business minded, emotionless and its fever peaks at 9 PM. Their problem aggravate from motion. Daughter in law of a mason (Mr. Bind) told me that she had been suffering very frequently from cold, cough and fever and taking allopathic treatment. She said she did not feel motion for two days and her stool was dry. She was having constipation for many years. She was having fever with chill around 9-10 PM. I observed her while working, and found that she was diligent. I prescribed Bryonia -30 single dose once in 21 days. She too got cured and she was having no more constipation.  Fever came during 9-10 PM during first dose of the medicine as a part of homeopathic aggravation. Just by spending Rs.10 both persons got cured. A case of epilepsy is getting cured from Nux Vomica 200 of 16 years old boy. Whatever may be the cost of medicine needy people will have to purchase. Economic progress of poor people cannot be achieved satisfactorily by simple financial help. Their business capabilities and educational career can be enhanced only by use of homeopathic medicines. Hardly 20-25 % students took interest in mathematics in 9th-10th classes in Government High School, which I observed when I taught Mathematics in my native village high school (Bharthu, Ghosi, Jehanabad) for two months in 2013. This may be true for all Government schools of Bihar as our School is very much disciplined in all respect.
 Children’s favourite remedy: Recently a report published in Times of India said that 40% children suffer from constipation and in another report it has been said that if antibiotic is given to children below two years, chance of obesity increases. A seven month old boy was having constipation (Nux Vom., Sulphur), passing hard black stool (Nux Vom., Sulphur) , having respiratory problem (Nux vom., Sulphur), putting fingers/ everything into the mouth (Sulphur), Sun burn (Sulph), desire to be carried (Sulph: he wants to be in lap in standing position and in constant motion), laughing face (Nux Vom., Sulph), mostly he lies on right side  (Sulph), biting from nails, tearing papers (destructiveness: Nux vom, Sulph), thirsty (Nux, vom, sulph), cold bathing aggravates (Nux Vom, Sulph),  weeping with fear after waking on some days (frightful dreams: Nux Vom, sulph) . He has been given one fourth drop of Sulphur-12, single dose once in 12 days on two occasions. He got relief in constipation. Thereafter single dose of sulphur 30 was given. He does not have any constipation, there is no respiratory problem, and biting from finger nails and putting finger in mouth have reduced. His appetite in the morning was not good, which has improved now, he is having good sleep during day and night, and frightful dreams are greatly reduced. Watery discharge from nose continued for 10-15 days, a few red eruptions in the head and left leg were also noticed as a part of aggravation. Earlier he was given antibiotic and other medicines on three occasions during seven months period for fever and respiratory problem without much relief. His growth is fine.
LM potency:  Sankaran (2003) has mentioned that Hahnemann had also developed in the last years of his life another scale of potenties, 50 Millesimal scale or LM scale, in which one part of the drug is diluted with 50,000 parts of diluents. If a patient is hypersensitive and cannot tolerate homeopathic aggravation of low potency medicine 30C, LM potency (0/4) medicine may be given. In 350 ml water (3/4 portions of 500 ml bottle), 30 very small pills (like poppy seeds) of a particular LM potency medicine are dissolved in a glass bottle. Before every use the bottle is jerked 10 times and then one table spoon of the liquid is taken in a separate cup having half cup water (100 ml). The mixture is stirred properly and one table spoon is taken. Remaining mixture in the cup should be thrown away. Next day the same process is repeated. This medicine is taken daily in chronic cases for months. The process is followed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran.  However in acute cases every two to six hours (Banergea, 2010) medicine can be repeated. I too have consulted Dr. Rajan Sankaran in November 2014 as my cholesterol (total cholesterol: 319, triglyceride: 372, LDL: 188, HDL: 56) was not coming down from self treatment. Besides this I was having palpitation and hernia in left side was becoming prominent during standing position. I had taken cholesterol medicines twice for two months as suggested by the physicians. But after leaving the medicine it was again reappearing. Years after years I had taken fruits (pomegranate, papaya, apples, guava etc.) in breakfast but it had not much impact on cholesterol formation. Perhaps Dr. Sankaran has given me very uncommon medicine as through best of my knowledge I had tried most common medicines. That is why I wrongly selected Merc Sol, because I was not sure about proper remedy. He has been giving me single dose of 1M potency and after 60-65 days I had to repeat the medicine. I continued this for nearly one year. But homeopathic aggravation of cold/ cough was giving much trouble to me for 8-10 days.  Then I was suggested 1M potency morning evening for two days and then LM-8 (0/8) single dose daily from third day onwards. It gave much relief to me. After one year treatment my total cholesterol reduced to 256, triglyceride: 302, LDL 149, HDL 46, Haemoglobin 14.4, platelets 241, lymphocytes 32.8, Blood Sugar fasting 105, Blood sugar after food 88 and creatinine 0.69. I am getting relief in everything. High B.P. was under control but time to time it was also giving me trouble for which I had to change homeopathic medicines. It has now also regulated.  As per different authors and Dr. Sankaran’s observations LM-1 is equivalent to 6C, LM-2: 12C, LM-4: 30C, LM-6: 200C, LM- 8: 1M, LM-12: 10M and LM-14:50M. I am also using 30C/LM-4, 200C/LM-6, and 1 M/LM-8 combinations to very sensitive persons with positive results. A young educated girl (M.A.) does not want to do job, rather than she wants to do some business. She has been affected by cold and heat, migraine pain in a spot of forehead from right to left side. She was not feeling motion for at least two days. She was having white spot in the right side of the abdomen since childhood. She has been given Merc Sol.-30 single dose as her some action I considered as revolutionary. She has been affected by measles for nearly one week with high fever with not much problems. When her headache started she would start vomiting. She is getting much relief from Bryonia 1M/ LM-8 as I noticed she is taking decisions taking into account business criteria. Her migraine pain is fine, she does not have constipation and her white spots are getting cured.                 
 Merc Sol as life changer: Dr. Rajan Sankaran (1999) has mentioned that a 15 year old boy was brought by his father to his clinic. “The father explains that in infancy and early childhood (3 years old), the child was well above average. When he started school lately he became retarded in development mentally and physically. He is short in height. When he was seven they took him to child guidance counsellor who found that he was left handed. He has been forced to write with his right hand when he started school. At first he used to come from school and describe what had happened. Then he stopped and said nothing. He developed aversion to writing.  He has failed the last two years in school. He is mentally dull and indifferent. He is not interested in anything- current affairs and sports. He is crazy about automobiles, cars, trucks. He dreams about garage and cars. He has fixed ideas. He is obstinate. He has an intense fear of examination. Before them he is very confident, as if he knows it all. But when he gets there he writes nothing. His mind goes blank. He bites his nails. My mother used to tell me, force me, to do things which I did not want. I used to throw things at her. I do not get on my mother. She says the opposite to me. Sometimes my father argues (aversion family members). I do not like other people forcing me to do things. If they do, I do the opposite. I do not care about the consequences (courageous).” If someone tries to argue with him he was getting angry very fast. On TV, he was watching action, comedies, martial arts and thrillers. The boy had dreams of stabbing in his back by someone (delusion, that he would be murdered), falling down and dying, and killing someone (desire to kill). The boy was sitting with a blank expression, his half mouth open (dullness of mind, idiocy). He was given single dose of Merc Sol 10M. His confidence had improved. He did well in examination, he became interested in sports and games, and he appeared more cheerful. His craze for motor cars changed and he was not standing in the garage all the time for watching cars. His anger against his parents had reduced and his nights were peaceful.
In dowry related deaths, extreme greed is considered as the main cause for such incidents. But actually these families posses cruelty and killer mental and these people can behave in the similar fashion with any individual even for minor incidents. In my letter dated 28th January 2016, I have mentioned “Very often it is reported that after minor quarrel, a person has been shot dead”. This happened in New Delhi when Dr. Narang was killed by a group of persons on the day India defeated Bangladesh in T-20 world cup. Recently, in course of discussion, I have been told by my friend at my native village that people must avoid “Hatyara” (killer: syphilitic family) family while doing marriage negotiations.       
AIDS cured by salt of Mercurious: Dr. Rajan Sankaran (2014) has mentioned “I attended a lecture given by my colleague Dr. Amar Nikam. He is from Pune City. He runs a homeopathic hospital treating many difficult cases. He presented a video of a woman with full- blown AIDS. She was suffering from suppurating ulcers and pustules from head to toe. The eruptions were full of pus and covered with scabs. Many courses of antibiotics had been given with no relief. Dr. Nikam was consulted on phone. He was told that all her problems were aggravated at night. Her eruptions started on the left side and went on to the right side. He observed that the eruptions were pus-filled with scabs on the top of pus. Based on these three symptoms, he gave the remedy Merc.Iod. Ruber 30, just one single dose. In the video of her only a few days later, she already looked much better. In two weeks, all her ulcers and scabs were gone, and in a few months her CD4 cell count (500-1500 per cubic mm count, for a person who does not have HIV) significantly increased. The result was remarkable. He chose a Syphilitic remedy for a deeply destructive pathology.”
Nephritis with eczema; Aversion to certain persons: Hepar Sulphur   
 Dr Rajan Sankaran (2014) has mentioned “A little girl was admitted to the homeopathic hospital. She had eczema, which became infected and resulted in the development of an acute glomerulonephrities. She became bloated with complete urinary retention. Her parents had immense faith in homeopathy. The paediatrician who came to the hospital literally begged the parent to give antibiotics, but they said “No, we trust homeopathy and that is what we want”. The girl had aversion with her grandmother (aversion with certain person). The child would not make eye contact with her grandmother. It turned out that during pregnancy, the mother experienced tremendous friction with her mother-in-law. She was given Hepar Sulphur. The result was dramatic; she recovered within two days. Not only her nephritis disappeared but it helped her eczema also. It has now been at least 15 years since I treated her and she is absolutely fine. There have been no problems with her skin or kidneys”. Kent (1996) has mentioned “Hepar patient is chilly. He is sensitive to the cold and wants an unusual amount of clothing when in cold air. The Hepar patient is subject to coryza (sneezing, running from nose etc.). Inflamed spots, eruptions, boils or suppurations are full of sharp pains. Every little thing that disturbs the patient makes him intensely angry, abusive and impulsive. The impulse will overwhelm him and make him wish to kill his best friend in an instant. A man may have sudden impulse to stab his friend. A barber has an impulse to cut the throat of his patron while in the chair. Mother may have an impulse to throw the child into the fire of in impulse to set her on fire; an impulse to do violence and to destroy. It becomes a mania to set fire to things”.
In majority of household serious problem exist between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and future generation is getting diseased. In Haryana we have seen fire was the major source of destruction by pro reservation activists. I had mentioned in my letter dated 28th January 2016 “In any violence, whether it is bride burning or self immolation or transport burning or house burning etc. “fire” occupies a major source of destruction and fire represents syphilitic mind”. It is very common in rural India, women commit suicide by setting her on fire. But, officially it might be registered as accidental or normal death. Aversion with family members, friends etc. are very common, which is giving birth to destructive mental, chronic and incurable diseases. It can be only checked by use of classical homeopathy. Large number of medicines are available to remove these destructive mental and diseases if children or any individual take homeopathic medicines for any illness.        
Cannot tolerate contradiction and vitiligo (white spots): Calcarea Sulphurica
Dr Rajan Sankaran (2014) has mentioned “A child with vitiligo was referred to Dr. Jayesh Shah, a very good friend of mine with whom I have worked for many years. When the parents were asked to describe their daughter’s nature, they spontaneously spoke about how intensely offended when someone disagreed with her opinion. A story to illustrate came to their mind. In those days, Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India. There was an argument: was she a good or bad Prime Minister? The girl was very supportive of Indira Gandhi and felt she was an excellent Prime Minister. A classmate said that she did not agree with her sentiments and that, in fact, Indira Gandhi was a dictator and had destroyed the country. The patient became so angry by this opposing opinion that she immediately developed an aversion to this classmate. She would say, “I do not even want to look at her face. How dare she speak like this? Why does no one appreciate my opinion or what I say? Why does everybody thinks that my opinion is wrong?”Dr. Jayesh Shah went to Kent’s Repertory, looked into mind section and found two rubrics (headings): ‘Mind: hatred; of person, who do not agree with him, and, bemoaning, wailing, because he is not appreciated’. The remedy found in both rubrics is Calcarea Sulphurica. The child did beautifully on Calcarea Sulph. Among political class or in general public, many  persons can be found who develop so much hatred with certain people that they do not want even to see them, and the result is they are trapped in the net of  different types of chronic diseases. This hatred can be removed by homeopathy treatment. 
Renal failure with an uncommon symptom- Mercurious: Dr. Sankaran (2014) has mentioned about a patient who suffered with a renal failure“His System had rejected a kidney transplant and his serum creatinine levels inched up weekly. The case was a huge challenge. Along with his severity of his condition, he took one look at me, in my twenties, and lost all faith. He became completely un cooperative, wanted to bolt out of the clinic as fast as possible. Since he represented 50% of my practice, I was not willing to let go! After hours of case taking, he mentioned that his seminal discharge was bloody. The patient explained “I consulted the top nephrologists in the country and he told me that blood in semen has absolutely nothing to do with my renal problem because they are completely different systems”. This was a peculiar symptom which is unimportant for an allopath. Dr. Sankaran referred to the rubric from Kent’s Repertory:
Genitalia: seminal discharge bloody; Mouth: salivation during sleep.
Dr Sankaran mentioned “I chose the remedy Mercurious and it did wonders for him. Every week, his serum creatinnine levels dropped, his energy increased, he lived for many years”. 
How can Bihar lag behind in promoting classical homeopathy? On 9th April, world homeopathic day was celebrated. It was announced by Shri Shripad Nayak, Hon’ble Minister of State for AYUSH that North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda and Homoeopathy is being given impetus and work on All India Institute of Homoeopathy has been initiated. He also said that the centres of excellence so formed would be models for education, research and patient care in specific fields (Dainik Jagaran 10th April 2016). “Shri Naik, in his inaugural address, expressed regret over the fact that the potential of Homoeopathy remains largely unexplored and, therefore, underutilized in public health. This, despite the fact that Homoeopathy is practised in more than 80 countries of the world and is known to be effective in various communicable and non-communicable diseases, chronic diseases and diseases of children and mothers, he added” (Press Information Bureau, Government of India, AYUSH).  I express my sincere gratitude to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister and NDA Government for promoting homeopathy in the country. I would also request Shri Shripad Nayak, Hon’ble Minister of State “AYUSH” to formulate some rule to avoid the type of controversy in other states, which has come up in Bihar regarding ban on selling of 100 ml, 450 ml and 500 ml homeopathic medicines because of presence of alcohol in high percentage. Homeopathy has been treated badly since the days of Hahnemann, he was not allowed to practice in one city or even in one country mainly because of economic reasons. Just from single cholesterol medicine billions of US dollars money is generated all around world, so even in scientific Journals, homeopathy is criticized that it is nothing but placebo, which confirms their fear. Homeopathy comes under alternate medicine; so no therapy can take the place of allopathic medicines.
 I would request Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble C.M. Bihar to look into the matter urgently to remove the ban on sale of 100ml, 450ml and 500ml bottles of homeopathic medicines, whether it is mother tincture or different potencies medicines. In court, it cannot be decided without knowing the basics of homeopathy. Technically, findings of Drug Inspectors are correct, but their assumption about use of homeopathic medicines as replacement of alcohol is absolutely wrong as I have mentioned in details about the power of homeopathic medicines. Necessary action may kindly be also taken for opening of Research and Training centre at Patna under Patna University. Recently, a lady of 57 years of age (relative) has been suffering from vomiting (immediately after drinking; Rotavirus: Nux Vomica, Synthesis 2011), face pain, constipation, acidity, loss of appetite for the last one year. She is affected by heat and cold (Nux Vomica: Synthesis 2011) and exposure to Sun ( Nux Vomica; Synthesis 2011), she desires spicy food. At the age of 45 she has been affected by paralysis in the left side (Nux Vomica; Synthesis 2011) and during the treatment her right side was also got affected (Nux Vomica). She is having mild nature (NUX Vomica: Synthesis 2011). When her condition worsened, because of excess vomiting and face pain, she was brought to Patna from Begusarai for consultation with physician. Nothing could be detected from pathological, MRI and other tests. She has been taking 8-10 homeopathic medicines daily with the advice of a very good homeopath from Munger (Bihar: for the last 5-6 months) and 5-6 allopathic medicines daily without any relief. This is not a homeopathic treatment. She was having burning pain in abdomen because of excessive use of medicine in empty stomach. She was administered saline water.  I suggested her four doses of Nux Vomica 200 within two days (morning- evening) and from third day single dose of LM-6 (0/6) of Nux Vomica  daily. She is getting relief and improving fast. That is why I have been requesting Government of India and Government of Bihar for making mandatory training for at least month duration for all homeopaths after opening of Classical Homeopathic Training Centres in State capitals under best University of the State.

Lord Shiva has said in Ramcharitmanas (2010):
“Bandaun Baalroop Soi Ramu, Shab Sidhi Sulabh Japat Jisu Namu
Mangal Bhawan Amangal Hari, Dravau So Dasrath Ajir Bihari”  
Main Unhin Shri Ramchandra Ji Ke Baal Roop Ki Vandana Karta Hun, Jinka Nam Japne Se Sab Sidhiyan Sahaj Hi Prapt Ho Jati Hain . Mangal Ke Dham, Amangal Ke Harnewale Aur Shri Dasrath Ji Ke Aangan Mein Khelnewale Ve (Baal Roop) Shri Ramchandra Ji Mujh Par Kripa Karen.
If Indians have to grow up with healthy mind and body we have to take care of our children (Baalroop of God) since infant stage or even during pregnancy of the expected mothers by classical homeopathy.
Meteorology: As per ENSO bulletin issued by NOAA, USA dated 4th April 2016:
“A transition to ENSO-neutral is likely during late Northern Hemisphere spring or early summer 2016, with close to a 50% chance for La Niña conditions (associated with good rainfall) to develop by the fall”. This is good sign for monsoon rainfall over India. My paper entitled “Forecasting rainfall trend over India during summer monsoon” will be published in July 2016 issue of IGU Journal, Hyderabad. Forecast based on this paper would be available within first week of June after availability of global data of May 2016. From March 2016 data, normal monsoon (97% with an error of ± 06%) is the forecast for this year. In June forecast, accuracy has been observed as 92.6%. I shall send the forecast in the first week of June. Some respite from heat is expected in May as more thunder showers are expected in this month in different parts of the country and chance of formation of Cyclonic storm in the Bay of Bengal also increases after 2nd week of May. Moisture feeding from South Indian Ocean (IO) to north of Equator, will increase from 4th May 2014 because of eastward movement of low level upper air trough/cold front from south of 30ᵒS in South IO.  In April convection was suppressed over the Bay due to certain wind pattern and lack of moisture feeding from South IO.
Sunstroke and homeopathy: A few days back my cousin brother (69 Years) told me that he has been affected by Sunstroke for the last one week and was having high fever in the evening. He said that his fever peaked at 7 PM (102ᵒ F) and lasted perhaps up to 9 PM. He is looking after cash related work as a Treasurer of local Sai Temple located at Kankarbagh, Patna. He retired as an Officer from RBI. He is very much devoted for his religious duties (Lycopodium) at the Sai Temple. I suggested him to take single dose of Lycopodium 30. Immediately after taking Lycopodium in the afternoon he said he felt energetic after the taking the medicine. In the evening, fever did not come. He has been operated for gall stone (right side) many years back. He is having hearing loss in the right ear since long. He is having hypothyroid and his head shakes. I hope his all problems will go away from this medicine. Lycopdium is a right sided medicine and its aggravation takes place maximum between 4 P.M. and 8 P.M. with fever may peak at 6 or 7 P.M. Effect of Sunstroke can be removed (high fever) from Ars Alb (12-02 PM/A.M: with restlessness), Belladona (3 P.M.) with head pain, Bryonia (9 P.M.), Natrum Mur (10-11 A.M), Pulsatilla (fever; thirst at 2 PM. and chill at 4 P.M.) etc. Pulsatilla is thirstless in general. Belladonna has to be repeated (3 doses 30/200) 8 hourly for one day. In other medicines, single dose of 30 C is enough. Normally medicine is not taken during the peak aggravation time.
Conclusions: (i) Alcohol is used in high percentage (90% and above) in homeopathic medicine to preserve the medicine for more than 15-20 years and to remove the poisonous effect of some medicines which are prepared from deadly poisons.
(ii) Homeopathic medicines even in low potencies cannot be compared with allopathic medicines/ cough syrups. Because it is not a simple composition as it is understood. In a composition of 10% homeopathic medicine and 90% alcohol; 100% particles in the mixture are highly charged in the process of making higher potency medicines, whereas in a cough syrup 80% chemicals and 20% alcohol are just simple composition of basic materials. Impact of alcohol can be observed in cough syrups. Every homeopathic medicine has got its own identity. It cannot be used as a substitute for alcohol, because it is 100% medicine. Single dose of 30C salt of mercury cured AIDS, when strongest antibiotic failed.
(iii) It is dangerous to test the power of homeopathic medicines recklessly even in 30C potency, a few drops can create serious health problems. It is beyond imagination that educated alcoholic persons will visit homeopathic shops and ask for Arsenic, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, etc. in 30C to CM potency medicine in 100ml/450ml/500ml bottles with an intention for using it as alcohol.
(iv) Without any reason, cost of homeopathic medicines has increased from 3-7 times in Bihar. Sale of homeopathic medicines will also decrease affecting the business of homeopathic medicines.
(v) Homeopathic medicines are harmless if properly used and medicines prepared from poisons are life saving drugs and cure incurable diseases.
(vi) Government of Bihar may kindly take necessary action to remove this controversy because of ignorance. Government of India may kindly also formulate a rule to avoid banning sale of of homeopathic medicines of above 30ml bottle in name of presence of alcohol in high percentage in future in any State. Sale of rectified spirit may be restricted to 30 ml bottle, which is used for preparation of placebo.
(vii) Homeopathic Training and Research institute in every State capital is required and mandatory training for at least one month for all homeopaths is a must for prescribing in frequent dose of a proper single remedy.
(viii) Aversion to business, incapacity for business and ailments from failure of business can be cured by homeopathic treatment (Ars Alb, Arnica, Aurum, Bryonia, Calcarea Carb, Kali Carb, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Merc, Nat. Mur, Nux Vom, Pulsatilla, Rhust, Sepia, Silecea, Sulph etc.).
(ix) Homeopathic treatment brings peace and harmony in the family and gives resistance to viral and chronic diseases. People from all walks of life, including religious and Yoga, talk of violence, which confirms that destructive thoughts cannot be removed by other than homeopathy.
(x) Mostly poor and middle class people prefer homeopathic treatment.  Economic development of poor people cannot be achieved satisfactorily by simple financial help of any form. Their business capabilities and proper growth in education can be enhanced only by homeopathy treatment from the childhood. Homeopathy gifts the people with healthy mind and healthy body.
Acknowledgements: I express my sincere gratitude to HRD, Home and Health Ministries for endorsing my letter dated 28.01.2016 to AYUSH Ministry for taking appropriate action.
Banerjea Subrata K., 2010, “, Classical Homeopathy for an Impatient World” pp 35-48
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With great regards
Yours Sincerely
Shri Nitish Kumar
Hon’ble Chief Minister
 Government of Bihar, Patna
Copy to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon’ble President of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri T.S. Thakur, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Shri Rajnath singh, Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs, Shri Shripad Nayak, Hon’ble Minister of State for AYUSH, Shri Tej Pratap Yadav, Hon’ble Health Minister of Bihar, Dr. Ramjee Singh, President All India Homeopathic Association, Patna, for kind information and promoting classical homeopathy in the country.
 (VINOD KUMAR)        

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