Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Beauty

“The Beauty”

The beauty beautiful till observe

Don’t touch, learn to preserve.

Warmth sucks the juice and beauty
Snow melts evaporates and loses identity.

Buds blossom into flowers

Receive finest touch by bees and others.
How lovely they were

Fade gradually in the Sun and the air.

Nature’s law prevailing here
Nothing immortal but preserved mere.

Teen’s beauty like shining jewel

Heaven’s honey stored very well.

Fragrance of young inhaling couple

Sinking in love while feelings multiple

Forgetting the world while enjoying their lull

It’s a fun would remain unparallel.

Spoiling a bit by warming the beauty

Nothing unusual, it’s a human’s duty.

Plants grew, lost luster and beauty

Shocked Angels showered sympathy and sweetie.

Teens smiled expressed heartiest beauty

Angels returned saying thank Homeopathy.


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