Friday, March 4, 2016

Intolerance and Classical Homeopathy

                                                                                                                                         Vinod Kumar, Scientist ‘E’ (Retired)
                                                                                                                       India Meteorological Department
                                                                                                                         Shyam Bhawan, Ashok Nagar,
                                                                                                           Road Number: 11, Kankarbagh Colony
 Dated: 28.01.2016

Dear Sir,

I wish you, Hon’ble Vice President, Hon’ble Prime Minister and all Hon’ble dignitaries and countrymen a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I express my heartiest congratulation to Shri Nitish Kumar for becoming C.M. of Bihar again and best wishes for the success of his new tenure. Global terrorism is spreading all over the world and is knocking the door of unbreakable India time and again but our Hon’ble members do not have time to discuss very important issues in both houses of Parliament. They are aware of the facts that if India prospers and remains safe Indians will prosper and remain safe. But now it has become a common feature for the people’s representatives to paralyse the functioning of either House of the Parliament on large number of days on trivial reasons. Such actions are putting question mark on the utility of Indian Parliament. Sir! You too have disapproved the action and opined for discussion rather than adjournment of the House. Whether is it possible for you to find a permanent solution to stop frequent adjournment of both Houses of Parliament in future? In Rig Veda (Part I: 2010) it has been said “The King who listens the voices of his subjects like his wife, does justice and help them in all respect is worshiped in his kingdom”. I hope the country would be able to get your kind favour because you are The Head of State. A small country like Nepal was never under any foreign rule but Indians fought each other in the past and the same mental still continues. For us national interest has got no meaning, we always look for personal gains. If we examine our major achievements decade wise since Independence, not even a single decade we can find when only positive achievements have taken place. But we can identify the darkest decade since independence. It was 1980’s, during which tragedy after tragedy occurred including four riots cases (1980: Moradabad U.P., 1983: Nellie massacre, Assam, 1984, Delhi riot and 1989: Bhagalpur riot, Bihar). But we are unable to take lessons from the past. Even in checking external terrorism, the country is divided.    
 A statement by Hurriat leader Shri Sayeed Ali Shah Geelani “ISIS and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and other like groups do not represent Islam” is a welcome sign to check the terrorist outfits making their base in Jammu and Kashmir. I am also to draw your kind attention on my letter dated 11.10.2014, which has been addressed to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon,ble P. M., on promoting classical homeopathy (infrequent dose of a single medicine at a time: available on my website) in the country. In this letter I had mentioned “I cannot listen, criticism of my country, India Meteorological Department and homeopathy”. This also shows some short of intolerance but it is for noble cause. I want to draw your kind attention on different issues related with betterment of our country’s interest, which are as under:
1. Intolerance in India: Four months back a campaign has been launched in “India” that India has become an “Intolerant nation” in recent times. But whether this hue and cry is justified? In my  letter dated 11th December 2008, addressed to Dr. Manmohan singh , Hon’ble former P.M., I had mentioned “People involved in violence and killings on the basis of cast, religion and region are perverted and diseased (syphilitic). Sexual crimes and murders are also committed by near and dear ones (in blood relation) all-around the world. Cruelty (syphilitic: Tamogun) is now becoming a household problem. As such, media should not highlight any crime committed on a particular cast/ community as unnecessarily it develops hatred among our own people. All crimes must be dealt with heavy hands and considered simply as law and order problem”. Killing of a writer in Karnataka and a person from minority community in Dadri in U.P. by the anti social elements is simply a law and order problem of the respective state. It has nothing to do with the theory that India has become intolerant.  Massacre in Jaliawala Bag, dropping of atom bomb on Hiroshima and Naga Saki, Vietnam war, China attacked India in 1962 and occupied large area of Indian territory, Pakistan attacked India on three occasions, China and Pakistan have been supporting terrorist activities in India, Palestine problem; conditions in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, in African countries etc. confirm that India is the most tolerant country in the world. Now I am giving some examples of serious individual intolerant behaviour of some people in the country. In our country, politicians decide which one case is fit for highlighting to the media and public for grabbing political millage.  
In 1982, Governor of Haryana was slapped by C.M. candidate in assembly, who later on became Deputy Prime Minister of India. Furniture and microphones had been damaged and chairs were thrown in state assemblies by M.L.As in a few states. M.Ps. heckled each other, collar of an M.P. was held by another M.P., on a few occasions torn papers had been thrown on the Speaker. Abusive language is used in assembly/Parliament and during election campaign by many political leaders.  Shri Somnath Chattergee, Hon’ble former Speaker has been expelled by his party and the grateful Indians did not forgive the party.  This is one of the major causes of the party shrinking popularity and base in West Bengal and other parts of the country. North Indian students, including from Bihar, preparing for railway examination, were attacked on 20th October 2008 by MNS workers in Maharashtra, one student from Bihar was killed during the attack.  Four persons were killed in a violence that broke out in a village near Kalyan, in Maharashtra, following the arrest of Shri Raj Thackeray, MNS chief. Whether these cases do not come under intolerance?
A former Central Minister was slapped on 24th November 2011 at New Delhi. A Congress M.L.A. who is a son of a prominent personality was slapped on 30 August 2013 in Maharashtra. His Highness late Pope John Paul II had once appreciated India for unpopular divorce culture in the country. Divorce cases are less found in India (1.1%) but divorce between husband and wife confirms presence of intolerance in any individual. Any State Government or any non-governmental organisation imposes ban on any individual for entering any place or social boycott of any individual due to his behaviour also confirms presence of intolerance in any individual. Whether rapists, murderers and robbers do not come under intolerant people? Whereas slight provocation between two communities, even without a single casualty should be considered as riot cases and come under intolerance? Large number of rape, murder and robbery cases has been observed after Dadari incident but not much discussion is found necessary as nothing can be achieved politically. Ignoring uncountable crime cases and highlighting minor riot cases confirms degeneration of intelligence, bankruptcy of ideas and presence of destructive mind among the thinking people, which is dangerous for the country.  
 2. Killing of innocents by militants: Maoists or any other outfits, engaged in violence in different parts of our country since very long period, are fathers, sons, brothers and sisters of Indians. These are also intolerant people. Why only Killer of a writer in Karnataka or killer in Dadari is being considered as intolerant? I am giving some examples of major incidents in which innocent people were killed in different parts of the country (Google); killings of security forces and riot cases have not been considered:
(a) Bihar: On 12th February 1992, 36 persons were killed in Bara village, on 1st December 1997, 58 persons were killed in the village Laxmanpur Bathe and on 18th March 1999, 34 persons were killed in Senari village. On 18th Feb 2010, at least 12 villagers were killed and 12 injured in indiscriminate firing by Maoist in Jamui district.  Whether these people who killed innocent people are tolerant?
(b) Chhattisgarh:  Maoists attacked several anti Maoist protesters in Erraboru village using land mines killing 25 people on 28th February 2006. Maoists attacked a relief camp in Dantewada district killing 29 persons on 16 July 2006. On 15th March 2007 54 persons were killed by Maoists in Dantewada district in 15 personnel of Chhattisgarh armed forces. On 17th May 2010, 35 persons including 24 civilians were killed in a bus bombing in Dantewada district by Maoists. On 25th May 2013, Maoists attacked in Darbha Valley resulted in the death of 25 Congress party leaders.    
  (c) Gyaneshwari Express was derailed in Midnapore district of West Bengal on 28th May 2010 by Maoists killing 150 persons.
(d) Punjab and Haryana (terrorist attacked innocent people after 1984 riots): On 28th March 1986, 13 people were killed in Ludhiana, Punjab and on 29th March 1986, 20 labourers were killed in Jalandhar, Punjab. In Mukatsar, Punjab, 15 bus passengers were killed on 25th July 1986, 24 bus passengers were killed in Khudda Punjab on 30th November 1986, and 80 bus passengers were killed in Fatehbad Haryana in July 1987. In Jagdev kalan, Punjab, 13 people were killed on 6th August 1987, on 31st March 1988, 18 family members were killed in Rajbah, Punjab. Approximately 80 train passengers were killed on 15th June 1988 in Punjab and 49 train passengers were killed in Punjab in December 1988.
(e) Jammu and Kashmir: Kashmiri Pandits suffered worst during 1990’s on account of terrorism. Not only innocent persons were killed but they had to abandon their ancestral land while leaving Kashmir. On 25th January 1998, 23 persons were killed in Wandhama, on 17th April 1998, 26 people were killed in Prankote massacre,  on 19th June 1998, 25 people were killed in Chapnari massacre, on 20th March 2000, 36 people were killed in Chhittingpura , on 1st August 2000, 30 Amarnath pilgrims were killed, on 3rd August 2001, 19 people were killed in Kistwar, on 30th March 2002, 11 people were killed in Raghunath temple, on 13th July 2002, 29 people were killed in Qasim Nagar, on 24th November 2002, 14 people were killed in Raghunath temple, on 23 March 2003, 24 people were killed in Nandimarg massacre, and on 30th April 2006, 35 people were killed in Doda massacre.
(f) Assam and Nagaland: Innocent local and outside people have been killed in large numbers by ULFA and other outfits since long. On 5th January 2007 at least 48 people were killed in different districts of Assam by ULFA, nearly 200 people were killed in different districts of Assam in aseries of blast by NS militants on 30th October 2008, at least 19 persons, including 13 Hindi speaking people, were killed on 8th  November 2010 in kokrajhar, baska and Sonitpur districts of Assam, at least 46 people were killed in Kokrajhar and Baska districts by NDFB-IKS militants between 1-12 May 2014, nearly 16 people were killed NSCN-IM militants in Golaghat district of Nagaland between 12-13 August 2014 and at least 65 people were killed by NDFB-IKS militants in Sonitpur and Chirang districts on 23rd December 2014.
(g) Tripura: In Mandai massacre 200-500 refugees were killed in 1980, in 2000, 16 people were killed in Gaurandatilla and on 20th May 2000, 25 people were killed in Bagber.
These incidents confirm that intolerance has been continuing since long and the people associated with it are in less numbers (less than 0.5 percent), but attempts should be made to check and improve such mental by different means.         
 3. Religious thoughts: If someone abuses or shows disrespect to The Almighty or any religion by any means, he may be punished as per the law of the land. If God exists, the person concerned would be punished by the God himself for doing any wrong. We need protection from The God and we worship Him to fulfil our desires. But violence in name of safeguarding God is not acceptable. This should be duty of religious leaders of different religions to preach to their followers that they should not do violence in name of God. It is mentioned in Aadi Srimadvalmiki Ramayan (Vikram Samvat: 2069, 2012 A.D. ) that when Lord Shree Ram was the king, rains were coming on time, there was no famine, happiness were observed all around, all people were healthy, no premature death was occurring, people were not affected by any disease and no violence was observed in the whole world. So, if God from any religion would have been present on the earth the opposite of above happenings since ancient period would not have occurred. People had been dying prematurely from natural calamities, violence and diseases where temple, mosque, church, Gurudwara etc exist. People also die in stampede or in an accident during their visit to holy places. So, construction of a new temple or mosque at any place is not going to give any extra advantage to any religion. So Hindu and Muslim leaders should sit together and solve the problem of constructing temple and mosque at Ayodhya and they should not quarrel in name of temple and mosque. God helps those who love and help His creatures. For fulfilling our wishes, we can remember God from any place. He cannot be found on this planet where hatred, cruelty, jealousy, selfishness, violence etc. exist. A person cannot be considered as religious if he has developed hatred towards any religion.
4. Doubts in people’s mind about homeopathy:  Recently Shri Venkatraman Ramkrishnan, noble laureate and recipient of Bharat Ratna award has unnecessarily commented on Holistic treatment ‘Homeopathy’. Being a specialist and learned person in the field of chemistry, he should not have touched the subject in which he has not gone through deeply. His comments will harm all those persons who believe his comments and will not pursue homeopathic treatment for chronic and incurable diseases. In homeopathic medicine, after 10th potency (10C) particles of the medicine is not visible to the eyes from microscope. Problem starts from here, people say it is a placebo. When medicine is not found in the solution/mixture, how can it cure any disease? It has been mentioned by eminent homeopaths not to give Arssenic Alb., Phosphorus, and Sulphur even in 30 potency to weak patients. Medicines from 200 and above which come under high potency drugs must be used cautiously. Details about homeopathy can be seen in my letter addressed to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble P. M. dated 11th October 2014 on my website (mentioned above) by clicking “classical homeopathy and meteorology”.
 It has been mentioned in Encyclopaedia of World Biography 2004 of Samuel Hahnemann (Google): “Homeopathy flourished in the United States after Hahnemann's death. Philadelphia's Homeopathic Medical College was opened in 1848, founded by Dr. Constance Hering, a medical doctor whose original exposure to homeopathy was through experiments he designed to disprove it, wrote Migdow in New Visions Online. Hering contracted a serious infection in a laboratory accident. Instead of amputating his hand, which was the typical treatment of the day, "he opted to take a homeopathic trauma remedy, and within a few weeks his hand had healed. He subsequently became a firm believer and helped homeopathy grow quickly in the United States." In 1884, the school merged with the Homeopathic Hospital of Pennsylvania under the name of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital. By 1900, America was home to 111 homeopathic hospitals, and 22 homeopathic medical schools, and 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies, Migdow wrote, noting that a quarter of urban physicians practiced the art, and nearly half of the population sought its care. Just like in Europe, however, non-homeopathic medical practitioners opposed homeopathy, for both scientific and economic reasons. "From the 1860s until after the turn of the century," advised the Family Guide, "medical groups attempted to expel any physician who practiced homeopathy or who even consulted with a homeopath about the care of a patient." Eventually the American Medical Association issued a report ordering all accredited medical schools to be modelled after the conventional Johns Hopkins University. "Thus," Migdow wrote, "homeopathic schools went unfunded and soon bankrupt." The number of American homeopathic medical schools dwindled to two in 1923. None survive today.
 The 1960s spawned a growing back-to-the-land movement that sparked new interest in alternative medicine, including homeopathy. By the 1990s, the alternative medicine movement had grown to the point that even the American Medical Association was forced to recognize it. A 1998 article in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, called homeopathy “another tool in the bag," acknowledging its prevalence. "In a sense, part of homeopathy's popularity may be due to this patient-centred view of illness, where the key to resolving health issues lies in understanding and treating all symptoms, not just those that fit the textbook description of a specific disease."The practice remains widely accepted around the world, especially in India, Latin America, and Europe. The United Kingdom boasts five homeopathic hospitals, where homeopathy is covered under the National Health Service, wrote Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier in The Best Alternative Medicine. France is home to eight schools offering advanced homeopathy degrees, and nearly all French and German pharmacies, Pelletier reported, "carry homeopathic medicine along with conventional medicines." In India, there are more than 100 homeopathic medical colleges and more than 100,000 homeopathic physicians. Homeopathy has been found to be especially helpful for treating chronic illness, including allergies, headaches, arthritis, colitis, asthma, peptic ulcer, high blood pressure, and obesity. It can also help remedy colds and rashes”.
5. Homeopath of International repute in India: Dr Rajan Sankaran, Mumbai is one of the top homeopaths of the world. He has written many quality books on homeopathy, which are : The spirit of homeopathy, The substance of homeopathy, The soul of remedy, Provings, The system of homeopathy, An inside into plants (3 vols.), Sankaram’s Schema 2005, The sensation in homeopathy, Structure (2 vols.), The other song, Sensations refined, Survival (2 vols.), From Similia to Synergy, and Synergy synopsis. Many books have been published in India in Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Marathi, languages. Many books have been published by other publishers in Bosnian, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Tamil languages. He has also developed advanced software “vital quest” (English, French and German) for proper identification of the remedy.
6. Identification of miasm, type of remedy (prepared from mineral or plants or animal products) and proper potency: The first duty of the homeopath is to identify the proper miasm which is dominating and is main cause of illness of the patient.  Sankaran (2000/2014) has identified ten miasms having certain mental conditions (sensations) revealed by the patients, which are necessary to identify the proper miasm:
Acute (Panic: infancy age): The sensation (feeling) is experienced as something that is temporary but sudden, dangerous and life threatening. There is a lot of hope of recovery, but at the same time there is a threat one’s life. It is like a child who is laughing one moment and weeping the next. The key words of the miasm: sudden, violent, panic, danger, reflex, instinctive, escape, helpless, terror, fright, alarm (Sankaran 2004). Remedies: Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Calendula, Camphor, Lyssin, Stramonium, Hyscyamus, Veratrum album etc.
Typhoid (Crisis situation: Childhood 1-12 year’s age): In this miasm, the pace is desperate; the situation is perceived as suddenly critical that requires immediate intense effort and action. If this is done quickly enough, there is a possibility to regain the position of security. There is a sense of impatience and desperation, which urges one to demand relief.  Another situation typical to this miasm is one of the business failure or crash in stock market. As children get older, competition starts and the attitude of demanding, wanting, things immediately, of grabbing things only for themselves develops.  Key words: crisis, emergency, sinking, collapse, intense short effort, critical period, reaching position of comfort, homesick (Sankaran 2014).  Some remedies: Acid Phos, Baptisia, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Carbo animal, Carbo veg, Euphrasia, Nux vomica, Pyrogen, Rhus tox  Sulphuric acid etc. Sankaran (2014) has mentioned that a businessman came for treatment, who was a qualified as a medical doctor. He suffered with angioneurotic edema. During these life threatening episodes, the swelling in his throat would become so severe that he would choke as his airway swollen shut; he always needed emergency hospitalisation to prevent choking to death. When asked, why he is in business after qualifying as a doctor? He replied that he needed to make a lot of money very quickly to feel comfortable. He was given Bryonia and his swelling disappeared.
Psora (Hope: teenage): The perception is that the situation is worrying but never hopeless. The feeling is that life is steady, ongoing struggle. It is like a teenager learning to drive. The theme of psora is a struggle against external problem. The problem is solvable and with an effort can be resolved. The situation is not life threatening, not desperate, nor beyond his capacity to solve. Key words: Struggle, effort, confidence, difficult, hope, anxiety. Remedies: Calcarea carb, Cuprum metallicum, Ferrum Graphite, Lycopodium, Natrum carb, Psorinum, Sulphur etc.
Ringworm (Doubtful: 25-35 year’s age): The situation is perceived as a difficult one that is beyond easy reach. At times, the patient tries to overcome it; at other times accepts it.  Key words: Trying, effort, struggle, giving up, accepting, alternating. Remedies: Calcarea sulph, Calc-Sil, Dulcamara, Kali -Sulph, Magesium Sulph,   Sarsaparila etc.
Malarial (Harassed: middle age): The situation is perceived as one in which he is stuck and intermittently attacked. There is a feeling of weakness and an acceptance of it, and from time to time there is an attack. Malaria is a common infection in India and an example of malarial situation is seen very often here. Key words: Hindered, stuck, dependent, obstructed, intermittent, periodic, from time to time attacked, harassed, tortured, persecuted, unfortunate, theorizing. Remedies: Capsicum, Chelidonium, Cina, Colchicum, Colocynthis,  Natrum mur, Sumbul etc.       
Sycosis (Fixed: 35-50 year’s age): The situation is perceived as impossible to cure, but not life threatening. It has to be lived with, avoided, or hidden and cover up; Key words: Fixed, covered up, guilt, hide, secretive, fixed weakness, avoidance, acceptance, and resignation. Sycosis has acceptance, avoidance and anticipation. Remedies: Calcarea fluor, Causticum, Gelsemium, Kali-bichromicum, Kali- bromatum , Medorrhinum,  Natrum Sulph, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Thuja etc.
Tubercular (60-70 year’s age): The situation is perceived as one that is closing in and rapidly destructive. There is an intense sense of oppression and the feeling that time is running out. The pace of the tubercular miasm is extremely fast; there is constant desire to move and get out. The Tuberclinum patient may be who sees the rules of society as being too rigid and strong-almost oppressive. Young people who zoom about on motorcycle, go in for wild, daredevil exploits, etc., seeking change and excitement represent the clinical picture of Tuberculinum, bold and rash. Keywords: Hectic, suffocation, oppression, narrowing down, closing in, change, intense, freedom, activity, cursing, abusive. Remedies: Abrotanum, Apis Mell, Calcarea Phos, Cantharides, Kali Phos, Natrum Phos, Phosphorus, Tarantula, Tuberculinum, Zincum Metaliicum etc.  
Cancer (Chaos: 60-70 year’s age): The situation is perceived as chaotic and out of control: one has to stretch beyond one’s capacity to control or restore it to order. Key words: Control, perfection, expectations, chaos, order, superhuman, beyond one’s limitation. Remedies: Anacardium, Argentum Nitricum,  Arsenic Alb, Aurum Ars, Carccionosin, Conium, Ignatia, Nitric acid, ruta, Staphisagria etc.
Leprous (old age: Isolation): The situation is perceived as one of the intense hopelessness. There is a feeling of disgust towards oneself, and the situation with a tremendous sense of isolation and despair: Key words: Oppression, helplessness, suffocation, isolation, shunned, outcast, confined, secluded, unfortunate, cursed, repulsion, dirty, persecuted (continuous harassed), disgust, contempt, mutilation, loathing, hunted down, despair. Remedies: Aloe, Ambra, Arsenic iodide, Coca, hura, Iodum, Kali iodide, Ledum, Secale, Sepia etc.
Syphilitic: (Beyond 80 year’s age: Impossible): The situation is perceived as impossible and hopeless, giving rise to a sense of impending destruction. The pace is of complete destruction. People having dictatorial mind develop the tendency to kill, intolerant of contradiction people have the tendency of committing suicide and revolutionary minded people become anti social and cruel during their negative frame of mind (Sankaran, 1999). Key words: Destruction, homicide (dictatorial), finish, suicide (intolerant of contradiction), impossible, devastation, hopeless. The individual sees any attempt to help the circumstances as completely beyond his capability and the situation will ultimately destroy him. Remedies: Alumina, Aurum metalilcum, Aurum muriticum, Aurum sulph, Baryta Carb, Crotalus Horridus,Elaps, Fluoric Acid, Hepar Sulph, Lachesis, Mercurius, Naja, Platinum, Plumbun, Syphilinum etc.
7. Grouping Kingdoms of mineral, plant and animal: Sankaran (2014) has mentioned that a remedy can be grouped according to the substance it is derived from. The first category pertains to the kingdoms of Mineral, Plant and Animal. Remedies prepared from mineral, plant and animal products have been grouped separately. Sankaran (2008) has mentioned that a mineral kingdom is a feeling of deficiency or a lack or a fear of loss or of losing their structure. Structure is understood in terms of existence, identity, position, relationships, security, performance and responsibility. The basic concerns of the remedies from the mineral kingdom are: Do I have it? Do I lack it? Am I losing it? Do I need it (Sankaran 2014)? The main issue in plants is of “Sensitivity and Reactivity.” In plants it is about what affects them, like circumstances, what people say or do, temperature weather etc. The issue revolves around sensitivity, changeability, adaptability, reactivity and prominence of one sensation and it’s opposite (Sankaran 2008). Plants are completely dependent on how they react to their environment, weather (too hot or too cold), to the rain, to the moisture and mineral components of the soil, to the cycle of the season etc. Plants have to adapt. Their survival depends on changing according to external circumstances. They are sensitive and reactive. This is what we see in remedies from the plant kingdom and in patients who need these remedies. The main traits of Animal kingdom are hierarchy, competition, superiority, and survival. It is the world of survival of the strongest and the fittest (Sankaran 2014). Some human expressions of Survival in animals: Competition, high and low, aggressor and victim, strong and weak, predator and prey, one versus the other, the dominating and dominated, persecutor and persecuted, split (The split exists within the self also, I hate myself, I versus myself, I am disgusted with myself), attraction and sexuality, which is very important for the propagation of the species, contradiction of will, malicious and jealousy (Sankaran 2008).
After identification of miasm and kingdom, homeopaths have to select the proper potency of any remedy for a permanent cure of any disease.   
8. Cure of chronic and life threatening diseases: These are examples of serious ailments, which had been cured by Dr. Rajan Sankaran through classical homeopathic treatment.
 (i) Type I diabetes: A 13 year old girl, Ms. G. A. was brought for treatment in November 1995 (Sankaran, 2000) with diabetes (maturity onset diabetes of the young). Her blood sugar measured 270 mg/dl. She had not been started on insulin as yet. She said “I have a difficulty in adjusting to my classmates. I got the award for being the best behaved girl in my class, the others are jealous of me, cut me up, and tear to pieces. I want to answer frequently in class, the others are jealous of me”.  Sankaran observed “she is struggling against impossible standards. Her feeling is that unless you are right at the top they will push you down and humiliate you, and so you must reach the top. The need is for great performance and achievement and feeling is that if I do not make it to the top, I am nothing. There is desperation, and this indicates the syphilitic miasm”. She was ambitious, ailments from ambition deceived, having egotism, hatred and malice, delusion, everyone is enemy. She had been given Ptatinum 1M (syphilitic) on 20th January 1996 and her fasting blood sugar came down to 174 mg/dl. She was given placebo. On 04.05.1996 and 04.06.1996 Platinum 1M was repeated.  Fasting blood sugar came down to 137 mg/dl on 02.10.1996. After one year of treatment, her mental conditions improved and her attitude changed. She said “I am less dominating, and I take things easily. I stop dominating but if others talk rubbish, I give it back to them”. She has gone from failure to success and her pathology improves. She scored very well in her board exam, scored 87% marks and was very happy. She continued her treatment for longer period. Her mother and sister were also given Platinum as they were also putting pressure on her.
Comments: Type I diabetes is also curable by classical homeopathy. Mental conditions can be also improved. She was suffering from destructive miasm (syphilitic) and could have developed suicidal or homicidal mental afterwards.  
 (ii) Mental retardation: A nine year old Greek male child, R.P., with mental retardation was brought to Dr. Sankaran on 21 March 1996 (Sankaran, 2000). Homeopathic treatment was given to him in Greece, but without any significant results. Their parents told that at the age of three and half years he just said “fire” and did not say the word again for next 3 years. He did not know the word “mother” but he said “grandmother” He does not like to be touched. He asks to be caressed by his mother but he is frightened to be touched on his feet. He is terrorised during cutting of his nails. He walks on tip toe. He has an extreme fear and fascination for dogs and pigeons. He is resistant to pain. He touched the iron and burned himself and did not say anything. He is very much obstinate, gets angry, spiteful and aggressive. He is very suspicious and does not like wind. He cannot write on the line. He was getting embarrassed when his classmates talk about his disabilities. The father of the child said about his relationship with his wife: “In the first two years of our marriage, I was very affectionate. Because I was working during the pregnancy she found me cruel and heartless and wanted an ill child to be born for revenge against. She was playing the piano during first five months for five hours a day. She is a musician and likes classical music.”  His wife said “He is into computers and the whole day he leaves me alone and I felt like an unmarried woman, depressed and lonely. Sometimes I was jealous of my husband’s work, but not suspicious. I used to be very scared when he was away that something bad would happen to him. My husband is the only person I could rely on and he is not close to me”. She is a perfectionist as she played the music for five hours daily. Miasm is cancerous. Feelings of abandonment, hatred and revenge can be seen. The remedy was Anacardium (Cancer miasm), which is having strong feelings of cruelty and heartlessness, hatred and revenge. He was given Anacardium from LM 1 to LM 15. Potency was stepped up every month. Improvement was noticed within one year. He was more relaxed and calm, when watching T.V. He tries to read and write and can spell when someone helps him. Three years later, the child was doing much better at school; his motor abilities had also improved. He was given the same remedy in centesimal scale. His mother also received Anacardium.
Comments: Mentally retarded child can be also cured by classical homeopathy. The boy first spoke the word “fire”. In any violence, whether it is bride burning or self immolation or transport burning or house burning etc. “fire” occupies a major source of destruction and fire represents syphilitic mind. So, one can imagine the depth of syphilitic mind present in all parts of our country. Beating of pregnant women by their alcoholic husbands is very common and mothers are forced to give birth to unhealthy child (mind). Sankaran (1999) has observed “If the mother had a very intense state during the pregnancy, the child almost always has the same state”.  Alcoholic persons transfer their destructive mental genetically to the next generation.
(iii) Pain in heart, blood sugar and Cholesterol: A patient aged 58 years, consulted Dr Sankaran (Sankaran 1999) on 23. 11. 1982. Since one year he has pain in the chest on walking fast, on ascending stairs and specially on walking after meals. The ECG shows ischemic heart changes. He was having formification of soles, numbness of feet up to ankles, post lunch blood sugar 304, and high cholesterol: 283 mg, and B.P. 140/90. Originally he was living in Mumbai and was posted to Delhi after promotion as Chief accounted. He was given the responsibility of handling a lot of money, which he was not accustomed to. Mental: Industrious, religious, conscientious about trifles, music ameliorates. He was given infrequent doses of Auram metaliicum (syphilitic) 200 and 1M over a period of one year.
Condition in December 1983:
Cholesterol: 253 mg%, blood sugar: 141 mg%, heart pain much less, can walk and climb much more, numbness very occasional and much reduced in intensity. In early February 1986, he has no chest pains, no numbness, blood sugar and cholesterol became normal. Although there was no suicidal tendency or depression in the patient but responsibility aggravates in Aurum Metallicum patients.
(iv) Destructive mental as a child: A six year old boy was brought to Dr Sankran (Sankaran 1999) for treatment. He was having the following mental: Avarice, jealousy, greed, envy, impulsive, violent, courageous and obstinate. He was cured by Nux Vomica (typhoid).
(v) Destructive mental as a child: A five year old boy was brought to Dr. Sankaran (Sankaran 1999) for serious chronic cough. He was having the following mental: Restless, stubborn, and disobedient; stamps feet if his wishes are not fulfilled. Dr Sankaran was talking to his mother when suddenly he said loudly: “Hey, Sankaran, why is my cough not stopping? He was cured from Tarentula hispanica (tubercular).
 (vi) Desire to Kill: A thin apprehensive woman consulted Dr. Sankaran (Sankaran 2014) and told him “Sometimes when I take my daughter out, I am afraid that I may have an impulse to throw her under the bus. Sometimes, when I am cutting vegetables and my husband enters the room, I am afraid I might take the knife and put it into him, even though I love my husband. These thoughts constantly come into my mind.” Dr Sankaran mentioned that the syphilitic miasm is destructive; the sycotic miasm is anxious and anticipation. Here she did not say that she had an impulse to kill her husband or child; she said she was afraid of having an impulse. So he selected sycotic remedy instead of syphilitic. She was given Kali bromatum (sycotic), and her syphilitic fear disappeared.
(vii) Ischaemic heart disease: A formally-dressed, serious looking gentleman consulted Dr Sankaran (Sankaran 2014). He handed over to him a large book that contained all his medical investigation reports, carefully categorised chronically, for the last 10 years. He said “I have been experiencing a lot of stress and worry. It’s my wife. Doctor! I married a woman of much lower economic status. I thought, since she came from a very poor family, she would not waste money. After marriage, I noticed that she would often request quite large sums of money and said it was for household expenses. I thought she must have saving for us. One day, she said to me, ‘I have so much money in my bank account. I was shocked to hear this. I did not even know that you had your own bank account. She told me that uncle had given her the money. I said I do not think your uncle gave it to you. I think it is my money. “Oh, no… it is not your money it is my money.”  Dr Sankaran observed that the patient was having delusion that thieves, robbers are present in his house (Arsenic Album). The avaricious, fastidious, and extremely controlling, suspicious nature is understandable when your trusted family members steal your money. The patient received Arsenic Album (Cancer miasm: 200 and 1M) with a wonderful result. His angina pains were relieved and he did not need the coronary bypass surgery that had been recommended. In two years of treatment, his heart symptoms disappeared completely and his cardiologist gave him a clean bill of health. He became much less anxious about money.
(viii) Arthritis with aversion marriage mental: A young, 24 year old woman limped painfully into the Dr Sankaran’s clinic with a very swollen knee. During the previous year, she had consulted four different rheumatologists and received four different diagnoses. She said “ I am afraid of losing my legthat they will amputate my leg” !. About her future plans she replied adamantly, “ One thing’s for future, I do not want to get married. I have heard so many stories where the girl gets married and after some time the husband says, ‘I do not want you anymore’, and the whole thing is lost. I am happy with my parents. I do not want a relationship that is unstable.” Dr Sankaran mentioned “She was given Calcarea fluor (sycotic) her pain reduced dramatically. She stayed off the anti tubercular treatment and the improvement continued. Within six months, her knee joint was as good as new and she was walking freely. But the story does not end here. A few months later, she accepted a marriage proposal. She is now married and lives happily with her husband and children. In Fluoric acid, we see the well known symptoms of wanting to break marriage, or a need to end an engagement. The idea is of becoming separate”.
(ix):  A marasmic child who would bite and hit: Sankaran (2014) has mentioned “A distressed father and his three year old son appeared at the clinic one day. The extremely active little boy had been experiencing a persistent fever for the last four weeks. His father, a practicing surgeon, was very concerned because his son was losing weight. He had good appetite and eagerly eat but his little legs looked like tooth picks. The boy was rambunctious (difficult to control) in the clinic, never sitting still, picking up everything , looking at it, then dropping it quickly and moving to the next thing that caught his eye. His father seemed immune to this level of destruction but admitted that at times his son would hit and bite people if he was stopped from doing what he wanted to do. He was given a dose of Abrotanum (tubercular). The remedy Abrotanum from the Compositae family (plant remedy) has the symptom of emaciation with ravenous appetite along with angry, obstinate, even cruel behaviour. The child’s fever disappeared for the first time in two months. As the days went on, he became quieter and less destructive. He gained weight and began playing happily with other children. His parents were greatly relieved”.
(x) Malarial fever: Sankaran (2014) has mentioned that a ten year old who suffered from recurrent attacks of malaria that had not responded to the anti- malarial medication was brought to the clinic. Monthly he became very ill with fever, nausea, loss of appetite, extreme lethargy. It was not possible for him to attend school for at least two weeks of each month. During fever he experienced “I feel like a train is approaching and it is going to heat me. I have to run fast to get away. I really panic. He further answered excitedly, “My older sister! She loves to frighten me! She sneaks into my room with a snake figure and throws at me. She harasses me”. The remedy Capsicum is from Solanaceae family (fear and fright) and malarial miasm. He was given Capsicum, and he quickly responded, never experiencing the fever again. He became less reactive to his sister’s pranks.
(xi) Vitiligo (white spots): A woman (Sankaran 2014) visited sankaran’s clinic for recurrent urinary tract infections. Dr Sankaran mentioned “She had white spots symmetrically on both sides of her arms, legs and face; most of her skin had become white.  The vitiligo was so long standing she hardly spoke about. During the case-taking, I noticed she made a lot of jokes. She was very humorous and we laughed a lot together. Symptoms were: loquacity with jesting, walking in open air ameliorates, warmth in general aggravates, symmetrical affection”. She was given Kali iodatum, the skin colour colour started to return. The white spots disappeared and her skin colour became normal, He further mentioned that all her chronic urinary symptoms cleared up and her energy and vitality improved. The remedy comes in leprosy miasm. In another case he has cured white spots by calcarea carb.
(xii) Tuberculosis and joint pain: Sankaran (1999) mentioned “A man around sixty years, a famous radio programme personality, used to come to the clinic. He was very buoyant in his attitude, was quite talkative and made a show of himself as if talking on the stage-quite a confident looking person. This man developed a lung problem. It was suspected to be tuberculosis, so he was advised bronchoscopy. The day before going bronchoscopy , he rang  me up, talking as if he was almost collapsing. He rang up seven times that day. Based on the behaviour, I found his remedy to be Gelsemium (sycotic). Gelsemium not only helped his lung problem but also a joint trouble which he has subsequently developed. The symptoms indicating Gelsemium were: Extreme fear of surgery; so: Ailments from anticipation, fear of death, fear, something will happen, ailments from fright, clinging (seven phone calls), desire for company, want of self confidence, cowardice.                
Comments: Perhaps the famous radio programme personality is the legend Amin Sayany. My colleague from Mumbai told me recently that he is still active and had participated in a Hindi function last year. I had been listening Binaca Geet Mala since early 1960’s. Shockingly only a few years back he received just Padma Shri award.
A 38 years old person having tuberculosis for six years, had neglected it and went from bad to worse and lost one lung. He consulted Dr Sankaran in February 1995 with severe lung fibrosis.  He was told that his both kidneys were also not functioning properly as a side effect of medication and he would die in three months. Opium 30C and Opium 200C cured him.
(xiii) Screaming baby: Sankaran (2014) has mentioned “A three month-old child was brought to me by the parents. The father complained that, since the day of birth the child has screamed contantly except while feeding or when asleep. The father of the child, who was a religious scholar (personal comment: Mind: Religious fanaticism, Synthesis 2011, destructive disease inherited by the child from his father), told me that his life had become a nightmare. He requested that I should cure the child or give him some poison and finish him off. This reflected his great despair (syphilitic mental). Three doses of Syphilinum IM (Nosode: prepared from syphilitic virus) were given once every six hours. The father reported with much relief and gratitude that with the second dose of the remedy the child stopped screaming).
(xiv) Hyper tension: Sankaran (2000) mentioned Dr. H. Y. consulted mew on 26.01.1995 for hyper tension (180/110). The patient told “He been very irritable since from aver young age. He use to have violent outbursts of anger. I get destructive to myself. There is no resentment. I have stress because I work as company dentist on different counts.  My day dreams are of two kinds: one is what I would like to be in future, successful financially, very, very, secure, have my own house and family, may be one or two children I can provide for, very, very comfortably, so they would never have to worry at all. The other of my family: my parents, my brother, of turning the clock backwards and changing things that happened, though I know that it is not possible. A third type of day dream is of changing the people in the country. He was given Calcarea bromata (sycotic) 200C on 26.05. 1995. He developed rash on 11.02.1995., blood pressure 140/90. Remedy not repeated. On 15.04.1995 his blood pressure was 120/90, remedy not repeated. After a few months he became calmer and his blood pressure stabilized.”
(xv) Schizophrenia:  Sankaran (1995) has mentioned “A man of 36 years was brought by his relatives for treatment of acute schizophrenia. He was violent and had to be tied up in our hospital, since he was attacking everybody. The history was that he was an artist who was poor and got married to a very rich man’s daughter. The woman had a congenial deformity of one arm and therefore could not find a suitable groom. Her father decided that the best option was to find a poor man for her and support him in coming up life. After the marriage, there was a lot of domination of our patient by his father-in-law. One day after serious insult this man became openly abusive and violent and developed this acute condition. The symptoms of the case fitted into Hyoscyamus (typhoid: 10M), after a few days, brought him out of this state. I then studied his case again and found his remedy to be Staphysagria, since staphysagria is known for its suppressed anger and suppressed violence as well as its control. Eight months after this, the patient had a minor relapse of the Hyoscymus state which was again promptly brought under control with Hyoscymus.  He has been on staphysagria since then, and in the past six years he has remained quite well, despite several exciting factor.”
(xvi) Cardiomypathy: Sankaran (2014) has mentioned “A 30 year old male with cardiomypathy was in line for a heart transplant. Cardiomypathy is a degenerative disease of heart muscle. Modern medicine has no treatment for this condition. He described himself as very strong sense of right or wrong. An example of very right or wrong is four or five people ganging up and attacking one helpless person. He was so sensitive to this injustice that if he was in bus or car I saw a situation like this taking place on the street, he would stop the car and immediately go to the defence of the person being attacked. “I will not strike unless I am provoked. I will warn. ‘Don’t do it, don’t do it’. And if the persist, I will strike. And when I strike, I don’t care what happens. I will kill”.  This is very strong expression of animal kingdom and of the reptile sub kingdom. A characteristic behaviour of the King Cobra is its way of raising its head and flaring its hood as a warning. Don’t come any closer to me or I will finish you. The patient was given the remedy Naja (prepared from cobra poison: syphilitic). His left ventricular ejection fraction was at 27 % when he first came. After the remedy it began to increase and is normal at 63%. It has been 12 years since he received his remedy and he continues to be well.”
(xvii) Prostate cancer: Sankaran (2004) has mentioned “A seventy year old male was brought for consultation on 14.08.2001, by his two sons. He had been diagnosed as having cancer of prostate with metastases in the bones. A surgery to remove the testes had been done, following which he had stopped passing urine, and could do only with a catheter. Attempts to de-catheterize him had been so far unsuccessful, and the doctors were looking at the possibility of second surgery if he was not able to pass urine normally. The patient said “At present I have a problem with urine, with stool (constipation), hernia and severe cold. Because I have had piles and fistula, and the skin there is very delicate and soft, and the stool is hard and rubs there. By rubbing the skin comes out. Previously when I passed urine it was slow. But then I was asked to get tested for cancer and that all started this. “He wants to avoid surgery, his attitude is sycotic. He was given Thuja 200 (delusion body parts delicate: sycotic) single dose. Ultrasonography was done on 30.06. 2001, before the surgery shows: prostate gland measures 3,6x 3.7x 3.3x and weighs 26 gms. There is mild prostatic enlargement with dense focal calcification in right central zone. The prostatic capsules are intact and seminal vesicles are normal. Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) levels on 28.06.2001: 16.3”. Many doses of Thuja 1M have been given to give relief as his problem aggravated. Sonography was done on 23.01. 2004 showed the weight of prostate gland at 18 grams and post void- residue had come down to 23cc from 236cc in 2001. The PSA levels were 0.01. He had developed warts on penis (Sycosis from syphilis). There is no burning in passing or difficulty in passing urine. He has to strain at stool, but there is no pain. His mental conditions also improved.
(xviii) Suicidal tendency of a young boy: Sankaran (2004) has mentioned that a 15 year old boy was brought on 19.04.2002, by his mother (old patient) for treatment of his son for suicidal tendencies. The mother said that he is in the 10th class. He does not want to take up any responsibility. One day he has taken sleeping pills with an intention of doing suicide. He has attended suicide many times in the past by cutting himself. He has a big fear in his mind of mathematics and of the final year examination. Before the mathematics examination he has high fever. In the last one year he has had fevers eight or nine times. He has been given Sumbul 1M (plant remedy: malarial) and the remedy was repeated on 24.06.2002 and 10.09.2002, a single dose on each occasion. His mother says he is much better. His negativity is much better. He is confident. There is no fear of appearing mathematics paper as was before. Maturity level is increased. Earlier his behaviour was like a six year old child. Now behaves like his age. He had an attack of malaria which he responded to Sumbul 1M. He scored 70% in his board examination and took up science for two pre-university years. A few doses of the remedy have been given as and when necessary.
It is clear from above examples that any miasm can be observed at any age. Dr Sankaran has cured these incurable and chronic diseases by giving infrequent doses of a single remedy. He has also successfully treated many cases of depression, asthma, migraine pain, typhoid fever, hepatitis B and C, and other chronic diseases by classical homeopathy.
9. Suicidal cases in India and politics
Suicidal cases can be found on daily basis in different parts of the country. Research scholar shri Rohith Vemula committed suicide at Hyderabad on 17th January 2016.  On the same day, daughter of Shri Tuna Paswan, Nalanda, Bihar, Neha Kumari (11th-12th student) committed suicide when she was chided by her father (Danik Jagaran). Three girl students (18-19 years) of SVS Yoga Medical college of Yoga and naturopathy, Tamil Nadu committed suicide on 23rd January by jumping in to the well, accusing the administration of charging excess fees and torture. A 19 year old 2nd year nursing student, Amutha killed herself by hanging at the Stanley Medical College, Chennai on 25th January. Poor performance in study may be the reason for her suicide. A teenage swimming champion, Saira Sirohi, committed suicide by hanging on 25th January at Ghaziabad. Another teenager from Telangana, committed Suicide on 26th January due to non availability of toilet. No reason would be found sufficient for committing suicide. Except the first case, politicians did not show any interest in remaining suicidal cases. On all India basis strike has been called on 27th January in all university against the suicide of the research scholar at Hyderabad. The politics has reached its nadir in this country. Farmers in different states have been committing suicide since long. Suicidal cases are simply a diseased mental condition, which can be cured by classical homeopathy, if children are treated by homeopathy since childhood. The education system is getting damaged, students have developed aversion for study and teachers are reluctant to take classes. One of the main reasons for these phenomena is that election is fought in all colleges with party affiliations, which has destroyed the discipline among the students. They do not fear any authority because they get support from outside. This is going to affect the progress of the country badly, if our education system gets paralysed. I had mentioned about it also in my previous letter dated 11th October 2014.           
10. Promotion of Classical Homeopathy in the Country: I received a copy of the letter dated 13th February 2015 vide F.No. Z. 28015/42/2014-P&C (Pt.II) from Ministry of AYUSH addressed to Dr. N. Radha, Adviser (H) as a follow up action on my letter, dated 11st October 2014, addressed to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister.  I have been informed through email dated 4th March 2015 “Your Grievance with Registration No. PMOPG/D/2015/13013 has been disposed”, but no action I could notice in this regard. I had requested through my aforesaid letter for making one month training mandatory for all homeopaths all over the country so that they can pursue proper classical homeopathy. In every State capital there must be a classical homeopathy training centre for giving training to 50 homeopaths (as per need of the state). I have given details about identification of miasms and kingdom under items 6 and 7, which show why training is a must to all homeopaths of our country. Under item 8, I have given only a few selected examples of different types of chronic and incurable diseases, which cannot be cured by modern day’s medicines, have been cured by Dr. Rajan Sankaran through classical homeopathy. Dr. Sankaran has innovated “Sensation Theory” and has developed (i) miasm theory from three to ten (item 6), (ii) kingdom identification (item 7) for more accurate identification of the remedy. His concept has been globally accepted. Without proper training it is not possible to adopt these methods by the homeopaths. Most of the homeopaths are unaware of “Sensation Theory”. I would request our Hon’ble Prime Minister for opening of training centre for Homeopaths as physical health (chronic cold/ cough/ fever, food allergy,  migraine pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, respiratory problem, heart attack, paralysis, chronic kidney disease, leucorrhoea, abortion, infertility etc) and mental health (suicidal, homicidal, insanity, cruelty, insensitivity, violent sex, extreme greed, aversion study, religious intolerance etc) are getting worse day by day. Homeopathy would be proved as boon for rural India and especially the poor who cannot afford costly allopathic treatment. Treatment can be provided even through mobile in not complicated cases. Providing monthly training is not a costly affair as only a few trained homeopaths (three) and a small building with a small library and a few computers are required. “the other song”, 1001, Peninsula Heights, C.D. Burfiwala Marg, Juhu Lane, Andheri (W) Mumbai-400058, Telephone number: 02242616666 is an integrated Homeopathic Clinic, where Training and Research Academy also exit. The academy is headed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and supported by Homeopathic Research Charities and the World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy (WISH). At “the other song”, 25 or more high quality Homeopathic practitioners provide holistic patient care to the patients. A few specialised training courses, Certificate Course in Advance Homeopathy (6 months/two days a week) and Master course in “Comprehensive Training in Sensation Method” (6 months/240 days are also conducted there. They have identified/treated different kinds of children problems as told by their parents, which are as under: my child does not listen, my child always watches television, my child always wants to eat junk food, my child does not study at all, my child has an inferiority complex, my child is often sick, my Child is very timid and fearful, my child does not share his toys and my Child is violent, destructive, disobedient, and obstinate. Dr. R Sankaran also runs a clinic a Juhu Mumbai (9322265836). So, it is the duty of the parents to consult a homeopath if they find any behaviour problem with their children and in this way the growth of rapist, antisocial elements, suicidal and homicidal people can be minimised. During 2015, twenty four students committed suicide at Kota, Rajasthan, which did not get attention of any political parties. As per National Crime Record Bureau (Times of India 25th July 2015) 21.7% and 18%   people committed suicide because of family problem and illness respectively. Whatever may be the reasons, suicidal cases is simply a disease as people are not able to bear even a little stress. This has to be treated homoeopathically at an early age as per mentioned above symptoms for children. Destructive mental (syphilitic) is growing globally, which is seen in form of increase in terrorist activities. People ate only that food which they like. So, good moral lessons through religious teaching by any religious book cannot change destructive mental of the person concerned. But these people will easily grab cruelty, technique of robberies and murder etc from viewing any movie. Homeopathic principle confirms “Healthy body exists in a healthy mind”. Controversial statements given by those people who do not know what is right and what is wrong even in terms of talking, because of degeneration of intelligence. Controversial statements act like a silent killer, and can shift a few percent of votes to other parties. All parties have suffered from these phenomena.        
11. Personal information: (a) Research work: I retired on 31st December 2011 from Meteorological office, Government of India, C.S.I. Airport Mumbai. I worked for more than 20 years as aviation forecaster at Mumbai. My paper entitled “Forecasting rainfall trend over India during summer monsoon” has been accepted for publication in Indian Geophysical Union Journal, Hyderabad, I have been informed vide their email dated 22nd January 2016. This will be fifth paper which is getting published after my retirement. This paper deals with long range forecast of south-west monsoon rainfall over India. It is based on 68 years data from 1948 to 2015. The forecast would be available within 1st week of June after availability of global data and it is a onetime forecast. In the long range forecast, deficient (88%), below normal (92%), normal (97%), and active normal (101%) rainfall have been forecast with an error of ± 6%. The forecast has been able to predict deficient rainfall during 1965, 1966, 1972, 1982, 1987, 2002 and 2009 and below normal during 2004 and 2015. However, it failed only in five years during 1951, 1974, 1979, 1986 and 2014 out of 68 years. I had sent the forecast for 2015 on 7th June 2015 to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble P.M. and Director General of Meteorology, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi. Below normal rainfall had been forecast (92%) for the year 2015. Actual rainfall for the country during 2015 was observed as 86%, which is exactly -6% from the forecast value and comes within the error of ± 6%.                  
(b) Charity Work: I have been giving monthly scholarship @ Rs.200 per month to ten students (six girls), who are economically weak but are good at education and annual merit scholarship @ of Rs. 800 to six students (including sports and cultural activities) of M. K. Das High School (now Inter College) located in my native village Bharthu, District: Jehanabad, Bihar on 15th August (total annual expenditure Rs. 30,000). I have also started to give six girl students monthly scholarship @ Rs. 200 per month (Rs. 2400 each) of a minority school located at Patna (Ayub Urdu Girls High School, located in a lane opposite to Wheeler Senate Hall, Patna University) from 26th January 2016 with the same reasons (total expenditure Rs.15, 400, including Rs. one thousand given for cultural activities). Total expenditure in giving all scholarship is Rs 45,400.  
I have been distributing good quality Saris with blouse piece to more than 90 poor ladies and good quality cotton Dhoti with towel to 45 poor men from five villages including my native village. Total annual expenditure on this work is more than Rs.31, 000. I started charity work in 2006 by giving merit scholarship of Rs.500 each to three students. I have been managing the expenditure from my pension.    
(c) Social work: In 2013, I taught Mathematics for two months (August and September) to class 9th and 10th students as only two teachers were available at that time (vacant post) in my native village high school. It is a very well disciplined school where classes are taken on regular basis and more 600 students (50% girl students) had been enrolled in 9th and 10th classes. Daily attendance was also very good. Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble C.M. had visited my native village and the school in 2006. 
I have been providing homeopathy treatment to my villagers and others for the last few years. From March onwards this year, I shall visit my native village on 1st of every month for providing homeopathy treatment to the needy persons. My village is located 65 km away (SE) from Patna.
(d) Religious work. In 1940 a big temple (Shri Ram Janaki) had been constructed nearby our residence at my native village by my grandmother (sister of my grandfather). As it was not possible to repair it, a new temple has been constructed (within nine months) by demolishing the old temple from family contribution. The temple was inaugurated in March 2014 after Shri Ram Yagya. The temple is equipped with solar light and lightening conductor. Full time a priest and a helper manage the religious related works of the temple.
(i) There is a strong need to formulate a process, so that both Houses of Parliament remain busy in discussions rather than boycott or adjournment of the Houses in future. This is the responsibility of the present generation Parliamentarians to act in such a manner that national interest is not affected. It is expected from Hon’ble President of India to give his guidance in this regard being the Head of State.
(ii) Freedom of speech does not mean that people should degrade the image of the nation for their personal gains. Those who claim that India has become intolerant recently; they should examine the behavior of their family members first. Whether their children follow their advice, no divorce has taken place in their family, none of their family members have been penalised either by the court or any non- governmental body? When a terrorist is penalised by the apex court, to question the judgement does not exhibit a healthy mind.
(iii) Presence of separation or more autonomy (revolting nature) mental in an individual or in a State confirms the dominance of syphilitic miasm in the individual and in the State. It has got nothing to do with the welfare of the family or the people of the State.
(iv) Abusive language, rude behavior, shameless, insensitive, extreme anger and extreme desire etc come under syphilitic miasm. In films cruelty and shamelessness get top priority. In dialogue or songs abusive and shameless language is used, which confirm that destructive mental has overpowered the people in all walks of life.
(v) Moral lessons through any religious book or good advice cannot change the behavior of destructive mental people as their mind refuse to accept as their inherited genes did not allow. But they grab the negative thoughts and actions very fast, which are visible when they commit kidnapping, robbery, murders etc by viewing any movie having such scenes. Leaders by their divisive/hate speech about religion, region, language and cast etc sow the seeds of terrorism in the fertile mind of such people.
(vi) We need protection from The God and we worship Him to fulfil our desires. But violence in name of safeguarding God is not acceptable.  Any person cannot be considered as religious if he has developed hatred towards any religion. People had been dying prematurely from natural calamities, violence and diseases where temple, mosque, church, Gurudwara etc exist. People also die in stampede or in an accident during their visit to holy places. If God from any religion would have been present on the earth these happenings since ancient period would not have occurred.  God cannot be found on this planet where hatred, cruelty, jealousy, selfishness, violence etc. exist. So, construction of a new temple or mosque at any place is not going to give any extra advantage to any religion.                 
(vii) Homeopathy has the capacity not only to cure chronic and incurable diseases by medicine at very low cost but it changes the diseased thinking of the patient also. It will help the present and future generation in having healthy mind and body.
(viii) In Mercurious (syphilitic medicine, prepared from mercury), the impulse is to kill the person who contradicts him/her. Very often it is reported that after a minor quarrel, a person has been shot dead. This medicine can cure such impulse (Sankaran 2014).
(ix)  After independence, the politics has reached its nadir in our country. All suicidal cases come under diseased mental. No reasons can justify the suicidal act.  
(x) The education system has been damaged greatly all over India because election is fought in all colleges with party affiliations. It has ruined the discipline in the temple of learning. There should not be any activity in educational institutions other than study. This is going to affect the progress our country badly, if our education system gets paralysed.
(xi) Younger generation, those who are diseased, wants to have a good time. They want fast cars and parties. They want to enjoy and go out all night. They do not want to do one honest day’s work or take any responsibility. They can be cured by Medorrhinum (Sankaran 2014; prepared from acute stage of urethritis and chronic stage of gleet:  poison of gonorrhoea).  
(xii) Rapists or murderers do not fear the provisions for extreme punishment at the time of committing heinous crimes during their impulse. Punishment is necessary for the crime but strong law is not a deterrent for the crime. Children should be given homeopathy treatment from the very beginning for any illness to check such mental to grow.
(xiii) In every state capital Homeopathic Training Centre is required for proper training of homeopaths. Not much expenditure is required on this. It may be started in a few states immediately. After consultation with Dr Rajan Sankarn, Mumbai, this may be opened as early as possible. It would be proved as boon for the poor people and rural India. Initiative has to be taken by Government of India urgently in this regard. 
 (xiv) Smoking and alcoholism come under destructive mental and the poison is passed to next generation by their users. I have been writing against the use of alcohol since 2008.
(xv)  Countrymen must remain united to check cruel, insensitive, insane and barbaric terrorist outfits making base in our beloved India.
I have no intension to touch the sentiments of any individual, any political party or any religion. Thoughts are based on homeopathic principles and it is aimed to promote national integration in the country. I am thankful to Google website for using different types of data and information.
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Shri Pranab MukherJee
Hon’ble President of India, New Delhi                                                  (VINOD KUMAR)
Copy to Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon'ble Vice President of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri T.S. Thakur, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Sumitra Mahajan, Hon’ble Speaker, Lok Sabha, Shri Rajnath Singh, Honble Minister for  Home Affairs, Shri  M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Minister of Parliamentary Affairs etc, Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Telecommunication, Shri J.P. Nadda, Hon'ble, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mrs Smriti Irani, Hon’ble Minister for Human Resources and Development, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Hon’ble Vice President of Congress and M.P., Shri Mallikarjun Kharge Hon’ble M.P., Shri Kiran Rijiju, Hon’ble Minister of State, Home, Shri Shatrughan Sinha, Hon’ble M.P. and Bollywood Icon, Shri Javed Akhtar, Bollywood Icon and Hon’ble M.P.,  Shri Asaduddin Owaisi, Hon’ble M.P., Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Hon’ble Minister of State, Minority Affairs,  Shri, M.J. Akbar, Hon’ble  M.P. and eminent Journalist, Shri Gulam Navi Azad, Hon’ble M.P., Shri Sharad Yadav, Hon’ble  M.P. and JDU President, Shri Sitaram Yechury, Hon’ble M.P. and C.P.M. G.S., Shri Sachin Tendulkar, India’s Ikon and Hon’ble M.P., Shri Chirag Paswan, Hon’ble M.P., Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon'ble C.M. Bihar, Shri Vijay Kumar Choudhry, Hon’ble Speaker, Shri Omar Abdullah, Hon'ble, former C. M, Jammu and Kashmir, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, Hon’ble C.M. Maharashtra, Mehbooba Mufti , Hon'ble President PDP, Jammu and Kashmir,  Shri Navin Patnaik, Hon’ble C.M. Orissa, Shri Akhilesh Yadav , Hon'ble C.M. U.P., Miss Mamta Banerjee Hon’ble C. M. W.B., Shri Raghubar Das, Hon,ble C.M. Jharkhand, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble C.M. Delhi, Miss Jayalalithaa, Hon’ble C.M., Tamil Nadu, Dr. Sambid Patra, Hon’ble BJP Spokesperson, Shri Sayed Sahnawas Hussain, Hon’ble BJP Spokesperson, Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat, Hon’ble RSS Chief,  Bollywood, Icons Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Shri Aamir Khan, Shri Shah Rukh Khan,  Shri Anupam Kher,  for kind information and promoting classical homeopthy in the country.


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