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Classical homeo Part IV

                                                                                                                   Vinod Kumar,
Scientist ‘E’ (Retired)
                         India Meteorological Department
 Patna, Bihar

                                                                             Dated: 11th October 2014
Dear Sir,

Kindly accept my heartiest congratulation for becoming the Prime Minister of the largest democratic country “India” and my heartiest congratulation also to all newly elected Hon’ble members of the present Lok Sabha. I have waited for you to become the prime Minister of India to get your kind attention on promoting classical homeopathy (infrequent dose of a single medicine at a time) in the country. I have been writing for promotion of classical homeopathy in the country for the last few years. My last letter addressed to Dr. Man Mohan Singh, former Prime Minister of India, has been written on 28.12 2011 (available on my web site). But it has not caught the attention much of the state and central Governments. It appears that they have got delusion that by promoting quality homeopathy in the country is not a vote catching issue. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) a 19th century genius German physician (M.D.) and chemist observed that Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis are the parents of all our ills - mental and physical (the details about these miasms have been given ahead). As observed by Hahnemann and other eminent homeopaths, the progress of psora takes place from centre to circumference i.e. from mind to body, and of sycosis and syphilis from circumference to centre i.e. from body to mind. In all cases cure should be from mind to body.

It is a Universal truth “A healthy mind exists in a healthy body”. I am giving certain examples to examine whether these thoughts can be adjudged as healthy or positive? (i) Uncontrolled desire/greed, wants to become a king (dictatorial mental): any political party or any politician thinks that if a state is bifurcated our party will form the government and I shall become the C.M. of the state even at the cost of huge national expenditure which would be required on the development of new capital etc. without much benefit to the general public. Again any politician thinks that if there is no chance of becoming C.M. again or even first time then he demands for autonomy for his state to attract public attention, (ii) extreme selfishness: the country has been divided on the basis of caste, region, religion and language for getting votes, (iii) anarchist: when a strike is called at state level or national level by a political party or terrorist outfit on any issue and massive destruction of national property takes place, (iv) extreme emotion:  sixteen people committed suicide in Tamil Nadu when the C.M. of the state has been punished on corruption charges, (v) immoral, dishonest, extreme greed: desire for taking bribe and accumulating black money, (vi) anti social: earn maximum without doing much labour by cheaters, extortionists, thieves and robbers (vii) insensitive, cruelty, violent sex: in all rape and murder cases, even a child is raped in a play school (viii) grief, aversion responsibility, cannot bear stress, anxiety for money: head of the family commits suicide if crops are damaged on account of natural calamities, (ix) cruelty, shameless, insensitivity and aversion responsibility: violence and nudeness increased in Indian films (xi) cruelty, aversion children, insanity : parents kill their own children on account of same gotra or inter cast marriage (Lord Krishna and his wife Rukmini attended marriage ceremony of their grandson “Anirudha” with the granddaughter of Rukmini own brother “Rukmi”, even after knowing that the marriage is not being held on correct religious dictates, Shreemadbhagvat Mahaapuran, part II), (xii) extreme greed, cruelty, hard hearted: brides are killed for dowry even by her life partner, (xiii) aversion to parents, wife/husband, family: division in family and divorce cases have increased (xiv) destruction of intelligence, cannot decide what is right and what is wrong (dullness), uncontrolled greed: even a well qualified person joins terrorist outfit/ persons are cheated easily for getting fast money (xv) addiction, nerve affected: consumption of alcohol and drugs has been increasing fast, (xvi) aversion for study/reading: interest in studying science and mathematics and in general reading tendency have been on decline, disobedience and aversion responsibility among students and teachers in educational institutions have increased (xvii) intolerance, extreme anger: even at slight altercation people are shot dead,  (xviii) Dirty: uncleanness, dirtying everything, urinating and defecating anywhere, and  spitting mental have become prominent. All these mental have been found in course of proving of many homeopathic remedies (Synthesis 2011) on healthy human beings, which show that suppressed sycosis and syphilis have greatly affected the human mind in our country. Homeopathic medicines for cure of all these mental are available.  

I am giving some finer points about homeopathy, homeopathic medicines (Extinguish the fire of terror mind in the bud through classical homeopathy Part IV) and other related issues for your kind information and necessary action. India needs quality homeopaths to improve/sooth mental and physical health of the Indians. Homeopathy is not opposed to any therapy including allopathic. It has been mentioned in “Encyclopaedia of world Biography, Samuel Hahnemann, 2004, Google web site” that a 1998 article in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, called homeopathy "another tool in the bag," acknowledging its prevalence." The practice remains widely accepted around the world, especially in India, Latin America, and Europe. The United Kingdom boasts five homeopathic hospitals, where homeopathy is covered under the National Health Service, wrote Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier in The Best Alternative Medicine. France is home to eight schools offering advanced homeopathy degrees, and nearly all French and German pharmacies.

 Homeopathy and Allopathic treatments can complement each other for betterment of human life. If any individual is not getting relief/cure from any therapy he/she should shift to other branch of medicine. It would not be exaggerated if I say that majority of homeopaths in the country are not following the basic principle of homeopathy. As such, its use is restricted to just give temporarily relief to the patients rather than curing the chronic illness. I would expect kind attention and action also from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon’ble Health Minister, Government of India, on my suggestions for improving homeopathy treatment in the country. Although, I shall be giving a copy of this letter to other dignitaries for their kind information, necessary action from their part would be a welcome sign for homeopathy. It would be a boon for majority of Indians and especially poor people who cannot afford frequent and regular use of allopathic medicines in acute and chronic cases for treatment of their family members. Homeopathy has got some unique qualities, which is matchless. Medicine for any disease is available as it is based on physical and mental conditions of the patient. It can sooth violent/restless mind and body and can remove/block negative and perverted thoughts/ actions, cruelty, nymphomania (sexual desire violent), suicidal and homicidal (desire to kill) mental. It can cure many chronic diseases, allergy from different food and illness during change of weather and seasons. Being a non- professional in the field I tried to know the depth of homeopathy and its correct approach, as suggested by eminent homeopaths, in curing acute as well as chronic cases. Normally, I do not want to depend on others (mind: independent; medicines for any illness: Belladona, Calcarea carbonica, Dulkmara, Nux Vomica, Sepia and Sulphur etc., Synthesis 2011) even for my specific needs and always try to learn and do something new. As I suffered for more than 12 years for different types of health problems (1985-1998: frequent cold, cough, fever in all seasons and during change of weather, diarrhoea, dysentery, allergy from almost all foods, uncontrolled sleepiness after taking food, weakness, loss of weight, high B.P. tendency etc.). Allopathic, Aayurvedic and naturopathy treatments including Yoga did not help me much in getting rid of my chronic illness. I was in search of how and why for my problems and search ended with homeopathy. Only limited number of people are lucky whose sycosis and syphilis onset starts very late after 60-70 years of age on account of better hereditary and good behaviour. Ghatak (translated by Banerjee 1931) has mentioned “a chronic disease is a disease that has a special tendency of ever continuing, though in different forms and until removed by the aid of effective medicines, while an acute disease is as a disease which has an inherent tendency of leaving the patient after it has run out its course, even without the aid of any medicine”.  
 My published papers on meteorology can be viewed on my website. My heartiest desire is getting reflected in the following poetry:





I cannot listen criticism of my country, India Meteorological Department and homeopathy (mind: loyal, responsibility, duty, conscientious about trifles; medicines for any illness under loyal mental: Arsenic Album, Aurum Metallicum, Calcarea Carb., Lycopodium, Merc. Sol., Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Silicea, Staphisagria, Sulphur, Thuja etc., Synthesis 2011)  

1. Principle of Homeopathy
Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy on the principle “Like cures like” by using minute doses of herbs and other substances to promote healing. As a child Hahnemann studied, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, history, physics, botany and medical science. In 1779, he received doctors of medicine degree from the University of Erlangen, Vienna. Still fascinated with science, especially chemistry, he further studied pharmacy (Encyclopaedia of world Biography 2004, Google) in 1781. The principle of homeopathy was known to ancient Indians.  

Devarshi Naarad said in Shrimadbhagvat Mahapuran (1st part)
“Aamayo yasch Bhutanaam jaayate yena suvrata
Tadev hyaamayam dravyam na punaati chikitsitam”
Persons who have been affected by consuming any food article are not cured by the same food if it is taken in the medicated form?  The principle has been also mentioned by Mahakavi Kalidasa,  Sankaran (1999)

“Shruyate hi pura loke, vishaya visham aushadam”
It has been said of old time in the world that poison is the remedy for poison.
Hahnemann was appalled by the barbaric and violent medical practices of the time and remained concerned for the human masses. He abandoned his practice and devoted years in conducting experiments to study the healing properties of various materials. He developed the principle “like cures like” in a very scientific manner. Hahnemann has mentioned under aphorism 1 and 2 in Organon that the physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health. The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles. 

2. Preparation of homeopathic medicines

When Hahnemann observed that minimum dose of a medicine has got more curative power and is less harmful, he invented a unique way of preparing homeopathic medicines in which quantity of the medicine is not visible by naked eye. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from mineral (Arsenic, Calcium Carbonate, etc.), plant (Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Thuja, etc.), animal kingdom (comprising of the healthy secretions and tissues of various animals and living creatures e.g. Lachesis: snake poison) and the nosodes (the products of disease of human beings, animals and plants e.g. Syphilinum: syphilitic virus, Carcinocinum: Carcinoma, Lyssin: saliva of rabid dogs and Secale cornutum: Ergot of Rye. For making medicines from plants, plants are washed and juice is extracted without mixing it with water. Equal amount of absolute alcohol (water free) is mixed with the juice and the mixture is kept in a tightly closed bottle for 24 hours. Pure liquid is separated and is called mother tincture (Q). Alcohol stops fermentation of the mother tincture and helps in preserving the medicine. One part of mother tincture is mixed with 99 parts of pure alcohol. Now the mixture is given 40-100 jerks by machine (Hahnemann was using his hands). Potency of this medicine is given as 1C (centesimal scale). The quantity of medicine present in 1C mixture will be 1/100. Now from 1C mixture, one part is taken out and mixed again with 99 parts with pure alcohol and the process is repeated. The potency of this medicine is given as 2C. The quantity of medicine present in 2C mixture is 1/104. It has been observed that particles of the medicine are visible by microscope only up to 9C. The similar procedure is followed to prepare medicines of higher potencies e.g. 12, 30, 200, 1M (1000), 10M, 50M, CM (one lakh) and MM (10 million). The quantity of medicine present in 30C is 1/1060. Medicines having potency 200 and above are considered as high potency drugs and should be used carefully. Very rarely medicine having potency higher than 10M is required for treatment. So, one can understand the power available for destroying the disease from its root. Now the question arises when the medicine is not visible in mixture, how does higher potency drug works. Potencies of the decimal scale are marked by suffixing an “X” to the number, e.g. Natrum Mur 1X (one part of dry substance/drug and 9 parts of glucose/diluents: drug strength-1/10).  Hahnemann has mentioned in his book Meteria Medica ‘Pura’ Vol. II, (1817) that when a piece of steel is strongly and rapidly rubbed by a downward stroke against a hard stone, incandescent sparks fly off. When sparks are caught on a sheet of white paper, then we may see either with the naked eye or by means of lens, small pellets of steel lying there, which has been detached in a state of fusion from the surface of steel by the smart friction blow with the hard stone and have fallen in an incandescent state like fire balls upon the paper where they cooled. At least a heat of 3000 degree of Fahrenheit is required to melt the steel, which the friction only has developed. Thus inexhaustible store of caloric can only be released by friction. The effect of friction is so great that not only the internal physical properties are roused and developed by it, but also the dynamical medicinal powers of the natural substance are thereby called forth to an incredible degree. Hahnemann has again written “I was apparently the first who made this great, this extraordinary discovery that the properties of this crude medicinal substances gain, when they are fluid by repeated succussion with un-medicinal fluids, when they are dry by frequent continued trituration with un-medicinal powders”. Thus the medicinal power of any medicine goes on increasing with every higher potency and its curative power goes on improving enormously. That is why material dose of any other branch of medicine cannot match with the curative power of homeopathic medicines. The higher potency medicine has the power to penetrate and remove the deep seated disease from our body. In 1984 Paul Callanin, an Australian biophysicist, gave a lecture to Institute for Complementary Medicine in London at which he showed electron microscope photographs of frozen crystals of homeopathic remedies at various potencies. These pictures, taken with polarized light, showed that the same remedy in different potencies had different crystal patterns. He considered that certain potencies worked best because the structural pattern of the remedy was stronger at some potencies than at others (Richardson, 1988).

Sankaran (2003) has mentioned that Hahnemann had also developed in the last years of his life another scale of potenties, 50 Millesimal scale or LM scale, in which the drug is diluted with 50,000 parts of diluents. Under this potency LM-II: 0/2 (equivalent to 12C), LM-IV: 0/4 (30C), LM 6: 0/6 (200C), LM- VIII: 0/8 (1M), LM- X:0/10 (10M), LM- XII: 0/12 (50M) and LM-XIV: 0/14 (CM) medicines are available. In practice, these potency drugs are also very powerful but it is used when the patient is not able to tolerate the aggravation of even 30C. However, centesimal potency medicines are more powerful.

(3). Single dose classical homeopathic treatment

 Homeopathy treatment is not new in this country but majority of homeopaths are not following the basics of the treatment as established by the great Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Even in acute disease like fevers or diarrhoeas, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar (1999) has said “Single dose classical homeopathic treatment overshadows the old multi-dose, multi-drug treatment by miles”. Sankaran (1999) has mentioned that “G.H. Clarke considers that Hahnemann’s dictum must be observed, viz. that the dose should not be repeated while the amelioration lasts”, Hahnemann has mentioned this under aphorism 246, Organon. He has further mentioned under aphorism 276, that too large doses of an accurately chosen homeopathic medicine, especially when frequently repeated, bring about much trouble as a rule. Sankaran (1999) has mentioned that the ideal time to the repeat the dose would be when the effect of the previous dose is exhausted. Sometimes aggravating factors in the environment and in the situation and strong pathology cause the dose to exhaust itself quickly. Ghatak ( 1931: translated by P. N. Banerjee) has mentioned that homeopathic treatment must be according to the three main principles of (i) similarity, (ii) minimum dose and (iii) application of only one medicine at a time. In an international journal of classical homeopathy, ‘Homeopathic Links’, single dose (one or two small pills/ half to one drop: one drop may be put in one third cup of water and after shaking it half water may be thrown) of a single medicine has been given by different authors/homeopaths. Sometimes a single medicine (high potency: 200C and above) is repeated thrice for a single day, which is also considered as single dose. I have been following single dose rule in acute as well as chronic cases and found it curative.  If medicine is correctly selected, repetition is not required. Eminent homeopath of Bihar suggested through daily news paper for taking one or two doses of medicine daily having 200 potency, at least three months continuously in case of different type of pains etc. But, other homeopaths in the state are prescribing even more than two to three medicines on daily basis even in higher potency (10M). This is happening only in Bihar is not the case. Such type of medication can be found in large scale elsewhere in the country except Mumbai, Maharashtra and Gujarat, where it is not common as these homeopaths have been trained by Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. Such type of practice is not only giving a bad name to homeopathy, because it cannot cure and just suppresses the case. Ghatak (1931) has mentioned that the number of true homeopaths is decreasing and the condition is same even today. About a remedy ‘Lachesis’, prepared from snake poison, Mathur (1972) has recommended “single dose is the rule” and that medicine has been also advised daily for three months. It will not cure the disease but will implant artificial disease to the patient. If a medicine can do some benefit to the patient when used, it may also do some injury to the patient when abused (Ghatak, 1931). Single dose of homeopathic medicines, in chronic cases, of 30X, 30C, 200C, IM (1000), 10M (10000), etc potency work for 15 days, 10-60 days, 3-4 months, 5-6 months, 8-9 months respectively, depending upon the type of medicines used. Some medicines are very deep acting. Chronic diseases such as, food allergy, cold and fever, hypertension, paralysis, diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, leucorrhoea, painful menses, migraine pain etc. are cured or maximum relief can be given only by infrequent dose of a single medicine at a time.
If a patient is hypersensitive and cannot tolerate homeopathic aggravation of low potency medicine 30C, LM potency medicine may be given. In 350 ml water, 30-35 very small pills (like poppy seeds) of a particular LM potency medicine are dissolved in a glass bottle. Before every use the bottle is jerked 10 times and then one teaspoonful of the liquid is taken in a separate cup having half cup water. The mixture is stirred properly and one teaspoonful is taken. Next day the same process is repeated. This medicine is taken daily or alternate day in chronic cases for months. However in acute cases every two to six hours (Banergea, 2010). He has said “if the patient is weak do not skip potency, use LM1, LM2, LM3 etc. Aggravations are also observed from LM potency. LM potency medicine is used if medicine selected is a polychrest”. He has further mentioned that In case of advanced pathology (rheumatoid arthritis, very advanced psychiatric patients e.g. Schizophrenia, very advanced neurological cases e.g. Parkinson’s, very advanced skin conditions, terminally ill, drug dependent pains, very advanced pulmonary disease etc.) LM potency medicines are used.

 The procedure, which is being followed by repetition of medicines of centesimal scale, just suppresses the disease for the time being but cannot cure any disease. All infrastructures for homeopathy treatment are available in the country but its benefits are not reaching to the almost entire mass. It has been observed that enormous potential of “Homeopathy” remains underutilized all over the country as large numbers of homeopaths are not following the principal of single dose of a single medicine at a time because of lack of proper knowledge and experience. One month training for all homeopaths may be made mandatory all over the country so they can pursue classical homeopathy only, without which licence for practice may not be given by the State Government. In every state there must be a classical homeopathy training centre for giving training to 50 homeopaths in every month. If Government of India or any State Government requires any suggestions, Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Prafull Vijayakar (Mumbai) may be consulted in this regard to find the ways to improve the condition of classical homeopathy. Government of India must get tough with the standard of homeopathic teachings, training and quality of students in homeopathic colleges in India to produce quality Doctors.

Homeopathy treatment is very much cheap in comparison with allopathic.  A sum of Rs. 150-1000/3000 (very serious illness) may be required per month for treatment of a chronic disease depending upon the place of treatment: a small town or a Metro City. By taking proper homeopathic treatment for any illness, many chronic diseases can be avoided and one can lead a quality life. Promoting classical homeopathy would be of great help to the middle class and poor people. So many advances have been made in the field of medicines and surgery that allopathic treatment is a must for any individual when the need arises but limitation for any branch of treatment can be noticed in terms of incurring cost and getting long lasting relief.

4. Revolting/ anarchist mental in the country

 The syphilitic mental is acquired directly (by evil action) or by inheritance. But in addition the mental can be also created artificially. Desires of Indians not only have been suppressed but they also suffered a lot mentally and physically during the rules of Murghals and the British before independence, which generated revolting mental in mass, among the Indians. They also suffered because of Zamindari  system till it was abolished  after independence. After independence hatred has been created between landless and farmers by the then Naxal leaders (Kanu Sanyal, Charu Mazumdar etc.) in late 60’s and Naxalites/ Maoist are the bi-product. Again political class has been dividing the whole society on the basis of cast, language, region and religion for their personal gains. Increased consumption of alcohol has further aggravated the situation. Alcohol created destructive mental not only among drinkers but also among abused wives and children. It is coming genetically from one generation to another generation. So our generations have been affected greatly under these conditions. Indians have become more revolting in general, which is a destructive syphilitic mental, which include aversion to family/ study/ work/duty (strike at State/ National level),  dictatorial, suicidal (2.6 lakh suicides in India during 2012, WHO reports), homicidal, fearless rapist, extremely money minded, too occupied with religion and want of religious feeling.

 The internal itch of mind (false thinking, false wiling, planning evil of his neighbours etc.) manifested itself in external itches, because the body is only an outward reflection of the mind. Psora is not itch but it is the cause of itch. Hahnemann had observed that man thought evil thoughts first and then did evil things. So, if there was no evil thinking, no evil action would have been possible for man. Thus man must have psora first (acute inflammation: itch, rash, boils, eczema, aphthae, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gastritis, hyperacidity, cold, cough, fever, pleurisy, bronchitis, asthma, diarrhoea, hepatitis A, anaemia, acute arthritis, meningitis, encephalitis, nephritis, etc., onset age: birth to about 20 years  Vijayakar, 2006). By removing quickly the external itches by means of external application of drugs, the disease take an inward turn and the result is that the internal organs are gradually affected. Sankaran (2004) has said that in success state, there is a lot of hope in psora and failure does not mean the end of the world. In the failed state however they can feel so much of a lack of confidence and despair about their abilities as to give up the struggle. The disease (psora) commences in the centre (mind) and it comes to the circumference (body-liver, spleen, kidney etc.). If this is the course of disease, then the course of cure must be from the centre (mind) to the circumference (body). If the cure begins from the circumference to the centre, the effect of disease will only be removed, and the cause, which is in the centre, will continue to work on and produces effects eternally (Ghatak, 1931). After psora, sycosis follows. Sycosis is not Gonorrhoea, but it is that condition of the system, which is bonded to it by Gonorrhoea, when it is not cured, but only made to disappear, either by a course of un-homeopathic treatment, or by itself. Gonorrhoea is a highly poisonous infection (hot urethral discharge like pus: 1st stage, painful and scanty urination with severe burning pain in urethra: 2nd stage, Ghosh (1995) other than inflammation of the urethra due to overheating in the Sun or stimulating food and drinks. The course of sycosis is from circumference to the centre, from the body to the mind, from the Gonorrhoeal discharge to colic, rheumatism, insanity and the process of cure will be from the centre to the circumference,  Ghatak (1931). About the perception in sycosis Sankaran (2004) has said that he has to accept his situation and live with it because there is a fixed, irremediable weakness within him and so he is incapable of changing. There is an attempt to cope by covering up or hiding his weakness from others by secrecy, egotism and compulsive acts. Chronic inflammation is the result of sycosis: chronic catarrh, tuberculosis, asthma chronic, chronic gastritis, corns, warts, ring worms, liver spots, brown spots, black discoloration, psoriasis, dysmenorrhoea, swelling, filariasis, gout, haemorrhoids, tumours, gall stones, appendicitis, Allen (2002), chronic cystitis, tonsillitis indurations, cysts, fibroids, leukaemia, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis,  hypertension, diabetes, nephrosis, etc. onset age: around 20 years to 50 years, Vijayakar, (2006). Like sycosis, syphilis is also acquired directly (by evil action) or by inheritance. Ghatak (1931) has mentioned that sycosis and syphilis have a primary difference and primary difference is the difference between gonorrhoea and chancre. Sycosis shows itself by an ulceration and inflammation in the canal and also in the root of genital organ, with a sloughy discharge, while syphilis appears in the shape of similar ulceration and inflammation on the glance. So, syphilis is also a condition of the system, arising out of suppression of chancre. The suppression of the chancre removes the primary manifestation from the glance, from the surface, and turns it inward. The progress of syphilis is also from the surface to the interior, from circumference to the centre, from the body to the mind and the cure will be from the centre to circumference, Ghatak, (1931). He has further mentioned that In case of suicidal mental, the tendency of suicide must go first. In case of a heart disease, the heart is relieved at once after administration of the medicine but some rheumatic or skin troubles should appear. The improvement must flow outward to the surface, even in case of improvement in mental condition.  Vijaykar (2006) has mentioned about laws of cure as per Hering’s principle: Cure takes place with symptoms disappearing from (i) above downwards, (ii) inside – outwards; (iii) centre (mind) to periphery (body) (iv) from more important to less important organs or system and (v) in the reverse order of the appearance of symptoms (if the problem has progressed from left to right, cure should be from right to left. Sankaran (2004) has said “The delusion of the syphilitic remedies is that they are faced with a situation that is beyond salvage, far beyond their capacity leading to complete hopelessness and despair. Syphilitic personalities have a strongly pessimistic view of life. They believe that it is impossible for them to modify what has already gone wrong. Their reactions are often violent and destructive.” Destruction and ulceration is caused by syphilis (bloody catarrh, ulcerative colitis, necrosis, psoriasis with cracks and bleeding, chancre (hard/soft), ulcer, lung abscess, emphysema, osteoarthritis, motor neuron disease: MND: leucoderma, leprosy, Parkinson disease, cancer, chronic or acute renal failures, gangrene, insanity etc., onset age: around 50 years to death, Vijayakar, (2006). There is another miasm known as “Tubercular”. Sankaran (2004) has said that tubercular lies between sycosis and syphilis. The situation is viewed as being oppressive, where one’s weakness is being exploited. There can be feeling of suffocation, being caught or trapped in the situation with no way out, being compressed, of the gap narrowing and in reaction one wants to break free, to get out, to escape. 

Homeopaths treat the patient, the sick man, and not the sickness. Psoric persons get attracted towards syphilitic/ sycotic women and vice versa. Thus psora is most dangerous, and must be treated homoeopathically. In large number of cases love marriage break up because mental of psora and other miasms are different. They have got attracted by their negative miasms. Mercurius Solubiles is a most powerful syphilitic medicine. It is also anti sycotic and anti psoric medicine. Single dose of proper potency is required to clear the ailment; it is not to be repeated. Mercurious people are sensitive to criticism (Aurum Met, Baryta-carb, Calc carb, Calc phos, Calc sulph, Carcinosinum, Nat. Mur, Nux vom, Puls, sepia, Sulph, Thuja, etc.) emotional conflict: between law abiding and destructive impulses, fearful, anxious, panicky ( Aconitum, Apis Mel, Arnica, Arsenic Alb, Carbo Veg,  Carc, Kali Carb, Nux Vom, Thuja, etc) revolting and anarchist. They are also having foul odor from mouth. They are sensitive to both heat and cold and are having suicidal and homicidal mental. They suffer from diarrhoea and dysentery as well. They become more restless and their sufferings increase (including bone pain) during night.

 Mental and physical health of young girls in our country is also not good. They suffer from leucorrhoea (gonorrhoea/syphilis), aversion to marriage, fear men, menses problem, including cessation of menses prematurely (syphilitic) etc. If burning pain in leucorrhoea is observed it is syphilitic. Even at the age of 10 years, they may start suffering from this disease.

5. Minds of psora, sycosis and syphilis

Lord Krishana (Shreemadbhaagvat Mahapuraan Part II) has mentioned about (i) the quality of goodness “satvagun” possessed by a human being: self control (sham), self restraint (dum), tolerance, wisdom, honest, kind, memory, contentment, faith, shyness, charity (benevolence), mildness, simplicity etc. These are the qualities of dominant psoric mind. The soul remains alert of a dominant psoric mind.
(ii) The passion of love and pleasure “Rajogun” possessed by a human being: desire, effort, pride, greed, arrogance, jesting, disunion, overwork, demanding, power, self appreciation, worshiping God, remains dreaming etc. These are qualities of dominant sycotic mind. Dr. praful Vijayakar (2006) has said, people who are born with predominance of growth tendency or sycotic predominance are the ones who have mental aptitude for progress. The Generals in army and heads of police or nations have to be sycotic if the nation has to progress.

(iii) The property of darkness “Tamogun” possessed by a human being: extreme anger, intolerance, extreme greed, violence, quarrelsome, sadness, sleepiness, uselessness (akarmanya), shamelessness etc. These mental can be observed in dominant syphilitic mind. The soul remains at deep sleep (sushupta avasthaa) of a dominant syphilitic mind. As a result, syphilitic people are found insensitive, blind courageous (motorcyclist without helmet, stunt men) and cruel, which can be seen in the behaviour of a rapist and terrorist. Courage with alert mind can be seen with psoric people.

6. Prevention of destructive mental before birth

It has been said that prevention is better than cure. Sankaran (1999) has observed “If the mother had a very intense state during the pregnancy, the child almost always has the same state. The feature was known to ancient people as they insisted on mother to remain happy and calm during pregnancy, because the child would also develop such features”.  He has further stated that the idea of roots further shows us why particular remedies are often indicated in particular nations. In England Stramonium (remedy) is very frequently indicated. Stramonium has prominent mental symptoms of “Terror” and “Praying”. He has mentioned that one possible reason for this could be the World War, which created a state of panic and terror in the whole country, and the root of this state was passed to a generation of the people who were born at this time. He has further mentioned that upbringing does not make roots, but the way is a person is brought up will excite a particular root. If one sibling, in case of a twins, is treated better than the other and both have jealousy roots, the root of one who is treated badly will get excited. Rapes, crimes, fights, violence, quarrel scenes dominate serials and Indian Cinema, viewing such scenes by pregnant women will have negative impact on the child. Beating of pregnant women by their alcoholic husbands is another cause of concern. If Government of Madhya Pradesh has started a course for pregnant women, it is a welcome move.     

7. Identifying destructive mental in the childhood and its cure

 Vijayakar (2006) has mentioned that in syphilitic persons the sense of right and wrong is abolished. As long as sycosis prevails, there is a fear of criticism, punishment, loss of prestige, which forces the sex exploiters to have control on lasciviousness or lewdness, which can be indirect and clandestine. But in syphilis there is no control. He has further mentioned that in syphilis, the man is not in control of his emotions but emotions control him. Most of the criminals who kill, murder, and massacre with or without remorse are made of syphilitic constitution.
In Shreemadbhagwat Mahapuran (Part II), Lord Krishna has said “Aatmno Gururaatmaiv Purushsaya Visheshtah”. Soul of a man guides the person about what is right and what is wrong for him. But the syphilis destroys this intellect of the human being. Stringent laws have been made for rape and murder cases. But the rate of murder and rape cases is increasing. The people who commit such crimes become blank (thought: soul at deep sleep)) at the time of committing the crimes because of the syphilitic mental as mentioned above. Life imprisonment to death sentence is must in all cases, but it is not a deterrent. Prevention, care from the parents and the individuals and sensitive police force can help in tackling the beasts from committing such crimes to some extent. Female must be suspicious (sycosis), and must not believe even their known friends/ boyfriends and must not take lift from them and do not participate in any party alone given by their friends. Carelessness and non-suspicious nature of the females at times put them in trouble.  But extreme suspicious nature is again syphilitic.

 Some basics are not being followed in the society because of openness (Mind: careless) in our culture on account of more attention on education and popularity of cinema and T.V. Devarshi Narad has said in Shreemadbhaagvat Mahaapuraana (Part I): 

“Nanvagnih Pramda Naam Ghreetkumbhsamh Puman
Sutaamapi Raho Jahyadanyda Yaavadurthkreet”  
"Women are like fire and men like pitchers full of Ghee (prepared from butter). One should not live alone even with his daughter. Whenever she is not alone father should remain with her, that too when any need arises". Such precautions can be taken by the Psoric mind only having full of care. Perverted acts by the father and other relatives are also the result of the careless attitude (Mind: Syphilitic). However perverted thoughts and actions have been influencing the minds since ancient period. Lord Brahmha too had been under the influence of perverted thoughts but after realizing his ill conceived thought he became so ashamed that he discarded his body. But darkness (perverted thoughts) emitted by his body spread on the earth (Shreemadbhaagvat Mahaapuraana Part I, 222). There is a long term solution in identifying destructive mental in the childhood and its cure by classical homeopathy. “the other song”1001, Peninsula Heights, C.D. Burfiwala Marg, Juhu Lane, Andheri (W) Mumbai-400058, Telephone number: 02242616666 is an integrated Homeopathic Clinic, where Training and Research Academy also exit. The academy is headed by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and supported by Homeopathic Research Charities and the World Institute of Sensation Homeopathy (WISH). At “the other song”, 30 high quality Homeopathic practitioners provide holistic patient care to the patients. They have identified/treated different kinds of children problems as told by their parents, which are as under:
‘My child does not listen.’
‘My child always watches television.’
‘My child always wants to eat junk food.’
‘My child does not study at all.’
‘My child has an inferiority complex.’
‘My child is often sick.’
‘My Child is very timid and fearful.’
‘My child does not share his toys.’
‘My Child is violent, destructive, disobedient, and obstinate.’

Proving of homeopathic medicines has been done on healthy persons. Physical and mental problems which occurred after repeated doses of the medicines were noted down for different provers. So, homeopathic medicines are available for above mental conditions and other physical conditions of the children/adult. So, it is the duty of the parents to consult a homeopath if they find any behaviour problem with their children and in this way the growth of rapist and terrorist can be minimised. For this purpose, a quality homeopath is required and training is must for all new homeopaths. Free training of one month duration is being imparted at “the other song” Mumbai to all new homeopaths. They are practically trained through live video (questioning of patient is done by Assistant Doctor for a few hours and then by a senior Doctor).  Doctors also give additional homeopathic medicines to the patients as reserve for use during any aggravation after consultation. From Mumbai, medicines are sent by Currier services every month for outside patients. A few specialised training courses, Certificate Course in Advance Homeopathy (6 months/two days a week) and Master course in “Comprehensive Training in Sensation Method” (6 months/240 days are also conducted there. In every state, a classical homeopathic training centre is required for providing one month basic training. But trainers should first attend such training “at the other song” Mumbai.    

I am giving one example of serious behaviour problem, which has been cured by homeopathic medicine. A three month male child developed very high fever in 1959/1960. Dr. Shishupal Ram, an eminent Child Specialist at Patna was consulted. High fever continued for more than four months during his treatment. Fever relapsed again, when he was one year old and the same physician was consulted. Again, fever continued for more than 3 months. My cousin brother, (NRI, Paediatrics, U.K.) had said that he was having encephalitis. His mental growth was restricted and his mind did not grow with his age. As he grew, he became obstinate (Natrum Mur) and violent (Natrum Mur). In the year 1976, Dr. K.K. Sinha, eminent Nero physician, Ranchi, Jharkhand was consulted. He prescribed Meleril/Thiaoril tablets for him and said that there is no permanent cure for such type of patients anywhere in the world. He said the medicine is more important than his food. The dose of medicine increased from 30 mg to 100 mg twice/thrice daily. But his problems went on increasing. He was restless, roaming here and there and was sleepless at night. He became more violent including sex and it was becoming difficult to keep him at home. In 2004 June, I was told about his condition over phone, when I was posted at Mumbai. It was difficult to select a medicine for him as everything has to be observed from his behaviour. I was told that he has been bearing so tight trouser that deep mark of lace was seen on his waist. In Synthesis repertory (1998/2011), Natrum Mur, was prescribed along with fluoric acid and nitric acid for tight cloths ameliorates (clothes loosening amel: Capsicum, Cofee, Mercurious. Nux Vomica and Sepia). Mind: obstinate Natrum Mur), violent (Nat Mur),  sex violent (Nat Mur) aversion mother (Nat. Mur., Scholton, 1993), desires sweets (Nat Mur), thirstless (Nat Mur) obesity (Nat Mur), taking into account all these symptoms single dose of Nat Mur-1M was given in the first week of June 2004. His improvement was noticed very fast and within one month his behaviour became normal. Nearly 5 months latter single dose of Nat Mur-200 was given. This medicine had been given for every three- four months till 2012. Thereafter 3 doses of Pulsatilla-30 and single dose of Silicea-30 was given for his acute illness. His mental condition has also improved much and he is leading  almost normal life.

8. Destructive mind/ disease and alcohol

Vijayakar (2006) has mentioned that some teenagers tend to become night creatures, sleeping during the day and freaking during night in discotheque (disco/club) with distortion of conscience and destruction of morality and perversion of sexuality. No work, no study- all play and all joy, happens to be their theme. They hate classical music and opt for breakdowns. They become addictive to alcohol and drugs. This is destructive syphilitic mental. It has been proved homoeopathically on human bodies that consumption of alcohol brings the following mental: religious mania, quarrelsome, shameless, cruelty, suicidal, homicidal, concentration difficult, studying difficult, dullness, laziness, want of moral feelings, prostration of mind, heedless (insensitive) etc. (Synthesis, 2011). Alcoholism is a destructive mental. Behaviour of alcoholic persons is known to everybody and it does not require any proving. Most of the crimes, including rapes and murder, are committed under the influence of alcohol. Alcoholic persons are known for rash driving and accidents have increased much. Within one month many people have been crushed to death at Patna by drunk truck and car drivers.  Michael Holmes, MD, research assistant professor in the department of Transplant Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (Google: 11th July 2014, Times of India) said that these new results were critically important to their understanding of how alcohol affects heart disease and contrary to what earlier reports had shown, it now appeared that any exposure to alcohol had a negative impact upon heart health. Researchers said that alcohol consumption & its effects are a major public health problem & the trend is "alarming" in India.  Aravind Pillai from Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University and colleagues observed (Google E.T. 6 August 2014)  In an alarming trend, the proportion of men in India who start to drink alcohol in their teens has surged more than threefold over the past few decades, a new study has warned. The trend is more likely among those living in urban areas and poorer households.

Alcohol consumption in Bihar has increased by leaps and bounds with the policy adopted by the earlier NDA Government. It was reported in Times of India, 30th March 2013, “According to the Bihar wines dealers’ association, 20,000 litres (2.5 crore) of foreign liquor were purchased in Patna on March 26 and March 28 with March 27 being officially a dry day”. Holi festival was celebrated in Bihar on 28th March 2013. Permission for opening of large number of liquor shops has been given even in rural areas (perhaps in every Gram Panchayat). Liquor shops have been also opened near educational institutions/ religious place but perhaps specific restricted distance has been maintained to avoid legal scrutiny. It has been reported in Prabhaat Khabar dated 06th July 2014 that Rs.725.30 crore have been collected as excise duty from sale of alcohol between April – June 2014, which is maximum contributory to the total collected revenue  of Rs. 3696.97 crore from other resources in Bihar in three months period. Alcoholic persons are known for spoiling peace in a family and women are the worst sufferer. Alcohol consumption will spoil the younger generation mentally and physically and will ruin the financial position of the household and increase the misery of the women and children. Family alcoholism (Synthesis 2011: hereditary) has been considered as a reason for destructive diseases coming to the next generation in homeopathy. Whether it is Nirbhaya rape and murder case or Indian Olympic Association official behaviour at recently concluded Common wealth Games at U.K. alcohol brings national shame to the country time and again. But it has got the support of political class all over the country (except Gujarat) as maximum revenue comes from sale of alcohol without much effort and also alcohol has become part of affluent family.   Characters of alcoholic persons are affected greatly.  Mahatama Gandhi had said “Sharaab shareer aur Aatma dono ka vinaash karti hai”. Dr. Constantine Hering, M.D. (U. S. A., 1883) and converted homeopath, had said that habitual drunkenness is ruin to individuals, a calamity to families and a serious loss to a nation. Mr. Barack H. Obama, Hon’ble President of USA, has said that alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana (Ganja). In Shreemadbhagavat Mahaapuran (Part II), it has been said “Yad Ghraanbhaksho Vihitah Surayaasathaa Pashoraalbhanam Na Hinsaa”. Even in Soutraamani Yagya, alcohol has to be smelt and must not be drink and animals should be touched only and not be sacrificed. After drinking alcohol “Yaduvamshi” (descendents of Yayati/Lord Krishana) fought among them and killed each other (Shreemadbhaagvat Mahaapuraan Part II,). In ‘Kuran Majid’ consumption of alcohol and gambling have been prohibited (Advice No.218).  

 Human beings are doing their best to destroy the most beautiful creature of the Almighty by their dirty and destructive acts.  My heartiest congratulation and high regards goes to Shri Oommen Chandi, Hon’ble C.M. and UDF government, Kerala for their thought on implementing total prohibition in the state in phased manner. Government should find ways to implement it after Apex Court judgement.    
9. Promoting and safeguarding religion

Lord Krishana said “Ahimsha Satyamastyeyamkaamkrodhlobhataa, Bhootpriyehitehaa Cha Dharmoayam Saarvvarnikah”.
There is a common religion for all the people to obey: They should not be involved in violence from his soul, speech and action, they should follow the path of truth, they should not be involved in stealing, they should safeguard themselves from lust, anger and greed, and they should follow the actions which are beneficial to all living creatures and keep them happy (Shreemadbhaagvat Mahaapuraana Part II). Whether these qualities are observed in so called promoter of any religion? We do not have control even on our children, who become antisocial, rapist, and terrorist and even discard and kill their parents. But we want to promote and safeguard the religion. Many youths have joined Maoist, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and other terrorist organisations against the wishes of their parents. Unnecessary controversy has been created about Sri Sai Baba. If people are worshiping Sri Sai Baba, it does not mean people do not worship Lord Ram, Lord Krishana, Lord Shiva and others. As God is present in each and every particle so throwing idols of Sri Sai Baba is disrespect to the Almighty. There is no need to safeguard any religion as all branches of religion are like Sunrays which come from a single source The Sun (“The Almighty”).

In Synthesis repertory (2011), it has been mentioned under section ‘Mind’ about various religious mental affections after taking the following medicines by healthy persons, these medicines can cure a diseased mind after taking into account other symptoms:

Religious affections: Arsenic Alb, Aurum Metallicum, Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Stramonium, Sulphur, Veratrum, Zinc Metallicum etc.

Too occupied with religion: in addition to above medicines: Alumina, Argentum nitricum, Graphite, Mercurious, Platina, Thuja etc. about 100 medicines have been given.

Children too occupied with religion: Arsenic Alb, Calcarea Carb, Carcinoma, Lachesis, Platina, Sepia, Stramonium and Sulphur. 

Wants to read the bible all the day: Calcarea Carb, Stramonium

Insanity religious: Some of the selected above medicines

Want of religious feeling: Anacardium, Lachesis, Lycopodium etc.

If children remain too occupied with their religion, this is not a good sign for their health and future as their main duty is to play and study. These young people are likely to fall prey in the hands of terrorists in name of serving the religion. For any illness of these people homeopaths should be consulted. They should be taught regarding moral values from religious books rather than promoting and safeguarding any religion in any school.
There is one mental symptom which comes under “too occupied with religion”: -horror of the opposite sex (hatred-women). Where ever terrorists are in control women are the worst sufferer. Cruelty (-loves to make people and animal suffer: Anacardium, Arsenic Album, Belladonna and Medorrhinum) and insensitivity are very prominent destructive mental (Syphilitic) possessed by the terrorists.
In Communists philosophy “Want of religious feeling” is very prominent (syphilitic) and this is also an extreme mental which may be found prominent with the Maoist terrorist group.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran (2004) has said “Disease is a restriction of vision. It is a narrow way of looking at things. Only awareness of this delusion can remove it, just as light removes the darkness. Disease disappears only with this awareness. The homeopathic remedy creates awareness of your delusion by putting you in touch with the original situation from which the delusion came.” Impact of homeopathic medicines may be visible in 30-40 years in the country if proper treatment is done.

10. Aversion mental prominent in the country

If we look out in every household affair, there is a declining trend in relationship between parents and children (adult), mother in laws and daughter in laws, daughter in laws and sister in laws and other family members in majority of households. Aversion with close relationship is a syphilitic mental. If aversion develops between husband and wife the depth of syphilitic mental is much more prominent, and services of homeopath should be taken to negate/ block the divorce and suicidal/ homicidal mental. Main reasons for developing such mental to an individual are having extreme selfishness and greed. 

There is one mental symptom in Synthesis repertory (2011): Aversion to members of family but talks pleasantly with others (syphilitic). It can be seen in many households that children do not listen to the advice of the parents but are influenced with the advice of outsiders. In large number of cases youths join terrorist groups without the knowledge of the parents. Eminent citizens of India got name, fame and money from this country. But their names come into limelight time and again due to controversial statements. These people did not bother for Mother India but are generous towards separatists. It is a fact that majority of Indians speak Hindi and it is not a foreign language. But there is no opposition in speaking English in assemblies but it is not the case with Hindi in a few assemblies. English is an International language, it is needed in India as well and acquiring knowledge is always good. Here again the same mental is prominent “Aversion to members of family but talks pleasantly with others.”Whenever need arises in any part of the country because of natural calamities (earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, floods, drought etc.), terrorist activities even outside India and spread of life threatening diseases, Indians come to the rescue of the affected people from the difficult situation. Ungrateful mental (Arsenic Album, Bryonia, Calcarea Carb, Causticum, China, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Natrum Mur, Nux Vomica, Platinum, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Staphysagriya and Tarentula)  is also very much prominent in the country. Dr. Prafull Vijayakar (2009) has mentioned about destruction of intelligence in Syphilitic people, they cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. Very often, controversial statements of political and religious leaders have been highlighted by the media which confirm that they cannot decide what is right and what is wrong. During parliament election rallies, political leaders talked about killing, beating and violence and tried to humiliate their opponents with insensitive comments, which will cause great harm to their health (mind and body) rather than to their opponents. All politicians can achieve much success in life after taking proper homeopathic treatment and serve the country in a much better way.

Dr. Y.C. Simhadri, Vice Chancellor, Patna University is trying his best to improve the learning environment in the campus and to retain the past glory of the University. But he is getting stiff opposition from political students. During the annual conference of Chhatra Samagam, which was  held at Patna on 11th August 2014, a student leader from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, threatened those trying to silence the voice of students would have to lose their eyes and fingers (Times of India, 12 August 2014). Politics in form of elections in colleges has transformed the temple of learning into house of dirty politics. All political parties may kindly consider in stopping political activities in educational institution in national interest. In all parts of the country we talk of violence and separation which shows that destructive mental is prominent and syphilis has affected the centre i.e. mind. This will affect greatly the future generations as well in terms of destructive diseases in more violent form. 

 11. Mind of a cheater and victim

Very often it is reported that people have been cheated by a fake company which promised high returns within much shorter period. Without proper inquiry, people handover their hard earned money to the mischievous (sycotic) person/ company.  In a few cases of rape, it is revealed to the police that the female has been raped on false assurance of getting marriage. Healthy psoric mind thinks that there should not be any physical relationship before marriage. In another case of cheating, after marriage the bride comes to know that the bridegroom is from another religion. She did not bother to do enough inquiry before marriage as she was having enough trust on her boyfriend. So who is at fault? Certainly the victim is, because of excess greed syphilitic persons have been cheated in all the three cases. Under similar circumstances young boys joins terrorist outfit in name of dreamy future. Here all these people could not decide what is right and what is wrong.  
12. Relationship with Pakistan and China

People all around the world have been watching helplessly increased terrorist activities/ genocide in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia and Libya etc. in name of establishing Islamic State. Simply these are all insane people. Zero tolerance (Mind: intolerant: Syphilitic) has been observed between Israel and Hamas group in Gaza which is leading to frequent genocide which will never solve any problem. Indian Muslims have to be complimented that extreme hatred does not exist between their different sects. Shri Sayed Ali Shah Geelani, and other Hurriyat Leaders and other political leaders from N.C. and P.D.F. in Jammu and Kashmir will never fit in the plans of highly ambitious ISIS type of terrorist outfit as they do not believe in democracy. The dictates given by ISIS in Iraq, horrible sufferings of women in Iraq, brutal murders of military and civilians in Iraq and Syria should be an eye opener for the political leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan disintegrated because of torture of their people by military from East Pakistan. Relationship even between different sects of Muslims (Shia, Sunni and Ahmadiyaa) in Pakistan has been deteriorating since long. Pakistani military (defeat and surrender of army during 1971 war) have developed extreme hatred against India as a result they will never like a united and strong India. Pakistani political leaders are not free to take independent decisions. So, Pakistani military will not like the solution of Jammu and Kashmir which is acceptable to India. Now what is happening in Pakistan? An elected government is being forced to resign because of extreme greed shown by a political party, a religious head and the army. But leaders from Jammu and Kashmir have extreme faith on leaders from Pakistan in solving Kashmir problems. Terrorism has never succeeded in the past and will never succeed in future also all around the globe. As Pakistan has been promoting terrorism in India, they have also suffered because of terrorism and will suffer in future. Extreme hatred developed against India in Pakistan since long is getting reflected in extreme hatred between different sects of Muslims. If a person is rough with others, his behaviour with his own family members would be also rough. The condition may be the same for the people of Kashmir as they have continuously preached hatred against India, which will affect their health greatly in form of developing serious ailments. No country should promote terrorist groups against any country as these groups will also fight against them, which has been observed today and in the past. Similar is the condition for China. During Chinese revolution and afterwards they have killed their own people mercilessly. The ruling people and military possess destructive mental. Even after illegal occupation of large Indian Territory their extreme greed has not gone down but increased further. Threatening mental (Hepar Sulph, Hyoscyamous, Lachesis, Platinum, Sramonium, Tarentula etc.) is very much prominent of Chinese leadership. So, India should not expect much from China as well. We have to follow the policy with Pakistan and China very carefully as their agenda is hidden.
 Extreme fear (destructive syphilitic mental) develops to those who live along the disturbed border areas and where natural calamities are prominent (cyclone/flood/earthquake/tornadoes prone areas), that is why parents/teachers should not do anything to create extreme fear among children.

In Shreemadbhaagvat Mahapuran, Part II, Shrishukdeoji said to Raja Pareechhit

“Dreeshtaaatamani Jaye Vyagraan Nripaana Hasati Bhurium

Aho Maa Vijigeeshanti Mrityoh Kreedankaa Nripaah”

The earth laughs, how much surprising it is that those kings who want to capture me do not know that they are just toys of death. But the merchants of death all over the world never realize this.   

13. Cure/relief from homeopathic medicines

Migraine pain: 1. A young girl (B.A. 1st year) of my native village (18 years) consulted me in March 2013. She has been suffering from violent migraine pain (drawing: Bryonia) at the vertex (as if hair were pulled: Sulph), pressure ameliorates (Bry, Sulph), pain aggravates/starts after anger (Bry), severe vertigo while in motion (Bry), very severe tingling in her face and teeth at the time of attack, occasional severe pain in lower abdomen (she used to take injection for it), constipation (hard stool: Bry, after 2 to 3 days), always sleepy etc. She was having dream of large snake and water. She has been under treatment of a Neuro physician at Patna for the last three years with almost no relief. She has been told that she has to take medicines regularly till 45 years of age. She has been prescribed 5 medicines a day. Cost of medicines was more than Rs. 1200 per month. Another Neuro physician was consulted, and after taking single dose of the medicine for migraine pain, she was losing control over her body without any relief. Symptoms: anxiety for money (Bry), hysterical (Bry), desire to be magnetised/held (Bry), her pain aggravates from anger, indignation and noise (Bry), she desires warm food (Bry), cold water (Bry). She has been taking homeopathic medicine since March 2013 with much relief. All medicines were stopped after start of homeopathic treatment. Initially, she was very much sensitive to homeopathic to medicines. After taking a few doses of Sulphur-12 (once in 15 days) and a single dose of Sulphur 30, she has been able to tolerate Bry 30 once in 25 days. She was violent (tearing her dress and throwing other things) and for this reason sulphur has been given. She was having problem during summer (Sun aggravates: Bry), winter (Bry), spring (Bry) and rainy season (Bry). She was obstinate (Bry) and loquacious (Bry). Now she is passing stool regularly. In terms of aggravation, prickly heat type eruptions with itching have been observed over her face and neck. Mouth ulcer at one place and a few red eruptions on sides of tongue have been observed. Now no tingling is observer over her face and teeth. It is hoped that she will recover fully from Bryonia.

Bryonia is a polychrest medicine and its use has been found very frequently in acute as well as chronic cases. In case of fever with or without chill, fever picks at 9 P.M. Bryonia people are diligent, irritable, business minded and warm blood. Its action is from right to left (right sided) and its problem aggravates from motion. In vertigo/giddiness it is very much useful if the problem aggravates from motion. It is psoric (++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (+) and tubercular (++) remedy (these signs for different miasms have been given in all cases on the basis of Dr. S. K.  Banerjea 2010). The signs +++, ++ and + stand for grade I, II and III respectively.   

2. A young girl of 8 years came to her maternal home in January 2013 for treatment. She has been suffering from pain in occiput (afternoon and evening: Sulph), vertigo (Sulph), pain in kneecap and thigh bone (left to right: Sulph). Symptoms: lean (Sulph), thirstless (Sulph), aversion sympathy (Sulph), dream of ghost (Sulph), desire sour and salty food (Sulph), desires ice cream (Sulph), activity desires (Sulph), carries of teeth (Sulph). She has been given a few does of Sulph-12 (once in 15 days) /30 (once in 55-60 days)/200 (once in 105 days). She has almost recovered from her all problems. Sulph-12 has been given first as she weak. Sulphur fever peaks at 8 PM. It is psoric (+++), sycotic (++),  syphilitic (+++) and tubercular (+++) remedy. It can be used in acute as well as chronic cases. It is also right sided. In case of very painful and large corns (chronic cases) of a woman from left to right soles, no relief was found from Lyc/ Bry but she is getting cured from Sulph 30, single dose, once in two months. 

3. One of my colleagues (Mumbai) phoned to me that he is not coming for his night duty as he is unwell. When I visited his residence at 9 P.M. he said that he is having severe headache after getting angry (Argentum Nitricum: nitrate of silver) with his youngest (adult) son. He further said that he fears paralytic attack. I gave him Arg Nit-30 single dose. He got relief within 15 minutes and next day he was having high fever since early morning. He slept whole day without taking any food. Next day he recovered completely. It is psoric (+++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (+++) and tubercular (+++) remedy and can be used in acute as well as chronic cases.      
Psoriasis and other skin diseases

4. A person of 50 years of my native village (December 2012) has been suffering from psoriasis (right to left leg) for the last few years and got not much relief from allopathic and other treatments. Other symptoms: diligent (Bry), summer aggravates (Bry), constipation (Bry) desires sweets (Bry) and warm food (Bry). He has been cured from Bryonia-30/ 200 after one year of medication.
5. A person (Engineer: relative) of 54 years of age (April 2012) has been suffering from Psoriasis since 2006 (cracks in right to left feet, heel and sole: Lycopodium), bleeding piles (Lyc), constipation (Lyc), discoloration of prepuce and glance: blck/blue. He had taken allopathic and homeopathic medicines with not much relief. Other symptoms: diligent (Lyc), thirstless Lyc), extreme anger (Lyc),  acidity (Lyc), obesity (Lyc), desires fried, warm food and hot drinks (Lyc), meat and fish (Lyc) and salty food (aversion sweets: Lyc), aversion cold drinks (Lyc), cold drinks and fried food aggravate (Lyc), winter and spring seasons aggravate (Lyc).  After one year treatment (Lyc-30, once in two months) he recovered from all problems. Problems of Lyc move from right to left side and is right sided remedy. It is psoric (+++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (++) and tubercular (+++) remedy. It can be used in acute as well as chronic cases.
6. A case of severe eczema of 58 years old person of my native village (October 2012) has been cured from Lycopodium 30 after one year treatment. His eczema spread from right to left leg. He was having diploma in pharmacy and enough medication has been done. His problems were increasing during summer (Lyc). Other symptoms: desires sweets (Lyc), warm food (Lyc), cold water aggravates during winter (Lyc), warm drinks ameliorate (Lyc), diligent (Lyc), very much religious (Lyc) but careless about his health (Lyc).
 7. Another case of eczema (left sided) of a person of 50 years (October 2012) has been cured form Pulsatilla 30/ 200.  Other Symptoms: aversion wife (Puls), sympathy desires (Puls), religious (Puls), desires cold food (Puls) and cold drink (Puls), dream of snake (dream of animal: Puls) biting, head high ameliorates (Puls), thirst normal. Puls is a left sided remedy. Fever peaks at 2 P.M. It is anti psoric and anti sycotic remedy. It is psoric (++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (+) and tubercular (++) remedy. It can be used in acute as well as chronic cases. 

Diabetes Mellitus

 8. A person of my native village consulted me in March 2012 (43 years age). He has been suffering from diabetes from the age of 36. He was having pain in right hand and suffering from vertigo. He was practicing allopath (reading medical books: Calc Carb, Nux Vom, Pulsatilla, Sulph). Other symptoms: Sympathy ameliorates (Puls), desires company (Puls), thirstless (Puls), desires cold food and cold drinks (Puls), rice aggravates (Puls), desires sour (Puls), Sun aggravates (Puls) and summer/winter aggravates (Puls), dream of snake (Puls), narrow place (Puls), fear ghost (Puls). He was having vertigo and pain in right hand. Even after taking allopathic medicines his blood sugar was not coming down. After taking Puls 30/200 his blood sugar has become normal after taking allopathic medicine. Pains in right hand and vertigo have been cured. His blood sugar is likely to be cured from Puls. Puls can also cure hyper tension. Its fever peaks at 2 P.M.

 9. A woman of my native village (38 years: June 2013) has been suffering from pain in sole, ankle, knee, chest and shoulder in the left side and pain in right thumb and joints. She was also suffering from diabetes (Sulphur) from the age of 34 years. Other symptoms: vertigo accompanied by vomiting (Sulph), vertigo when riding in a carriage (car/train: Sulph), constipation (hard stool: Sulph), enlargement of liver (Sulph), and acidity (Sulph), dream of snake (Sulphur) biting and ghost (Sulph), involuntary urination during cough and sneezing (Sulph), sleeplessness before midnight (Sulph) and waking frequently after midnight (Sulph) and feeling motion immediately after waking up (Sulph). She has been taking Sulph-30, once in two months and she has been recovering in all respect (no vertigo and improvement in involuntary urination) and her blood sugar is under control even without taking allopathic medicines. It is a left sided remedy. It can also cure arteriosclerosis (ossification arteries: Arnica, Arsenic Alb, Aurum Met., Calc Carb, Iodum, Kali iodide, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Silicea etc. Synthesis: 2011).

10. My friend and colleague (residing at Gajiyabad after retirement: 72 years: January 2012) has been suffering from (i) diabetes for more than 15 years (Nat. Mur.) and blood sugar was not coming down from allopathic medicines (ii) burning pain in the back (left side: Nat. Mur) where herpes (syphilitic) eruptions were present, (iii) weakness more in left legs (Nat. Mur), (iv) lying on back aggravates (Nat. Mur.). Other symptoms: sympathy aggravates (Nat. Mur.), winter and summer aggravates (Nat. Mur.), and Sun aggravates (Nat. Mur.). Excess salivation (Nat. Mur.), desires meat, fish and chicken (Nat. Mur.), dream: residing in a slum. He was having cleanness mania (Nat. Mur.) which was reflected in his dream. As he was very much weak, he has been advised to take Nat. Mur. 30x, 4 tablets once in 15 days. After taking a few doses his blood sugar came down to such a level which was never realised earlier. He was relieved from burning pain, which was persisting after cure of herpes. His weakness improved and he went to Vaishnav Devi. Nat Mur is a left sided remedy. Laziness and aversion to husband/family/marriage (Lyc, Sepia, Kali carb, etc.) are important mental of this remedy. It is to be given only in chronic cases (Banerjea, 2010). Nat Mur fever peaks at 10 A.M., 11 A.M. or between 10-11 A.M. It can cure hyper tension also.  

Joints pain 

11. A young woman (35 years: B.A.) of my native village consulted me in March 2012. She was having pain in right leg up to thigh and finger joints in both hands (Lyc). Others symptoms: consolation aggravates (Lyc), industrious (Lyc), anger extreme (Lyc), obstinate (Lyc), desires company (Lyc), thirstless (Lyc), desired salty food (aversion sweets: Lyc), pain aggravates during night (Lyc), desires fish, warm food, cold drinks (Lyc), summer and Sun aggravates (Lyc), dream of snake (Lyc) sometimes biting. She starts crying during sleep from fear of snake biting. Lycopodium 30 once in two months cured her in one year treatment. Generally, 30 potency remedy is required for persons living in villages for cure of their diseases.
12. A young woman (27 years, August 2012) consulted me (of my native village) for severe pain in all joints, pain in sternum, severe vertigo (motion aggravates Bry, Calc-phos), burning pains in palm (Bry, Calc, Phos) and soles (Calc, Phos). Other symptoms: white and thick leucorrhoea (Calc-phos), pain increases during cold and wet weather (Bry, Calc-phos), pain aggravates during evening (Bry, Cal-phos), dream of ghost (fear ghost: Calc, Phos), robbers (Calc-phos) and snake (Phos), working in water aggravates (Bry, Calc-phos), darkness before eyes while seeing downwards, thirstless (Bry, Calc-phos), desires warm food (Bry, Calc), milk (Bry, Calc-phos) and sweets (Bry, Calc-phos) lying on left ameliorates (Bry) and on right aggravates (Bry, Calc), anger, irritation (Bry, Calc-phos) diligent (occupation ameliorates: Bry, Calc, Calc-phos)) aversion family members (Calc, Phos), fear in darkness (Calc-phos), movement fast, fruit aggravates (Bry, Calc-phos), cold bathing aggravates (Bry, Calc), tingling in palm ( Calc-phos: right hand), carefulness (Bry, Calc). She has been prescribed Bry-30 (once in 25 days)/200 (once in 75 days). She recovered well initially but after taking the medicine for one year, vertigo was not getting fully cured. On third consultation I inquired about travelling desire (Bry, Calc-phos.) then she told me that she has a dream of flying to different religious places locally: Rajgrih, Barabar etc. I told her to take Nux Vomica-30 single dose in the evening and next day morning Calc phos-30X, 4 tablets once in 15 days. She recovered fully from Calc–phos 30X. I have observed that Calc- phos is also inimical after Bry like Calc Carb. It is psoric (+++), sycotic (+), syphilitic (++ third stage: destruction starts) and tubercular (+++) remedy. It can be used in acute as well as chronic cases. It is left as well as right sided medicine (Vijaykar 2006) 

13. A 69 years old person (lean; Calc-phos)) consulted me in the 1st week of March 2013. He has been suffering from knee pain (right to left) for the last 11 years. He has been also suffering from severe itching from chest to throat (more during night). Nearly 25 years back numbness (Calc, Calc-phos, phos) developed in his right hand and within a few months his all fingers in the right hand folded. Other symptoms: Sympathetic (Calc, Calc-phos, Phos), diligent (Occupation ameliorates Calc, Cal-phos), quiet disposition (Calc), fear ghost (Calc, Phos) and quarrel (mild: Calc, Phos) , sleeplessness almost whole night from complaints (itching: Calc, Phos), desires warm (Calc) and salty food (Calc, Calc-phos, Phos), cold drink (Calc, Calc-phos, Phos) milk (Calc, Cal-phos, Phos), flour(Calc), winter (Calc, Calc-Phos and Phos) and summer (Calc, Phos) aggravates, rainy season ameliorates, chilly patient (Calc, Calc-Phos, Phos), motion aggravates (phos). He was taking Aayurvedic medicines since long without much relief, which has been stopped. As he was week, Calc-phos 30X has been prescribed 4 tablets once in 15 days. He almost recovered from his ailments after six months and surprisingly his fingers became straight and movable and sensation came in his right palm. After first consultation he did not consult me. His native village is located nearby my native village.   

Goitre and fatty tumour

14. A woman of 45 years age (Matriculate) of my native village consulted me in the last week of March 2012 for choking of throat (constriction of food pipe) while eating (Nux Vomica). She was having goitre (Nux vom) in the right side. Other symptoms: lean (Nux Vom), vertigo after arising from a seat (Nux vom), palpitation from excitement/anxiety for others (Nux Vom), lying on right side aggravates (Nux Vom: suffocation), lying on left side ameliorates ( Nux Vom), desires chapatti (Nux Vom: fried food), desires spicy food (Nux Vom), milk (Nux Vom), sweet (Nux Vom), aversion sour (Nux Vom), spices and  black pepper aggravates (Nux Vom),  winter aggravates (Nux Vom), cold/cough at least once in a month (Nux Vom), mild (Nux Vom), desires company (Nux Vom), weeping tendency (Nux Vom). She has been prescribed Nux vom-30 in the evening single dose once in 25 days. She recovered from her illness within one year including goitre (hyper thyroid) with Nux Vom-30 only.

 Chronic cold/cough/fever

15. A 21 years young person (Graduate) of my native village consulted me in March 2014. He has been suffering from severe cold for the last 3-4 years. Watery discharge and sneezing had been observed since early morning and it was continuing till mid day. Again cold started in the evening and from 2 A.M. nose remained blocked till morning, sleeplessness after 2-3 A.M. He was very irritable. Nux Vom-30/200 (once in 70 days) has been prescribed. Now he has almost recovered. In terms of aggravation, sometimes he is getting fever.  
Nux Vom: It is the greatest of polychrests and is pre-eminently a male remedy. The typical Nux-vom patient is found chilly, rather thin, quick, active, nervous, ugly (mind) and irritable (Boericke: 2010). Morison (1993) has said that Nux Vom patient is impatient, ambitious, easily offended, competitive and workaholic. Satyavarta (1991) has mentioned that Nux Vom patient cannot tolerate any obstruction on his way. These people are very successful scientists, physicians, advocates, businessmen and politicians. They can influence any person for their work and get it completed. Sleeplessness between 3-5 A.M (Sankaran, 1997) is very prominent. Nux Vom can cure hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia (Aurum Met, Calc Carb, Calc Flor, Chelidonium,Thuja etc.), hernia, constipation and diarrhoea etc. Spasm and cramping are very much prominent (Dr. Roger Morrison: 1993). Other symptoms: anxiety for others, anxiety for money, fear opinion of others, homesickness (sentimental, romantic, aversion travel), panicky, sympathetic, Sun aggravates, spices aggravate, after breakfast aggravates, all seasons aggravates (spring, summer, rainy, autumn, winter). Full moon, new moon, waxing moon and waning moon aggravate. Time of aggravation in case of fever: 6 to 7 A.M., 11 and 12 M, 4, 5, 6 P.M.; 7 to 9 PM, fever without chill at 6 or 7 P.M. (Allen: 1998). General aggravation: 2 to 11 A.M. (Synthesis 2011). It is psoric (+++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (+) and tubercular (++) remedy. It is left as well as right sided remedy (Vijaykar). Nux Vom 30/200 has helped in improving platelet count (thrombocytopenia) from 96000 to 1,99,000  within two months to a patient of 63 years age.             
 16. A person of 47 years of age (husband of the above woman) consulted me for a fatty tumour on the right side of neck and having chill between 4 to 8 P.M. (Lyc). He liked salty food (aversion sweets Lyc) and his problems aggravate during winter. I did not inquire much as Lyc was apparent from his aggravation between 4 and 8 P.M. He has been prescribed Nux Vom-30 in the evening single dose and Lyc-30 in the morning single dose once in 45 days. Sngle dose of Nux Vom-30 has been also suggested before taking Lyc-30 again after 45 days. After some time, Lyc-30 has been suggested once in 60 days. His fatty tumour also dissolved with no chill in the evening. Lyc is a polychrest medicine. Its fever peaks at 7 P.M. and its problem aggravates between 4-8 P.M. It has cured e-coli to another patient (religious insanity: Lyc and evening fever) from 30/200 potency

Urination problem 

17. I met my close friend (nearby village) in February 2010 (58 Years). He told me that he had met a serious accident nearly 12 years back due to collision of an auto rickshaw and a truck at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. After that accident his urination problem started.  Flow of urine becomes thinner and thinner after20-25 days. After that he has been advised to insert thermometer in the urethra every month. He was doing this for the last 8 years. He has been told at Vellore hospital, Tamil Nadu that even after operation his problem may not go. Symptoms: chronic ailments from Injury (Carbo Vegetablis), sneezing (dry) after taking food (Carbo veg), overeating aggravates (Carbo Veg), warm blood (Carbo Veg), Sun aggravates (Carbo veg), thirstless (Carb Vez), laziness (Carb Veg), desires tragedy pictures (sadness ameliorates: Sulph, Carbo Veg). He has been prescribed Carbo Veg 30 single dose once in two months. After taking 3rd dose of the medicine his urination flow became normal by the end of 2010. After getting cured he told me that he was so fed up with the urination problem that sometimes he thought of committing suicide. It is psoric (++), sycotic (+), syphilitic (++) and tubercular (+++) remedy.

18. A person of 85 years of age (March 2012) of my native village has been taking treatment from me for the last few years for frequent, scanty, painful and delayed urination during night. Flow of urine was becoming thinner and thinner for which he used to take allopathic medicine once in a weak then every third day for improving the flow. He was having pain in left knee (Lyc) and right shoulder (Lyc). Other symptoms: Jesting (Lyc), loquacity (Lyc), abusive (Lyc), desires sweets (Lyc), fear of death (Lyc), old people (Lyc). He has been given Lyc-12 single dose once in 15-30 days or when the need arises. The case has been managed by Lyc-12 for the last 3-4 years.  One burn injury from silencer of a motorcycle in the right leg was not getting cured for the last few months even after taking injection. For burns he has been given single dose of Merc. Sol-30 in January 2013. Within one month his wound dried up and his urination problem was also cured. Merc Sol is psoric (+++), sycotic (++), syphilitic (+++) and tubercular (+++) medicine. One of my colleagues was having similar urination problem for which he has to visit Nanavati Hospital Mumbai for dilatation of urethra. He has been cured from Sulph-30.     

Children’s problem 

19. A 3 months old baby of my native village was vomiting immediately after taking mother’s milk. Physician has been consulted but on relief was observed. I have been told that child is not chilly as she does not weep while taking bath (desire for cold bathing Natrum Mur). One tablet of Natrum Mur-30X has been advised once in 15 days. After first dose the child did not vomit. No medicine was given after 2nd dose. More than 2 years has passed the child is in good health.

20. A one year old child of my native village started weeping while passing urine. One drop of Lyc-30 (pain during urination Lyc) has been put in half cup of water and one teaspoonful has been given to the child. The child was cured from the single dose.

21. A 3 years old boy of my native village was not taking any food other than milk (aversion food: Natrum Mur) as such his health was poor. He was sleeping during night with her grandmother only. He was taking cold bath. He has been given Nat Mur-30X, one tablet once in 15 days. The child started eating after the 1st dose. Five to six months medicine has been give. Now he is taking normal food. I used this medicine as I had gone through Scholten (1993) book a few years ago. He has mentioned “Nat. Mur. could be needed for mothers who are strict and cold, who feel that it is bad to spoil their children. They are ones who leave the children alone with their grief, leave them to cry. The children shut themselves off from outside world, so these children will get into a Nat-m state. He has further mentioned “a few years ago some tests were done with young monkeys who grew up without a mother. They could choose between a hairy artificial mother and a metal artificial mother with bottled milk. They choose the hairy mother and only briefly went to the metal mother to drink. These monkeys when they themselves became mothers rejected their young”. He has used nat-m for the child in an incubator; the incubator creates a typical Nat. Mur. situation. The mother is absent and but physical care is present and lacking warmth and love. So, aversion mother and aversion children are both prominent mental of Nat. Mur. Banerjea (2010) has mentioned that Nat Mur is a chronic medicine and should not be used in acute conditions as it complicates the case. It is psoric (+++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (++) and tubercular (++).  

 Case of insanity and homeopathic aggravation

22. A 60 years woman (2006) had been affected mentally when she lost money. Psychiatric has been consulted but her health started decreasing fast. She had no appetite for food and was keeping mum. She was viewing a man standing at a little distance bearing black dress. She was also viewing black cats. After a few months treatment I had been informed about her condition over phone at Mumbai. For two mental symptoms anxiety for money and insanity in woman single dose of pulsatilla-30 has been advised. After taking the medicine a big boil developed in her left thigh but her mental condition became normal. But she developed no fever. Single dose of Nat Mur-30X (four tablets) has been advised. Within a day the boil started leaking and all pus came out gradually. After another dose of the medicine, after 15 days, she recovered fully. The medicine had been repeated for two to three months. Thereafter single dose of Nat Mur-30 has been advised once in 45-50 days. She was having not much affection with her children. But after taking Nat Mur-30, she developed so much affection with her married daughter that she could not live without making a phone call daily to her. Her daughter was telling that I got my mother at old age.

While taking homeopathic medicines, aggravation like cold, cough, fever, pain, diarrhoea, nausea,   vomiting, skin eruptions (boils, ringworm, scabies, measles etc.) take place. If homeopathic medicine has been selected correctly aggravation remains bearable and no additional medicine is required and the aggravation subsides gradually. However, if required any complementary or low potency of the same medicine can be given. Paracetamol in case of pain or fever and sugar (1 teaspoonful)-salt (very little amount) water solution (in one glass) in case of diarrhoea and vomiting can be also taken. After taking antibiotic, steroid or anti allergic medicines the effect of homeopathic medicines is suppressed and negated. Proper trained classical homeopath is required to select proper medicine of proper potency and after care during aggravation.
 High fever with chill and restlessness

23. My wife (60 years: Reader) fell sick in 4th week of August 2012. She was having high fever (up to 102.5ᵒF) with chill. She was having acute thirst. At that time I went to Mumbai for some personal work. I advised her to consult any renowned physician at Patna. The doctor said it was viral fever and prescribed medicines for three days. After taking medicines fever came down but dry cough aggravated much. She became very much restless and had no appetite and sleep as well. After completion of the course fever again shoot up. Nothing significant came out in pathological test and the doctor prescribed high dose of the same medicine. She was afraid to take the medicine as it would further aggravate existing symptoms. When I enquired from her about the timing of fever on the first day, she told me that it started from 1200 IST and at 1400 IST it was 102.5ᵒF. She was so unwell that she could not measure the fever earlier. After taking paracetamol fever came down but again from mid night to 0200 A.M. fever was observed as 102.5ᵒF. While taking over phone she was getting irritated. She is having cleanness mania. Arsenic Alb fever peaks at 1 P.M. and 1 A.M. with restlessness and irritable mind with acute thirst or thirstless. I told her to take Ars Alb-30 single dose. She took the medicine early morning and within few hours she felt better took her breakfast and the fever disappeared. The medicine is not repeated and after 45-60 days any complementary medicine may be taken for any other problem if it is present. In terms of aggravation she was having cold with sneezing after a few days and dry cough gradually subsided. Ars. Alb. can be used in acute as well as chronic cases. It is psoric (+++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (+) and tubercular (++) remedy.
 High fever with chill

24. A 52 years (April 2014) old person was feeling chill after 06 P.M. and at 10 P.M. his fever was observed as 100ᵒF. Paracetamol was given even then fever rose to 102ᵒF at 11 P.M. He was having thirst during the fever. Silicea aggravates at 11 P.M. (General aggravation, Synthesis, 2011). For Silicea, fever with chill aggravates from mid night to 8 A.M. and 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. and fever without chill from 12 to 1 P.M. (Dr. H. C. Allen, 1998). Third dose of Pulsatilla 30 has been given to him one and half month back. It has been said that Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla. He had been given Silicea-30 single dose next day morning. Fever rose to 102.5ᵒF between 1-2 P.M. and after that fever became normal from evening. It is psoric (++), sycotic (++), syphilitic (+++) and tubercular (+++). It is used in chronic cases but it is not to be given as the first remedy.

Pain persisting after Injury

25. One of my colleagues (45 Years: Meteorological office CSI Airport Mumbai) developed fracture in his right hand (below elbow) after a fall. After allopathic treatment at Nanavati Hospital Mumbai, he recovered fully but he was feeling severe pain even after slight movement of his hand. He was visiting the Hospital daily for doing physiotherapy treatment, which was very much painful. He was a chilly patient. I gave him single dose of Calc. Carb - CM and he got immediate relief and recovered fully within one month. Calc Carb is psoric (+++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (++) and tubercular (+++) medicine. It is a chronic medicine. Another colleague from Goa had suffered injury in his right leg after motorcycle accident. He has been suffering from pain for the 10 years even after much treatment. He was also limping. Single dose of Arnica Mont -200 cured him fully within one month. Arnica is psoric (++), sycotic (+++), syphilitic (++) and tubercular (++). But it can be used in acute as well as chronic cases.   
14. Treatment of animals by homeopathy

Homeopathic medicines are equally effective to animals and can cure incurable diseases.  Whether the animal is (i) fat (obesity) or thin, (ii) warm blooded (Buffalo and Jersey cow) or cold blooded (general cow) and (iii) gentle or offensive (desire to strike) (v) problems aggravate during the day or night? Problem is left sided or right sided, these aspects are examined. In viral Degnala disease, wound affects the foot, and tail. Then it progresses to whole leg, and mouth (tongue). Flesh starts decaying (rotting), worms develop in the wound and continuous bleeding starts and animal becomes thinner and thinner. They refuse to eat and cannot stand up. Due to decay, some portion of tail falls out first. The same thing happens to leg and tongue. There is no cure for this disease in veterinary treatment as told by a few veterinary doctors. After some time the animal dies after worst sufferings.

A female buffalo at my native village has been affected by Degnala. After one month the condition of our buffalo, in February - March 2012, became worst after veterinary treatment. Firstly I gave Pyrogen 200 on 14th March 2012 but no improvement was noticed. It is a syphilitic disease and is like gangrene (Arsenic Alb, Calc carb,  Carbo animal, Carbo Veg., Phosphorus, Silicea etc. : Synthesis 2011). The disease progressed from right to left. Whole right leg was affected, the wound was bleeding continuous and large amount of worms were present in the wound. The wounds were washed daily with warm water boiled with neem leaves. Her tail was affected. The buffalo was very much restless, so I gave Arsenic-30 on 20th March but after amelioration, condition again deteriorated. Then Silecea-200 was given on 26th March but after improvement her condition deteriorated fast. She was lying by spreading her four legs and she was keeping her head outside veranda for cooling even when her body was cold. Then I realised it is a symptom of Carbo Veg and I gave Carbo Veg 200 on 1st April 2012 and improvement noticed. Another dose of the same medicine was given after 6 hours.  She started eating and her body became warm. In case of human beings, collapse condition with coldness, sweating, pale face, feeble pulse, cold tongue, cold breadth, cyanosis needing oxygen, wants to be fanned,  Mathur (1997), Cabo Veg comes as a life saver.
After three months another dose was given. Her half tail came out. Wound in right leg was not drying up even after 3rd dose. Then Carbo Veg - 1M was given in November 2012. After one month she recovered fully. When ‘Degnala’ affected her, she was pregnant. After 1st dose of the medicine she delivered a dead calf in last week of June 2012. She again became pregnant and a healthy calf was born in July-August 2013. After delivery uterus came out, for which single dose of Lyc-30 (one drop on a half piece of bread (Chapati) was given and she recovered fast.  She has been giving 10 kg milk daily and a person of my village purchased the buffalo by paying Rs 26,000 even after knowing that she has been affected by the disease. In two other cases, one buffalo has been cured by single dose of Carvo Veg-30 and another by Silicea-30. In the beginning if medicine is given recovery is fast. Swelling and bleeding of nipple and bleeding for cows/ buffalo, have been cured by single dose of Calc Carb 200.
A fair colour young dog has been affected greatly by hair fall and skin was fully seen almost in the whole body. Single dose of Silicea-200 cleared the case. Homeopathy can be very much useful in all types of animal diseases.

15. Importance of charity work

Houses, buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, religious places, offices, factories, roads, irrigation projects, mines, services in agriculture sector/ household works/ hotels/transport, etc. are needed for growth of all human beings and the country. Without the contribution of the labour force in these sectors, growth of an individual and the country is not possible. They are the creators of developments in all the fields. By paying wages/ salaries to the poor people their contribution can never be compensated. Whatever we earn by doing services or business etc., contribution of the poor people is a part of our wealth. All rich people (including political class), who are not involved in charity work, should come forward in doing charity work for the poor people. Many people are involved in charity works but it is not sufficient. All capable MLAs and MPs may fixed at least a sum of Rs 10 lakh in a nationalised bank and interest received annually may be spent on the improving the infrastructure for the poor people in their constituencies e.g. providing monthly scholarship @ Rs.200-Rs.250 each to the poor students including girls who are good at study from a few schools of their constituency. This will help in improving relationship between rich and poor. Lord Ram has said to ‘Jatayu’ (Ramcharit Maanas: Goswaami Tulsidas) 
            “Parhit bus jinhke man mahin, tinh kahum jag durlav katchhu naahi

                   Tanu taji taat jaahu mam dhaama, deum kaah tumh poorankaamaa”.      
Homeopathic medicines are also required for more sympathetic, sensitive and responsible attitude.

16. Comparison of psora, sycosis and syphilis: GhataK (1931) has mentioned 1. Psora makes the mind over active, sycosis mal-active and syphilis under-active, Psora is quick, sycosis is bad and syphilis is slow. Psora is intelligent, sycosis is mischievous and syphilis is idiotic. 2. Psora is full of anxiety and want of anxiety in any given case indicates that it is not psora. 3. Sycotics are aggravated by change in atmospheric temperature. Increase in mental irritability and increase in urinary calls occur on the approach of rain and storm as a result sycotics are called as “Living Barometer”. Syphilis may have intolerance of both heat and cold, or at times it may have an intolerance of heat only. Agrawal (1995) has mentioned 4. Impatience is psoric, hurried is sycotic and despair is syphilitic. 5. Courageous is psoric, rashness is sycotic and audacity (willing to take bold risks) is syphilitic. 6. Anger in psora is just annoyance, in sycosis anger is with expression, e.g. shouting, hitting the table with a fist; in syphilis it is fury or rage. 7. A slow pulse can be classified as psoric, a rapid pulse as sycotic and an irregular one as syphilitic. 8. Psora is a perturbation (disturbance/deficiency) of nutrition, sycosis compels it to debris (excess) which should be eliminated, and syphilis causes it to degenerate. 9. The psoric complaints are generally worse from mid night till midday excepting the headache which rise and wane with the Sun. A sycotic patient is always worse from sunrise to sunset, irritable during the cloudy weather. Syphilitic complaints aggravated in the bed at night which continue till morning. 10. Syphilitic says keep me cool; psoric says keep me warm and sycotic, keep me dry. 11. Psora is oversensitive physically and mentally, sycosis is sensitive like a barometer, while syphilis is decidedly weaker in sensation than either of them. 12. In sexual sphere, erections incomplete, short or wanting are psoric, frequent or strong erections are sycotic and erections troublesome, painful or without sexual desire are syphilitic. 13. Constipation is primarily psoric, diarrhoea is sycotic and dysentery and obstinate constipation for years together are syphilitic. Hereditary syphilitic trouble in children sometimes produces a watery discharge that almost completely drains the system of vital fluids and unless promptly corrected death ensues. 14. Blue, the coldest colour represents psora, yellow and black (Dr Prafull Vijayakar 2006) represent sycosis and red indicating the destructiveness of fire represents syphilis. 15. Psoric patients crave for sweets, fried and sour things, syphilis for sweets, salty food and alcoholic drinks whereas sycotics for beer. 16. Psoric prefers warm or hot food and warm drinks; sycotic wants the food either hot or cold, and syphilitic and tubercular wants cold food. 17. Psoric patients crave for meat, syphilitics are averse to meat and sycotics are aggravated by meat as it stimulates their gouty diathesis. Meat also arouses latent psora. 18. The loquacity of psora, momentary forgetfulness of sycosis and silence of syphilis are great characteristics. 18. Vijaykar (2006) has mentioned different types of dreams for psoric, sycotic and syphilitic persons: dreams of daily activities (cooking, fishing, home, music etc.), dreams of efforts (ascending a height, aspiring, failure, train-trying to catch etc.), dreams associated with emotions (affectionate, emotional, grief etc.) and any dreams of anxiety or pleasant dreams come under psoric dreams. Dreams of collection, gatherings, construction, business, money etc, frightful dreams, emotion related dreams (danger, of death, embarrassment, jealous, job related, political etc.) and dreams related with concealing come under sycotic dreams. Dreams of accidents (explosion, crash of plane, fatal etc.), destruction dreams (bitten, bloodshed, body parts burning, bruising himself, churchyard, cruelty, funerals, violence, ghosts etc), perverted dreams (women married to many), dreams of wild animals (birds, snakes, wasps etc.) and clairvoyant dreams (events – future, Prophetic etc) come under syphilitic dreams. 
17. Impact of gravitational force of the Moon on human mind and body
In the beginning of 20th century Boger (1988: 1861-1935, a German scholar, pharmacist, physician and a homeopath) had stated that The Hindus, in the vast country of India have been recognizing the influence of the Moon in various morbid conditions. They have not only discovered the importance of the New Moon and the Full Moon in certain disease (such as convulsion, epilepsy, asthma, arthritis, rheumatism, orchitis, hydrocele, filariosis and insanity), but have also discovered the unique importance of “Ekadasi” or the 11th day of the New Moon or the Full Moon as being critical periods tending to aggravate a fair number of diseases. Boger had also observed aggravation of certain diseases during 1st quarter (8th day of the waxing period: S-8), Full Moon (S-15), last quarter (8th day of the waning period: K-8) and the New Moon (K-15). Boger (1988) has stated that our Master Samuel Hahnemann was the first person to recognize the importance of lunar influence in a fair number of diseases during the New Moon and the Full Moon.

High or low Ocean tides exhibit the intensity of lunar gravitational force on a particular day. Moon’s gravitational influence on Ocean tides is visible during its different phases. PNP Maritime Services Private Limited, Mumbai has been reproducing Arabian Sea tide’s table for the port of Mumbai (Apollo Bunder), which have been prepared by Survey of India (Government of India). After analysing tide’s table data for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, it has been observed that values of both high tides (two high waters and two low waters each day) start decreasing normally from 3rdor 4th or 5th lunar day, continue decreasing till 8th or 9th day (minimum), again start increasing from 10th or 11th lunar day onwards and continue increasing till 15th (full moon/ new moon) to 3rd lunar day (maximum) of waning and waxing period of the lunar month (15 days each of Krishana Paksha and Shukla Paksha of Hindu calendar). It has been observed that physical and mental problems aggravate on 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th and 15th lunar days of both fortnights as human body contains maximum amount of water. When gravitational force of the moon starts decreasing from 4th or 5th onwards after reaching maximum and again starts increasing from 10th or 11th onwards after reaching minimum human mind and body get affected. Change of weather and season affects human body similarly change of intensity in gravitational force also affects human mind and body. Also when gravitational force reaches minimum on 8th or 9th lunar day and reaches maximum on full moon/ new moon onwards up to 3rd lunar day human mind and body get affected. Conditions on the day of minimum or maximum gravitational force of the moon on human body are similar to peak winter or peak summer conditions. Psoric persons suffer from cold, cough, fever, anger (psoric) etc., sycotic persons from irritation, diarrhoea, filarial problems, sciatica pains, joint pains, etc. and syphilitic persons from heart attack, paralysis, suicidal, homicidal mental on the aforesaid lunar days.

Rise of Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble AAP leader, during 2013 assembly election in Delhi, may be considered as mini revolution. But he resigned as C.M. of Delhi and has accepted that he made a mistake in resigning from the post. He fell sick (diarrhoea and high fever, 102ᵒF, during winter season: winter aggravates) on 29th December 2013 (as per news paper/ electronic media report) it was 12th lunar day of the waning period (K-12 Krishana Paksha). On this day both high tides of Arabian Sea started increasing. He might be feeling unwell on 28th December (11th Ekadashi) but maximum aggravation took place when both tides started increasing on 29th as given in the table below. Again he has been also influenced by the gravitational force of the moon when both high tides started decreasing (K-4, fourth lunar day of Krishana paksha). He is also diabetic. Change in gravitational force of Moon from low to high and high to low has affected him. He requires classical homeopathic treatment for all-round improvement in his health which is perhaps not available at New Delhi.  

Date                  time                  height in meter
 27. 12. 2013     0622                        0355
                          2017                       0340
28. 12. 2013      0729                       0349
                           2139                      0372
29. 12. 2013      0836                       0354
                          2224                       0407

List of important national and international suicidal and homicidal activities on certain lunar days (4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, and 15th) is available on my web site. The following two new cases have to be added to the old list: Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on 13th April 1919, it was 14th lunar day of the waxing period ( Chaturdasi, Shukla Paksha) and atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945, it was  again 14th lunar day of the waxing period.  

18. National award

If Government of India wants Homeopathy to touch new heights in our country in all respect, Homeopaths may be selected for national award annually. All state governments may kindly take necessary action in this regard. As a citizen of India my humble request is to consider the names of two world’s eminent Homeopaths of Maharashtra, Dr Rajan Sankaran, M.D. (Juhu Lane, Andheri West/Juhu 0224261666/26103466) and Dr Prafull Vijayakar, M.D. (Vile Parle West: 02226147934/26180989) for national award. My stay at Mumbai had been from April 1991 to December 2011 for more than 20 years period (Meteorological office, IMD, Government of India, C.S.I. Airport, Mumbai). So I may also suggest their names for national award. Their contribution to homeopathy and human kind are enormous. They have been not only curing incurable diseases but also promoting classical homeopathy globally.

19. Eliminating the existing poison responsible for the illness.

Surgery is performed to remove/replace/rectify the diseased organs. But the cause for arteriosclerosis (sycosis) and degeneration (syphilis) of heart or any other organ remains present in the body. This may affect general health and other organs in future. To remove sycosis and syphilis poison from body homeopathy treatment is required. I would request Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon’ble Finance and Defence minister, Shri Shatrughana Sinha, Hon’ble M. P., Shri Uaddav Thackeray, Hon’ble President Shiv Sena, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Hon’ble Congress President and M.P., Shri Manish Tiwary , Hon’ble former Central minister, Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon’ble former Railway minister and C.M. Bihar and Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Hon’ble former C.M. Delhi to take homeopathic treatment either from Dr. Rajan Sankaran or Dr. Prafull Vijaykar, Mumbai for leading a healthy and quality life. I would also request Shri Jai Kumar Singh, Hon’ble Minister of Co operative, Bihar, to consult any of two homeopaths for treatment of his ailing son. Miss Mamata Banerjee, Hon’ble C.M. West Bengal may kindly take homeopathic treatment from Dr. Subrat K. Banergea, Principal of Allen college of Homeopathy, Essex, England and Director, Bengal Allen Medical Institute, Kolkata for any health problem. Dr S. K. Banerjea is a fourth generation Homeopath from the family. I have been very much impressed from his book “Classical Homeopathy for an Impatient World”.
 I am giving the details of homeopathic books written by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Prafull Vijaykar:
Dr. Rajan Sankaran : The Sprit Of Homeopathy, The Substance of Homeopathy, The soul of remedies, Provings, The System of Homeopathy, An Insight into plants (Vol. 1 and 2 and 3), The Sensation in Homeopathy, Sankaran’s Schema, Sensation Refined, Structure (experiences with the mineral kingdom: Vol. 1 and 2.), The Other Song, Survival, Synergy, The Elements of Homeopathy (Vol. 1 and 2, Editor).
Dr. Prafull Vijaykar: Predictive Homeopathy (Part I, II and III), Homeopathy and Modern Science, Predictive Homeopathy-Workshop-2002 Mahabaleshwar, Frequent Encounters, Genetic Meteria Medica, Treasures of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar (Compiled by Gunter Luz).      

(i) Psora, sycosis and syphilis have been considered as parents of all our ills – mental and physical.
(ii) If one of our ancestors had suffered from gonorrhoea and or syphilis, the weakness (disease including psoric) is transmitted from one generation to another. Because of use of other medicines, psora, sycosis and syphilis get suppressed. As and when body resistance decreases, these diseases cannot be suppressed and are visible. Even a child suffers from serious sycotic and syphilitic diseases.
(iii) A red /black spot or red/black discoloration of prepuce and or glance, even slight inflammation of prepuce or glance, ulcer of prepuce or glance or penis, soft or hard chancre, severe burning during or after urination, presence of birth mark, moles and warts, black/copper coloured skin discoloration, skin eruptions with burning or without itching and painful glands confirm the presence of sycosis and or syphilis. For female, leucorrhoea, painful eruptions on genitals, sterility in both sex, abortion and other common symptoms confirm the presence of these diseases.
(iv) Affectionate, avoids quarrel, avoids risk, caring, conscientious, conservative, emotional, family oriented, fearful, honest, mild, sympathetic, timid etc. mental come under psoric miasm. Abusive, bossy, excitable, forgetfulness, humorous, hyper active, impatient, irritable, jealous, loquacity, obstinate, restless, romantic, selfish, superstitious etc mental come under sycosis. Aversion in relationship, dictatorial, desires solitude, desires separation, disposition to contradict, dull, grief, homosexuality (Vijaykar, 2006), homicidal, intolerance, masturbation (tubercular Y.R. Agrawal), memory loss, negative attitude, perverted, pessimistic, prostration of mind, religious insanity, shameless, suicidal, uncontrolled emotion/desire, unforgiving, want of religious feeling, etc confirm syphilitic miasm. Hobbies like Lake fishing, playing cards, reading, watching films, television and video come under psoric miasm. Gambling, fast dancing, excess shopping (due to greed) and surfing web hobbies confirm sycotic taint. Archery, boxing, hunting, martial arts, sea fishing and wrestling hobbies show syphilitic taint (all mind and hobbies based on Banergea: 2010).

(v) One month training for all homeopaths may be made mandatory all over the country so that they can pursue classical homeopathy only, without which licence for practice may not be given by the State Government. In every state there must be a classical homeopathy training centre in the capital for giving training to 50 homeopaths in every month. India needs quality homeopaths to improve/sooth restless, violent, anarchist, rapist and cruel mind and physical health of the Indians. In any violence, whether it is bride burning or self immolation or transport burning or house burning etc. “fire” occupies a major source of destruction and fire represents syphilitic mind. So, one can imagine the depth of syphilitic mind present in all parts of our country.  

(vi) Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Prafull Vijaykar, Mumbai, eminent International homeopaths may kindly be given national award for promoting classical homeopathy in the country and globally by writing quality books and providing trainings. They have been curing incurable diseases and are engaged in charity works also.

(vii) I would request Shri Jitam Ram Majhi, Hon’ble C.M. Bihar for opening of Classical Homeopathic training Centre and six month advance course in homeopathy under Patna University. I would request Dr. Y. C. Simhadri, V.C. Patna University to take necessary action in this regard.

(viii) Children should be given homeopathy treatment since childhood for developing healthy mind and body. Homeopathic medicines can restrict the development of destructive mental.

(ix) Presence of ‘cruelty/insensitivity’ in human mind completely destroys the human personality. Vaalmiki became Maharshi Vaalamiki and created an epic “Shrimadvaalmikiya Raamaayan” when kindness developed in his heart. When he saw a hunter killed one of the pair of Krounch bird, when they were making love. He cursed the hunter for the killing but again repented for his cursing. So kindness developed for the hunter again. Ancient verse (Aadi Shloka) of an ancient poet (Aadi Kavi) Maharshi Vaalamiki, which gave him the power to start and complete an epic “Shrimadvaalamikiya Raamaayan”, is given below:
                               “Maa Nishaad Pratishthaam Twamagamah Shaashwatih Samaah
                               Yat Krounchmithunadekamvadhih Kaammohitam”.
‘Nishaad! Tujhe Nitya – Nirantar- Kabhi Bhi Shaanti Na Mile; Kyonki Tune Es Krounch Ke Jode Mein Se Ek Ki, Jo Kaam Se Mohit Ho Rahaa Tha, Bina Kishi Aparadh Ke Hi Hatya Kar Daali.”  

Important points on National interest

(i) In all villages located near India-Pakistan, a big community hall is required, where people can stay during insane behaviour of Pakistani Military.
(ii) Formation of new State is not in national interest. As such, necessary laws may be passed in both Houses of Parliament to prevent further division of Indian States.  
(iii) Trees can be planted but hill or mountain cannot be made. Influence of hill and mountain ranges on weather is well known. Preservation of Western Ghat and other hills ranges are of prime importance. Destruction of Western Ghat will kill the south west monsoon rainfall over the country. Even isolated hill or mountain helps in formation of trough in the windward side, which influences local weather when westerly and easterly wind blow. Factories have been running for destruction of hills and mountains for all round growth of the country. Consumption of stone chips has to be minimised or some alternate has to be developed otherwise our future generation will be more prone to natural calamities.
(iv) Production of harvesting and paddy transplanting machines has to be maximized at low cost as much of the future generation will not be available for the agriculture jobs on account of rise in education in every household. Cultivation lands are shrinking day by day. Its preservation is needed to feed the growing population.
(v) Political activities (Union elections) in educational institutions may be stopped, which is the main reason for decline in learning environment and discipline among students.
(v) Transmitter of AIR Patna is very weak. It is not possible to listen clearly news and sports coverage even at a distance of 60 km away from Patna (Jehanabad, Gaya and other districts in South Bihar). In case of any disaster any important broadcast will not reach to the masses residing in the village. 

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I have no intension to give moral lessons or to touch the sentiments of any political party, religion or any individual; all thoughts have been given on the basis of Homeopathic Principle. I would request to take necessary action for regulating classical homeopathy in the country. I regret that I could not prepare Hindi version of this paper because of shortage of time. The paper is also available on my web site.

With Great Regards

Yours Sincerely

Shri Narendra Modi,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
7 RCS, New Delhi-110011

Copy to
Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble President of India, Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon'ble Vice President of India., Shri Rajnath Singh, Honble Minister for  Home Affairs, Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon'ble Minister for Finance and Defence, Mrs Sushama Swaraj, Hon’ble Minister for external affairs, Shri Amit Shah, Hon’ble President, BJP, Dr. Subramaniam Swami, Hon’ ble former Central Minister and Senior BJP leader, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Hon'ble Cong President and M.P., Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Law and Telecommunication, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Hon'ble, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Mrs Smriti Irani, Hon’ble Minister for Human Resources Develpoment, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble Minister for Science and Technology, Earth Sciences, Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon’ble Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Shri Kiran Rijiju, Hon’ble Minister of State, Home, Shri Shatrughan Sinha, Hon’ble M.P., Shri Mukhtar Abbas Naqui, Hon’ble M.P. Shri, M.J. Akbar, Hon’ble former M.P. and eminent Journalist,  Shri Jai Ram Ramesh, Hon’ble M.P. Shri Manish Tiwari, Hon’ble former Central Minister, Shri Jitan Ram Manjhi, Hon’ble C.M., Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon'ble  formar C.M. Bihar, Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon'ble former Minister for Railways, Shri Jai Kumar Singh, Hon’ble Minister Of Cooperative, Bihar, Shri Arun Kumar, Hon’ble M.P., Shri Uddhav Thackeray, Hon'ble President, Shiv Sena, Shri Omar Abdullah, Hon'ble, C. M, J.& K. Shri Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Hon'ble former C.M. Shri Oomman Chandy, Hon'ble  C. M., Kerala, Shri Naveen Patnaik, Hon'ble C. M. Orrisa,  Shri Akhilesh Yadav , Hon'ble C.M. U.P., Miss Mamta Banerjee Hon’ble C. M. W.B. Shri Arvind Kejriwal, former C.M. Delhi, Shri Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble C.M. A.P., Shri Chandrasekhar Rao, Hon’ble, C. M., Telangana, Shri Panneerselvam, Hon’ble C.M., Tamil Nadu,  Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat, Hon.ble RSS Chief, Mrs Kiran Bedi, IPS (retired), former DGP, Bollywood, icons Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Shri Aamir Khan, Shri Shah Rukh Khan, Dr. Y. C. Simhadri, V.C. Patna University for kind information and promoting classical homeopthy in the country.


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