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List Of Suicidal/Homicidal All Around The World

TABLE 1List of suicidal/ homicidal cases all around the world (K::Krishna Paksha, S::Shukla Paksha)
S.No. Date Details of event Lunar day
1 30.01.1948 Rashtra Pita Mahatma Gandhi was killed in India. K-5
2 31.10.1984 Mrs. Indira Gandhi was killed in India S-8
3 21.05.1991 Shri Rajiv Gandhi was killed in India S-8
4 06.12.1992 Babri Masjid was demolished in India S-11
5 26.02.1993 Blast in the WTC basement in New York, killed 6 people S-5
6 12.03.1993 First bomb blast occurred in Mumbai, India (257 persons were killed) K-5
7 07.08.1998 Bomb attacks on US embassies in Nairobi and Dares Salaam killed 224 people. S-15
8 12.10.2000 Attack on USS Cole killed 17 US Marines In Aden S-15
9 13.12.2001 Indian Parliament was attacked K-14
10 27.02.2002 Godhara train burning occurred in India S-15
11 11.05.2004 Blast in four trains in Madrid killed 191 people K-8
12 11.07.2006 Bomb blast in sub-urban trains occurred in Mumbai, India (200 persons were killed) S-15
13 27.12.2007 Mrs. Benazir Bhutto was killed in Pakistan K-4
14 26.07.2008 Bomb blast occurred in Ahmedabad, India (45 persons were killed) K-8
15 13.09.2008 Serial bomb blast occurred in Delhi, India (25 persons were killed) S-14
16 26.11.2008 Worst terrorist attack occurred in Mumbai, India (at least 200 persons were killed) K-14/K-15
17 05.02.2008 Suicide bomber killed 30 people in Pakistan Punjab province S-11
18 04.01.2009 10 people were killed in NWFP ,Pakistan S-8
19 21.01.2009 Six jawans were killed by their colleague in Manipur, India K-11
20 08.02.2009 Eight people were killed in North Bihar,India over marriage controversy S-14
21 09.02.2009 Naxals killed 10 police personals in Nawada -district ,Bihar, India S-15
22 09.02.2009 Female bomber killed 28 people in Sri Lanka. S-15
23 20.02.2009 30 persons were killed in Pakistan K-11
24 28.02.2009 88 Army personals were killed by BDR in Bangladesh S-4
25 07.03.2009 10 people were killed in Pakistan car bomb blast. S-11
26 10.03.2009 A shooter in USA (Alabama) killed 10 people S-15
27 10.03.2009 14 people were killed by LTTE in suicidal bomb attack in a mosque in Sri Lanka S-15
28 30.03.2009 Pakistan Police Training school was attacked by Taliban terrorists S-4
29 05.04.2009 Pakistan suicide bomber killed 22 persons in a mosque S-11
30 23.04.2009 Suicide bombers killed 80 people in Iraq K-14
31 24.04.2009 Suicide bombers killed 60 worshipers in Baghdad, Iraq K-14/15
32 20.05.2009 40 Civilian were killed in a massive bomb blast in Baghdad K-11
33 27.05.2009 Lahore bomb blast killed 30 people near ISI office in Pakistan S-4
34 28.05.2009 Bomb blast killed 25 persons in Shia Muslim mosque in Iran S-5
35 12.06.2009 Land mine blast killed 10 police personals in Jharkhand, India. K-4
36 12.06.2009 Taliban suicide bombers killed 12 people in Pakistan K-4
37 18.06.2009 Land mine blast killed 9 police personals in Orissa ,India K-11
38 21.06.2009 11 CRPF personals were killed in land mine blast in Chhattisgarh, India K-14
39 21.06.2009 72 persons were killed in a massive truck bombing in Iraq K-14
40 05.07.2009 186 people were killed in China ethnic riots S-14
41 12.07.2009 36 security personals including superintendent of police were killed in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, India K-5
42 27.08.2009 At least 20 police personals were killed by a suicidal bomber in Pakistan S-8
43 30.08.2009 At least 15 police recruits were killed in suicidal attack, in Swat Pakistan S-11
44 18.09.2009 33 persons were killed by suicidal car bomber in Kohat Pakistan K-15
45 08.10.2009 17 police personals were killed in Gadichiroli, Maharashtra, India by Naxals. K-4 46 08.10.2009 12 persons were killed in bomb blast outside Indian Embassy in Kabul K-4
47 23.10.2009 Suicidal bomber killed 26 persons in Pakistan S-5
48 02.11.2009 Suicidal bomber killed 34 people in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, close to army headquarters. S-15
49 15.01.2010 Naxals killed seven persons ( 6 police personals) in Jharkhand, India K-15
50 19.01.2010 At least seven persons committed suicide in Mumbai, India S-4
51 13.02.2010 18 people were killed in Pune blast in India K-15
52 18.02.2010 Naxals killed 10 people in Bihar India K-4
53 08.03.2010 At least 13 people were killed in bomb blast in Lahor Pakistan K-8
54 08.03.2010 At least 500 people from Christians were killed by Muslims in Nigeria K-8
55 29.03.2010 Two female bombers killed 38 people on packed metro trains in Moscow S-14
56 02.04.2010 At least 25 people including 5 women were massacred in a Iraqi Sunni village K-4
57 06.04.2010 73 people personals were killed by Naxals in Chhattisgarh, India K-8
58 06.04.2010 42 people were killed in bomb blasts in Baghdad, Iraq K-8
59 08.04.2010 76 police personals were killed by Naxals in Chhattisgarh, India K-8
60 08.04.2010 49 people were killed in bomb blasts in Baghdad, Iraq K-8
61 13.04.2010 At least 7 persons were killed in a mob violence in Kolkata ,India ( Premises of Peerless Hospital) K-14
62 19.04.2010 24 people were killed by a suicidal bomber in Peshawar, Pakistan. S-5
63 03.05.2010 Militants stormed a hospital in Lahore, Pakistan killing 12 people. K-5
64 09.05.2010 Eight people were stabbed to death in China K-11
65 17.05.2010 Naxals killed 44 people in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, India by blowing a bus. S-4
66 27.05.2010 Janeshwari express blasted, India, killing more than 100 people S-15
67 01.07.2010 42 persons were killed in Lahore, Pakistan, Data Darbar Mosque, by 3 suicide bombers. K-5
68 18.07.2010 Two suicide bombers killed 48 people in Iraq S-8
69 17.08.2010 Suicide bomber killed 60 soldiers in Baghdad. S-8
70 23.08.2010 6 MPs among 32 killed in Somalia by a suicide bomber and gunman. S-14
71 08.09.2010 25 persons were killed by a suicide bomber in Lahore by Sunni extremists during a Shia Muslim religious precession. K-15
72 05.11.2010 A teenage bomber struck a Sunni Mosque packed with worshipers killing 67 people. In another blast a number of people were buried under the debris, who performing Jumma prayers. K-14 / K-15
73 10.12.2010 A Pak suicide bomber rammed a tractor laden with explosives into a hospital killing at least 25 persons. S-5
74 16.12.2010 Maoists butchered seven forward block members in Purulia, West Bengal ,India ,during night S-11
75 04.01.2011 Guard gunned down Pakistan Punjab Governor. K-15
76 04.01.2011 A woman stabbed to death a BJP MLA in Bihar, India K-15
77 08.01.2011 Six people were killed by a gunman in USA including Arizona the state’s chief Federal judge. S-4
78 18.01.2011 A suicide bomber killed 52 people in Iraq. S-14
79 21.02.2011 A Taliban suicide bomber struck an Afghan Government office, killing 31 people. K-4
80 21.02.2011 Libya in flames, Parliament building in Tripoli was set on fire. K-4
81 08.03.2011 A Taliban suicide bomber blow up car bomb near ISI office in Faisalabad ,Pakistan killing at least 25 people S-4
82 09.03.2011 At least 36 mourners were killed and over 50 injured when a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral procession in Peshawar Pakistan. S-5
83 09.03.2011 Communal riot killed 13 and wounded 140 people in Egypt. S-5
84 03.04.2011 At least 41 people were killed and 65 wounded when two Taliban suicide bombers blew themselves up at 13th century Sufi Saint Ahmed Sultan’s Shrine at Dera Ghazi Khan in Pakistan’s Punjab province. K-15
85 07.04.2011 A former student opened fire in a school Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, killing 10 people and wounded 22 others, before taking his own life. S-4
86 12.04.2011 An explosion tore through a key subway station in Belarusian Capital of Minsk, killing at least 12 people and injuring 100 others. S-8
87 22.04.2011 Friday was the deadliest day of the Syrian unrest. At least 20 people were killed by the security forces. K-5
88 28.04.2011 A Jawan shot dead a junior commissioned officer and three troopers in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir India. 14 people were killed as bomb blast rips through Morocco tourist café. 4 killed as Taliban militants detonated a roadside bomb in Karachi. k-11
89 02.05.2011 Osama Bin Laden was killed by American Navy Seals K-14
90 03.05.2011 11 police personals and one CRPF Jawan were killed by Maoists in Jharkhand India. k-15
91 08.05.2011 12 people died in Egypt sectarian clash. Eight police personals, including a general and 10 inmate were killed in Baghdad Jail in an incident by suspected al- Qaida insurgents. S-5
92 13.05.2011 Two Pakistani Taliban suicide bombers struck a paramilitary training center in North west Pakistan, killing at least 90 people and wounded 100 others. The massive explosions targeted fresh faced recruits in their late teens. S-11 started at 0821 IST. S-10/ S-11
TABLE 2 List of terrorist activities at the Airport / Aircraft
S.No. Date Details of event Lunar day
1 11.04.1955 An Air India aircraft named Kashmir Princess exploded under suspicious circumstances. 16 people were killed and 3 survived. K-4
2 06.01.1960 National Airlines flight 2511 crashed near Bolivia, North Carollian, when a bomb planted on board exploded in mid-air. All 34 people were killed. S-9
3 22.05.1962 Continental Airlines Flight-11 breaks up in mid-air near Union ville, Missouri after passenger’s bomb exploded in the lavatory. All 45 people on board were killed. K-4
4 07.05.1964 Pacific Airlines Flight 773 crashed near San Ramon, California killing all 44 on board, after a passenger shot both Captain and first Officer before turning the Gun on himself. K-11
5 21.02.1970 A bomb in the cargo hold of Swiss Air Flight 330 exploded nine minutes after take off from Zurich International Airport in Kloten, Switzerland, all 38 passengers and nine crew died. S-15
6 21.04.1970 Philippines Airlines Flight 215 exploded in mid-air and crashed 121 km north of Manila, killing all 36 on board, a bomb was suspected. S-15
7 06.09.1970 The popular Front for the liberation of Palestine orchestrated the Dawson’s Field hijacking of EL AL Flight 219, Pan am Flight 93, and Swiss Air flight 100, TWA Flight 741 and on 09.09.1970 BOAC Flight 775. S-5
8 26.01.1972 JAT Yugoslav Flight 637, suffered a bomb explosion en-route form Copenhagen to Zagreb, twenty seven of twenty eight on board were killed. S-11
9 15.06.1972 A carry on suitcase bomb exploded on Cathay Pacific Flight 700 Z at 29,000 feet over Vietnam, all 81 on board died. S-5
10 10.12.1973 Pan Am Flight 110 has been fire bombed by Palestine gunmen while at gate in Rome, Italy, killing 29 of 68 passengers and crew, another gunmen then hijack a Lufthansa Boeing 737 to Athens 33 died as a result of fire bombing and hijacking. K-8
11 15.09.1974 Air Vietnam Flight 706 has been hijacked and crashed in Phan Rang, Vietnam, and all 75 on board died. K-15
12 01.01.1976 Middle East Airlines flight 438 crashed in Saudi Arabia when a bomb exploded in the forward baggage compartment, killing all 81 people on board. K-15
13 06.10.1976 Cubana flight 455 had been bombed by anti-Castro militants and crashed near Bridgetown, Barbados, killing all 73 people on board. S-14
14 04.12.1977 Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 has been hijacked under mysterious circumstances, minutes later, the plane crashed into a swamp near Tanjung Kupang, Malaysia, killing all 100 people on board. S-8
15 23.06.1985 Air India Flight 182 has been bombed by extremists .It crashed into the ocean near Ireland, killing all 329 board S-5
16 23.11.19850 Egypt Air Flight 648 has been hijacked by Palestine militants. Egyptian special forced storm the plane on the island of Malta. The incident killed 58 out 90 passengers all but one of hijacker. S-11/S-12
17 02.04.1986 TWA Flight 840 has been bombed by Palestinian militants, killing four out of 121 people on board. K-8/K-9
18 25.12.1986 Iraq Airways Flight 163 has been hijacked by Hezbollah militants while en-route to Amman, Jordan. A shoot out with security forces causes the plane to crash, killing 63 out of 106 people on board.
19 21.12.1988 Pan Am Flight 103 disintegrated over Lockerbie, Scotland after a terrorist bomb exploded on board. All 259 on board & 11 on the ground were killed. S-14
20 19.09.1989 VTA Flight 772 exploded in mid-air over Sahara desert when bomb hidden in its forward cargo exploded, killing all 170 people on board. Responsibility for bombing had been traced back to Abdullah Sanussi, the brother in-law of Libyan leader Muammar al- Gaddafi. K-5
21 27.11.1989 Avianca Flight 203 exploded in mid-air over Columbia, killing all 107 people on board and 3 people on ground. The Medellin Cartal claimed responsibility for the attack. K-15
22 26.03.1991 Singapore Airlines Flight 117 has been hijacked by Pakistani militants en route to Singapore. All of the hijackers were killed in the operation, with no fatalities among the passengers S-11
23 19.07.1994 Alas Chiriconal Flight 00901, exploded in mid-air over Panama by a suicide bomber, killing all 21 people on board. S-11/S-12
24 29.09.1998 Lion air Flight 602 has been shot down by LTTE, which crashed over Jaffna, Sri Lanka, killing all 55 on board. S-8
25 31.10.1999 Egypt Air Flight 990 bound for Cairo, Egypt crashed into the Atlantic ocean off Nantucket, Massachusetts, killing all 217 passengers and crew, the cause of crash is disputed. A deliberate suicide / homicide act by the relief first officer according to NT SB, VS, and a Boeing mechanical flaw according to Egyptian aviation authorities. K-8
26 11.09.2001 American Airlines Flight 11 with 97 people on board was hijacked and crashed because of major terrorists attack on USA. K-8/K-9
27 11.09.2001 United Airlines Flight 175 with 65 people on board was hijacked and crashed because of major terrorists attack on USA. K-8/K-9
28 11.09.2001 American Airlines Flight 77 with 64 people on board was hijacked and crashed because of major terrorists attack on USA. K-8/K-9
29 11.09.2001 United Airlines flight 93, with 44 people on board was hijacked and crashed because of major terrorists attack on USA. K-8/K-9
30 24.08.2004 Serbian Airlines Flight 1047 with 38 passengers and 8 crew members on board exploded in mid-air over Russia killing all people on board in a terrorist act. S-9
31 24.08.2004 Volga-Avia Express Flight 1303 with 34 passengers and 9 crew members on board exploded in mid-air over Russia killing all people on board in a terrorist act. S-9
32 03.10.2006 Turkish Airlines Flight 1476 was hijacked over Greece. The plane landed in Brindiai Italy. None of the 113 people on board were hurt. S-11
TABLE 3 Terrorist activities on aircraft on other lunar days
S.No. Date Lunar day Details of event
1 16.11.1959 K-2 National Airlines flight 967 crashed in the gulf of Mexico while on a flight from Tampa, Florida to New Orleans, in a possible case of sabotage, all 40 on board died.
2 12.10.1967 S-10 Cyprus Airways Flight 284 was destroyed by a bomb over Mediterranean. All passengers and crew died.
3 08.09.1974 K-7 TWA flight 841 crashed into the Ionian sea after a bomb explosion in the cargo hold killing all 88 on board.
4 28.09.1977 K-1 Japan Airlines flight 472 had been hijacked after taking off from Mumbai, India by Japanese Red Army terrorists. Ransom was paid and no casualty occurred.
5 13.10.1977 S-1 Lufthansa Flight 181 had been hijacked by four Palestinian members of the PFLP, who killed the Captain.3 hijackers were killed by German Police commandos with no other casualty.
6 03.09.1978 S-1 Air Rhodesia Flight RH 825 from Kariba to Salisbury had been shot down by surface to Air missile by ZIPRA militants. Only 8 out of 56 passengers on board could survive.
7 12.02.1979 K-1 Air Rhodesia flight RH 827, had been shot down by ZIPRA militants, all 55 passengers and 4 crew were killed.
8 23.09.1983 K-1 Gulf Air Flight 771, crashed over United Arab Emirates after a bomb planted by Abu Nidal organization detonated on board killing all 112 people on board.
9 10.10.1998 K-7 A Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises Boeing 727 had been shot down by rebels over Democratic Republic of Congo, killing all 41 on board.
10 24.07.1999 S-11 All Nippon Airways flight 61 had been hijacked by a passenger who fatally stabbed the captain but was over powered by the crew. Plane landed safely at Haneda Japan.

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