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Extinguish the Fire of Terror Mind In The Bud Through Classical Homeopathy Part III

Vinod Kumar

Scientist ‘E’, Director-in-Charge

Meteorological Office, C.S.I.

N.T.C., Mumbai-400099

No .9869940998

Dated 28th December 2011
Dear Sir,
Wish you and all Hon’ble members a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Nearly after three years I am drawing your kind attention again on certain issues of prime importance for
promoting national unity, prosperity and good health. I hope the New Year 2012
will begin with a pleasant winter which will soothe the charged atmosphere all
around the country. Firstly I express my sincere gratitude to Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal, Hon’ble Chief Minister Of Himachal Pradesh and Shri Naveen Jindal, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) for their action on my letter dated 11th December 2008. I got enough encouragement from them to do something for “Mother India” in form of third part of “Extinguish the fire of terror mind in the bud through classical homeopathy”. Also my
heartiest congratulation to Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of my
native state Bihar for providing able leadership to the people of Bihar for
their prosperity and happiness. Since long I have been thinking to express
my views on certain national issues. But I decided to write it again only after
completing research works related with failure of south west monsoon. One paper
has been published in January 2011 in the journal of Indian Geophysical Union,
Hyderabad (copy enclosed, also available on ""), in which it was observed that North West Pacific (NWP)
systems (tropical depression and above) are not the cause of monsoon failure
whenever they form in large numbers over NW Pacific (2002 and in other years).
It was based on 38 years data. I attended a seminar “TROPMET 2011” at Hyderabad
from 14th to 16th December 2011. I presented three
papers, related with (i) forecasting heavy (≥ 65 mm) to extremely heavy (≥250
mm) rainfall over Mumbai and neighborhood (3rd paper), (ii) Main
cause of failure of south west monsoon and (iii) prediction of earthquakes on the
basis of different phases of the Moon by using Arabian Sea tide’s tables
prepared by Survey of India. I am very much hopeful about getting recognition
of my work on failure of southwest monsoon and prediction of earthquakes by the
experts in the field. While dealing with earthquake paper it appears that I
have been able to identify the major reason for human sufferings, which I have
covered thoroughly under item 1. My observation will boost the homeopathy
treatment further. I shall reach my superannuation on 31st December 2011. I
am having the heartiest desire to complete all these works before my retirement
and it appears that my wish is getting fulfilled. I would request all Hon’ble
members to examine my views and take necessary action where ever it is needed.
Mumbai is my fifth posting and I worked here for more than 20 years. I express
my heartiest New Year’s greetings to the people of Maharashtra and whole
country for their happiness, prosperity and good health. I have no intension to touch the sentiments of any religion or any
individual rather I would seek the blessings of all religious leaders and
elders for fulfillment of my expressed desires through this paper. However
if I have exceeded my limit as a Government Servant I may kindly be excused. Under item 11, I have included the
correct interpretation of the verse “Dhol Gawanr Shudra Pashu Naari, Sakal Taadanaa
Ke Adhikari” from the epic “Shri Ramcharitmaanas” written by Mahaakavi
Tulsidas. Since long the verse has been unnecessarily wrongly interpreted. Some
people have linked this verse for creating hatred towards women in form of
female foeticide. Those who came in support of Goswami Ji did not give a proper
meaning of the word “Taadanaa” which suits all five words. Although I am giving
the copy of the letter to The Publisher, Geeta press, Gorakhpur for making
suitable change in the translation of the aforesaid verse but I would deeply
appreciate any Hon’ble member who can take necessary action in this regard. The paper is also available on
With great regards
Yours Sincerely


Dr. Manmohan Singh
Hon’ble Prime Minister
Government of India, New Delhi
Copy to The Publisher, Geeta Press, Gorakhpur
Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Hon'ble President of India, Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon'ble Vice President
of India.
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Hon'ble, former President, Meera Kumar, Hon’ ble Speaker, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Hon'ble
Chairperson UPA, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble Finance Minister. Shri P.
Chidambaram, Hon’ ble Home Minister,Shri S.M. Krishna, Hon’ble,
Minister of external affairs .Shri A. K. Antony, Hon'ble Defence Minister. Shri
Rahul Gandhi, Hon’ble M.P., Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Hon'ble, Health Minister.
Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon'ble former Railway Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar,
Hon'ble Food &Civil Supplies, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Hon'ble M.P. Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon'ble Minister
Telecommunication and Human Resourses, Mrs Ambica Soni, Hon’ble Minister
Information and Broadcasting, Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Hon'ble former Dy. P.M.,
Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Hon’ble
Leader of Opposition, Shri Naveen Jindal, Hon'ble M. P., Shri Milind Deora,
Hon’ble M.P.Shri B. S. Khanduri Hon'ble C. M. Uttrakhand, Shri Sitaram
Yatchuri, Hon'ble M. P., Mrs. Brinda Karat, Hon'ble M. P. Shri Guru Das Gupta
Hon’ble M.P., Shri Amar Singh, Hon'ble M. P. Shri Asaduddin Owaisi, Hon’ble M.P. Shri Nitin Gadkari, President,
BJP, Hon’ble M.P,Shri Arun
Jaitley, Hon'ble M. Pand BJP leader in R.S.,Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble
M.P. Shri Shah Nawaj Hussein, Hon'ble M.P, Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Hon’ble M. P., Shri Varun Gandhi, Hon’ble M.P.,
Shri Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble M.P. Shri Nandan Nilekeni, Hon’ble Chairman, UIADI,
Shri Shrad Yadav, Hon’ble M.P. Shri
Jyoti Rao Sindhiya Hon’ble
M. P., Shri Tarun Gogoi, Hon'ble C.M.,Assam.,Shri Kiran Kumar Reddy, Hon’ble C. M., A.P. Shri Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble former C.M.
A.P., Shri Chandrasekhar Rao, Hon’ble TRS Chief Hon'ble former C. M., Shri
Nitish Kumar, Hon'ble C. M. Bihar, Shri Sushil Modi, Hon'ble Dy. C. M., Dr.
Jagdish Sharma, Hon' ble M.P., Shri B. S. Hooda, Hon' ble C. M. Haryana.Shri
Prem Kumar Dhumal, Hon'ble C. M., H. P.,
Shri Arjun Munda, Hon'ble C. M. Jharkhand,
Shri D.V.Sadanand Gowda, Hon'ble C.M. Karnataka, Shri Digamber Kamat,
C.M. Goa, Shri Prithviraj Chavan Hon’ble C.M., Maharashtra., Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon'ble Minister
Science and Technology and Earth Science, Shri R. R. Patil, Hon' ble Home
Minister, Shri Gopinath Munde, Hon’ble former Dy. C. M Shri Uddhav Thackeray, Hon'ble President, Shiv
Sena, Shri Raj Thackeray, Hon'ble
President, MNS, Sanjay Nirupam, Hon’ble M.P. Shri Rajeev Shukla Hon’ble M.P., Shri
Shashi Tharoor, Hon’ble M.P. Shri Salman Khurshid, Hon’ble Minister, Water
Resources and M.A., Shri Omar Abdullah, Hon'ble, C. M, J.& K. Shri Mufti Mohammad Sayeed,
Hon'ble former C. M., Shri Raman Singh, Hon'ble C. M., Chhattisgarh, Shri
Shivraj singh Chauhan Hon'ble C. M., M. P.,,Shri Oomman Chandy, Hon'ble C. M., Kerala, Shri Naveen Patnaik, Hon'ble
C. M. Orissa, Shri Prakash Singh Badal Hon' ble C. M. Punjab, Shri Narendra
Modi, Hon' ble C. M. Gujarat,Shri Ashok Gehlot, Hon'ble C. M.Rajasthan,.Mrs.
Sheila Dikshit C.M. Delhi, Shri M. Karuna Nidhi Hon’ble former C. M. Tamil Nadu, Shri N.Rangaswamy,
Hon’ble C. M. Puduchery, Miss J.
Jayalalithaa, Hon'ble C. M. Tamil Nadu, Miss Mayawati,Hon'ble C .M. U. P., Shri
Mulayam Singh Yadav, Hon'ble former C.M.and M.P., Shri Buddha Deb Bhattacharjee
Hon'ble former C.M., Miss Mamta Banerjee Hon’ble C.M. W. B. Shri P.A. Sangma,
Hon' ble NCP Leader, Meghalaya, Shri Manik Sarkar,Hon’ble C.M. Tripura, Shri Neiphiu Rio Hon'ble C.M
Nagaland, Shri Pawan Kumar Chamling Hon’ble C.M.Sikkim, Shri Dorjee Khandu C.M. Arunachal
Pradesh, Shri Okram Ibobi Singh, Hon’ble C.M. Manipur, Shri Mukul Sangama Hon’ble C.M. Meghalaya Shri Lal Thanhawla, Hon’ble C.M. Mizoram, Mrs Supriya Sule, Hon’ble
M.P. Shri Dig Vijay Singh, Hon’ble former C.M. and General Secretary Congress
Mrs Priyanka Vadra, Hon’ble Congress Leader, Shri S.H.Kapadia, Hon'ble CJI, Shri
S.Y Quraishi, Hon’ble CEC, Shri Javed Akhtar,
Hon'ble writer and lyricist, Shri Praveen Togaria, Hon’ble President VHP, Shri Mohanrao Bhagwat,
Hon.ble RSS Chief, Shri Sayeed Abdula Bukhari, Hon’ble Sahi Imam Jama Masjid, Hon’ble Principal Darul- Uloom, Institute of Islamic
Learnings, Shri Sayed Ali Shah Geelani, Hon’ble Huriat Leader, Shri Anna
Hazare, Hon’ble Social Activist, for promoting promoting national unity and
homeopathy. Dr. Rajan Sanakaran and Dr.
Prafull Vijayakar , Hon’ble,
eminent Homeopaths, Mumbai for kind information.

Extinguish the fire of terror mind in the bud through Classical Homeopathy Part III
1. Solar-lunar gravitational force and human health
High or low Ocean tides exhibit the intensity of solar-lunar gravitational force on a particular day. Moon’s gravitational influence on Ocean tides is visible during its
different phases. Values of both high tides (two high waters and two low waters each day) start decreasing normally from 3rdor 4th or 5th lunar day, continue
decreasing till 8th or 9th day (minimum), again start
increasing from 10th or 11th or 12th or 13th
day and continue increasing till 1stor 2nd or 3rd
day (maximum) of waning and waxing period of the lunar month (15 days each of
Krishana Paksha and Shukla Paksha of Hindu calendar). Every day fluctuating
gravitational force of the Moon, because of change of its position, which can
be noticed from changing Ocean tides, is one of the major reasons for
initiating earthquakes all over the globe. It has been observed that global
earthquakes (magnitude ≥ 3.0) are reported in maximum numbers on certain days
during a month during the forecast time of tides on a day when values of both
high tides (i) started increasing, (ii) continued increasing, (iii) started
decreasing and (iv) continued decreasing. Also 6th and 7th
lunar days have been included for earthquake forecast on the basis of
Statistics in both fortnights. Japan earthquake on 11th March and
Sikkim earthquakes on 18th Sepetmber 2011 were observed on 6th
lunar day of waxing and waning period respectively. Hindus worship The Sun God on 6th lunar day during Chhatt Puja since ancient period. Importance of 6th lunar day was known to
the ancient Indians. For occurrence of earthquakes solar-lunar gravitational
force is responsible. More than 42000 cases of earthquakes (magnitude ≥3.0)
were analyzed for the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 (up to October: 34 months).
Arabian Sea tide’s tables from 2009 to 2011, which have been prepared by Survey
of India, have been used for predicting earthquakes. Maximum
number of global earthquakes in a month was observed on forecast days in 17
months out of 34 months of study period. Highest earthquake magnitude ≥ 6.0 was
found in 18 months out of 34 months study period on the day of forecast of
earthquakes. In another four months, earthquakes magnitudes were slightly less
on the day of forecast from non forecast days. Nearly 44% global earthquakes
and 41% earthquakes for India and its immediate neighbourhood were correctly
forecast for the year 2011 up to 31st October (46 out of 112 days).
Earthquakes were correctly forecast for
India and bordering India for 7 days in February (out of 10 days), 5 days in
September (out of 10 days, including Sikkim earthquake) and 9 days in October
2011 (out of 11 days). But to know the exact magnitude and location further
study is required. Tide’s tables are available one year in advance, as such
probable earthquake dates can be known one year in advance for further study by
the professionals.
Burnham et al. (2003) have mentioned that
the greatest astronomer of ancient times (2nd century BC) Hipparchos
discovered precession, a slow wobble in earth’s axis caused by the
gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon. Kolvankar (2011: a former BARC Scientists))
has said that earthquakes are triggered by the Earth tides (bulging in earth
surface) caused by the positions of the Sun and the Moon and this process seems
to be the primary triggering mechanism for all world wide earthquakes. Maximum
of 12 inch bulging, twice a day, in earth surface (earth tides) has been
observed because of solar-lunar gravitational force (Google
search earthquake This is the reason for occurrence of two
high and two low tides in Oceans. Kolvanker (2011) has further mentioned about
electromagnetic (EM) emission prior to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Both
these types of EM emission were observed in a very broad frequency band from
VLF (Very Low Frequency) to microwaves. In the beginning of 20th
century Boger (1988: 1861-1935, a German scholar, pharmacist,
physician and a homeopath) had stated that The Hindus, in the vast country of
India have been recognizing the influence of the Moon in various morbid
conditions. They have not only discovered the importance of the New Moon and
the Full Moon in certain disease (such as convulsion, epilepsy, asthma,
arthritis, rheumatism, orchitis, hydrocele, filariosis and insanity), but have
also discovered the unique importance of “Ekadasi” or the 11th day
of the New Moon or the Full Moon as being critical periods tending to aggravate
a fair number of diseases. Boger had also observed aggravation of certain
diseases during 1st quarter (8th day of the waxing
period: S-8), Full Moon (S-15), last quarter (8th day of the waning
period: K-8) and the New Moon (K-15). Samuel Hahnemann, (father of homeopathy)
was a celebrated scientist, chemist and one of the leading physicians of his
time. Boger (1988) has stated that our Master Samuel Hahnemann was the first
person to recognize the importance of lunar influence in a fair number of
diseases during the New Moon and the Full Moon. Vora (1994) has mentioned about
aggravation of diseases on 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th,
14th and 15th days of both fortnights of a lunar month. It is
clear that on 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th and 15th lunar days of both fortnights (physical and
mental problems aggravate during these days) significant change in emission of
EM waves (amount and frequencies of microwaves) from earth takes place because
of change in solar-lunar gravitational force. These are also earthquake days. From tide’s tables, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 11th lunar days
in both fortnights are frequently selected for earthquake forecast. It is already known that micro waves are also emitted by mobile towers and these are harmful waves. It appears that natural
emission of EM waves is observed more during night as maximum number of
earthquakes are reported during night from 1200 midnight to 0600 AM (Kolvankar).
Syphilitic diseases are said to aggravate during night (10 PM to 06 AM).
Earthquakes are also observed during day time. Global earthquakes are observed
daily (30, 40, 50 etc in numbers). Thus every day fluctuating gravitational
force of the Moon is the main cause of wear and tear of human bodies.
Microwave radio frequencies are also generated artificially. It is already
known that if ice is put in the Sun rays, the ice will melt eventually at very
slow rate. If ice is subjected to a microwave frequency, it will melt at much
more rapid rate. This is because the Sun’s wave frequency absorb into water and
ice, whereas the microwave frequency will pass through the ice and water. This
causes friction in the ice and water at the molecular level. This causes heat
which is called Radio frequency. When microwaves of different frequency will pass through human body, more heat would be generated. Because of daily fluctuation in microwaves emission, more stress would be noticed on human body and mind. Microwaves start affecting human beings since the birth of a child. It is a continuous process. I was born on 8th lunar day of waning period (Krishana Paksha Ashtami) around 8 PM. I was having very poor health since childhood. Emission of micro waves is the main reason behind the increase in number of cancer,
hyper tension, diabetes, heart disease, suicidal, homicidal (124 cases of
terrorist activity: visit and other diseases all
around the globe. It is very common that a person may have diseases which have
been linked with Sycosis and Syphilis by homeopaths but in actual he does not
have any venereal disease. In large number of cases the diseases might have
been suppressed due to certain reasons. But diseases created by microwaves will
not be observed on genitals but common mental and physical symptoms for the
disease may be observed. It is already known that cancer is also caused by radiation and syphilitic mental may be found. Aggravation during night will also take place in the disease created by microwaves as emission of microwaves is observed maximum during night.
Abnormal behaviors of animals have been noticed prior to earthquakes because of
emission of microwaves, which cause discomfort to sensitive animals (dogs,
toads etc). On a certain lunar day a dog may be found barking differently, as
if weeping, or cats may be found restless during the whole night. These all
happen because microwaves make them uncomfortable. Micro waves have been also
held responsible for global warming, because of increase in use of microwave
transmission to thousands of satellites in the space. By promoting homeopathy, impact of microwaves can be minimized on human
bodies. I have been observing the impact of earthquake days on human mind
and body since 2009. Arabian Sea tides
table calendar (published by PNP Maritime board Mumbai) is available to me
since 2009. Earthquake days are bad for human health. Cold, cough, fever, diarrhea,
dysentery, giddiness, depression, homicidal, suicidal, numbness, heart attack
etc. have been observed on these days. Only those persons are affected on specific
days who are susceptible to the certain frequencies of the microwaves. I am
giving a few examples of earthquake days, which have been highlighted by the
media due to certain events.
(i) 03.10.2010: Both high tides started
increasing (10th lunar day of waning period: Krishna Paksha Dashmi):
VVS Lakshman Indian Star cricketer did not take the field at Bangalore due to
serious back pain in a Test match against Australia. Earthquake struck Andaman
Islands at 0258 AM (local time) of 5.0 magnitudes.
(ii) 29.12.2010: Both high tides continued
decreasing, minimum,(9th lunar day of waning period: Krishna Paksha
Navami ): VVS Lakshman Indian Star cricketer did not take the field due to serious back pain in a Test match
against South Africa in South Africa. Earthquake struck (i) Vanuatu (19.6ºS/
168.1ºE) at 0654 UTC of magnitude 6.6 and (ii) Meghalaya at 0734 PM (local time) of magnitude 3.5.
(iii) 07.09.2011: Both high tides started
increasing (10th lunar day of waxing period: Shukla Paksha Dashmi);
At least 11 people were killed and 91 injured in a terrorist attack at gate No.
7 of the Delhi High Court. Earthquake of Intensity 4.2 struck Delhi on 7th
night (1128 PM Wednesday). Taliban suicide bombers struck D.I.G. home in Quetta
Pakistan killing at least 25 persons, including nine guards, and injuring 61
(iv) 03.12.2011: Both high tides continued
decreasing, minimum (9th lunar day of waxing period: Shukla Paksha
Navami): Earthquake of intensity 5.4 struck Andaman and Nicobar Islands (0107
AM). At least 10 people were killed, including 8 police personals in a land
mine blast in Jharkhand.
List of terrorist activities all around the world including at the Airport has been put on web site Out of 42 global attacks at the airport/ on the aircraft 32 attacks (76%) had taken place on 6 lunar days in each fortnight (4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14thand 15th). An Air India aircraft named Kashmir Princess exploded under suspicious circumstances on 11th April 1955 (4th lunar day of waning period). 16 people were killed and 3 survived.
Security forces also develop homicidal tendencies on these days. Osama Bin
Laden was killed by American Navy Seals on 2nd May 2011, 14th
lunar day of waning period.

2. Reorganization of Indian States/ more autonomy/ Independent State
Dr Rajan Sankaran (1999) has observed that people are having the feeling of being oppressed, of suffering injustice and laboring under a burden difficult to endure is found most prominent in India. It is therefore hardly a surprise that to find tuberculosis in vast populations
of Indians. Sankaran (2004) has again observed there can be feelings of suffocation, being caught or trapped in the situation with no way out, being compressed, of the gap narrowing and in the
reaction one wants to break free, to get out to escape. While in success there
is hectic activity and a lot of effort to bring out change or to get out, in
failure there is an attempt to break free or burst out with violence or
destruction. These mental symptoms have been mentioned under Tubercular
miasm which he has put between Sycosis and Syphilis miasm. Times of India
reported on 16th November 2010 that two million new TB cases were
recorded in 2009 (Globally). Out of an estimated 1.3 million people who died of
T.B. in 2008, the nation alone accounted for 2.8 lakh lives. India’s case
detection was 67%, while the estimated number of T.B. cases that has become
multi drug resistant was 99,000 in 2009. These mental symptoms may be found but
people may not have blown up T.B. cases. India is the only State where (i)
large number of Princely States were in existence, and (ii) large number of
political parties have been formed. Every body wants to become a minister/ Chief Minister/ Prime Minister. So every body wants to become a King (dictatorial) to remain free. Neither our children nor employees want any restriction is imposed upon them. So, there is no need
to make separate states or give autonomy to any state. Able political
leadership with efficient bureaucracy can change the situation fast. The demand
will never end. These are all political demands, which are not in national
interest. No political party will like India to disintegrate. When one C.M. can not look after the
welfare of a smaller state how can a P.M. control a whole country? These mental
are also the main cause of internal terrorism. There is no need for
separate Vidarbha/ Telengana/ Gorkhaland and to divide the U.P. further. Miss
Mayavati, Hon’ble C.M. of U.P., is capable of taking the responsibility of the
country then it may not go well with the people of this country to divide U.P.
in 3 more states. I would request all Hon’ble M.Ps. to pass the bill in Parliament that
there would not be further reorganization of any Indian States. Classical
Homeopathy should be promoted fast to improve the situation. No
drug resistant word can be found in Homeopathy. Medicines are available even in
higher than CM (lakh) potency but normally not more than 1M potency (1000) is
required to cure any chronic disease. I too have the feeling that I am not
free as my wife is in teaching job (Reader) in a College in Bihar. My both sons
are residing with me. Now I am happy that I am retiring. Phosphorus is my
medicine for my all problems. I am in good health.
3. Hatred
Hatred mental has been linked with Sycosis miasm. Sycosis gives birth to Gall
stones, Chronic Arthritis, Hyper tension,
Atherosclerosis, Hyper lipidemia (cholesterol), Filaria, Benign Lung Tumors, diabetes etc, But if hatred goes on increasing and becomes uncontrolled the sycotic miasm shift to syphilitic miasm. If one talks against any religion, say, Islam, then Hindus who have been influenced from the lecture will develop hatred towards Islam or towards Muslims. So, Sycosis has been
created artificially in Hindus. Similarly Muslims will develop hatred against
the speaker, so again sycosis will be created in Muslims. Thus generation and spreading of negative thought is a double edged weapon. A few years back a youth from Bihar came to Mumbai to Kill Hon’ble MNS chief Shri Raj Thackeray, because he developed uncontrolled hatred against him. It is making us diseased unnecessarily. Hatred has been created between
landless and farmers by the then Naxal leaders (Kanu Sanyal, Charu Mazumdar
etc.) in late 60’s and Naxalites/ Maoist are the byproduct. Miss Mamta
Banerjee, Hon’ble the then Railway Minister told in Rajya Sabha on 11th March 2010 “We have lost about 40% of our business due to Maoist violence and agitations like bands. These
have hit our operations to a great extent. Such problems did not exit earlier”.
Who has started giving bands calls in a state or at the national level? The answer is political class. Now this has been hijackedby the terrorist groups and now political class does not like it. Not even one percent of the population supports any bands and thus no political party is
benefitted in election because of bands. Terrorists have got fear and they hide their actions. But see the day terror supported by political class; they burn trains, buses, auto rickshaw,
taxies, shops etc. They attack hospitals beat doctors, blacken the face of college
Principals (Syphilitic mental). These are examples of a vibrant democratic
nation. Life has got intrinsic bond with motion. Giving bands call is a
destructive mental (syphilitic) and national economy is the worst sufferer.
People do not have distant thinking and for immediate gains they harm the
nation enormously. I again congratulate the then Hon’ble C.M. Shri Buddha Dev Bhattacharya for openly criticizing bands. I would request Hon’ble CEC of
India to put restrictions on such political parties for taking law in their hands and interfering with the local administration.
People of Jammu and Kashmir have been constantly brain washed against Para military
forces, army personals and Central Government. They might have developed hatred
towards them. Any crime related with rape and murder takes place all around the country even by security forces/police personals against people from any religion. When a father commits sin against his daughter, who is to be blamed? Such type of perverted act is associated with
syphilitic mental people and same can be said about homosexuals. Shri Gulam Nabi
Azad,Hon’ble Health Minister was right in calling such mental as a disease but
he was forced by the media to change the statement. At least 88 army personals of Bangladesh were killed by their own BDR in Bangladesh on 28th February 2009. No
Indian army was involved. It was 4th lunar day of waxing period. At
least 500 people from Christians were killed by Muslims in Nigeria on 8th
march 2010. It was 8th lunar day of waning period. These are examples of extreme hatred, which
exploded on certain lunar days. Jammu and Kashmir is the first state in
India which has passed the bill that curtails the jobs for general candidates
across the state. The bill allows an aspirant to apply for government jobs only
in one’s home district. This is another example which shows that hatred has
come closer to them from Government of India to the people of the same state.
I would request leaders of all political parties kindly do not spread hatred in
name of cast, language, region and religion for getting votes. They should
fight election only on development agenda.
Unnecessarily capital punishment given by Apex court is sent to the President
of India for amnesty. There is no logic behind it. Now it is creating huge
problems for the Government and country while dealing with terrorists. Now in
free India it is not required. This is unnecessarily creating hatred among the
Indians. This provision is not in national interest and may be removed at the

4. Freedom of Speech
Shri Prasant Bhushan, eminent Lawyer and Arundhati Rai, eminent writer got
name and fame from this country. They do not feel (delusion) that they are
going to loose any thing if any Indian state disintegrates from India. They may
get any international award or even Nobel Prize for promoting disintegration in
India. This is a tribute to ‘Mother India’ from them. Shri Azam Khan, eminent politician from U.P. said “Only one Muslim minister (Gulam Nabi Azad) is there in the (Union) Cabinet,
but from Kashmir. That Kashmir, which is still controversial and we do not know
that is a part of India or not…” (Times of India 23rd December 2010).
Legend Hon’ble M.F. Husain painted nude pictures of Bharat Mata and Goddess
Saraswati. So many intellectuals/ journalist came in his support in name of art
and freedom of speech. But I don’t think
any of these broad minded people will like to display the nude paintings of their
near and dear ones in any exhibition. See the case of a Swedish cartoonist
who drew the Prophet Mohammad with the body of a dog. What is common with these
people? Syphilitic mental persons can not decide what is right and what is
wrong. They are also insensitive and shameless people. One mental symptom has
been given in Homeopathic Synthesis Repertory (1997): Aversion to family members but talks
pleasantly to others. These people did not bother for Mother India but are
generous towards separatists. Vijayakar (2009) has mentioned about destruction of intelligence in Syphilitic people.
5. Exterme desire
Sankaran (2004) said “Disease is a
restriction of vision. It is a narrow way of looking at things. Only awareness
of this delusion can remove it, just as light removes the darkness. Disease
disappears only with awareness. The Homeopathic remedy creates awareness of
your delusion by putting you in touch with the original situation from which
the delusion came”. Vijayakar (2009) said “There are certain people who have
affinity for one thing like money in psoric (skin disease) phase that gradually
increases to increased interest in collection of money in Sycosis and ultimately
start clinging to money in Syphilis. Thus an affinity to one subject or thing can overwhelm the person; he becomes the slave of it. He sees nothing but the same thing everywhere and talks of it”. Thus uncontrolled desire is the mental of a syphilitic person. These people also have
aversion for work, aversion duty, aversion reading/study, aversion family
members, and aversion marriage. All mental can’t be found in one person.
Stringent laws have been made for rape and murder cases. But the rate of murder and rape cases is increasing. The people who commit such crimes become blank (thought) at the time of committing the crimes. Such crimes have been named as
opportunistic crime by Shri P. Chidambaram Hon’ble Home Minister. Similarly
corruption can not be stopped by making laws only. Prevention is better than
cure. Where ever loop holes are there that is to be sealed so that the crime
does not take place. Large number of cases would be found in Indian courts if it is compared with other countries in proportion to its population. The main mental symptoms for these syphilitic
people are: Uncontrolled desire/ greed/ emotion, unforgiving and revengeful.
I would request Hon’ble Social worker Shri Anna Hazare, not to put his life at
risk by keeping fast. This can be resolved by dialogue. People in A.P. were on
fast for a separate Telangana State recently. His action (fasting) may be misused in future, which may not be in national interest. Homeopathy will help in the long run if children are treated with
homeopathy from the very beginning. Mumbai has become hub for classical
Homeopathy, and Shri Anna Hazare Hon’ble Social worker may also consider
Homeopathy treatment for any illness.

6. Mental and physical disease
Suicides across India during 2010 were
observed as 1.34lakh. Despite reforms, 9.6% more students ended lives. One in
five Indian adults suffers from both diabetes and hypertension. India had
9.8lakh new cancer cases in 2010 (Times of India). Main reasons for increase in all types of
mental and physical diseases are daily fluctuation of solar-lunar gravitational
force, rapid increase of Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis cases and poverty. Increase in alcohol, tobacco and junk foods
consumption, adulteration, use of pesticides, pollution, and unnecessary
restrictions on women are other causes for increase of all types of serious
diseases. On natural reasons we do not have control but there is unlimited scope
for expansion of homeopathy.
“India has earned the dubious distinction of
being South Asia’s most uncharitable country in 2011, according to the
Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index. India was ranked at 134,
Pakistan at 34, Sri Lanka 8, Bangladesh 78 and Nepal 84. One mental symptom in
Homeopathy is begging. Begging stands for “crying for help”. But it is in
broader sense, people seek undue favor for accumulating black money but they
are very poor mentally. They can’t help financially to the needy persons and
are unappreciative and discourteous as well. People want respect from all, but
are reluctant to give respect to any body. If some one gives alms to a
beggar he gives blessings but these people are mentally poor. Rich people
numbers are growing up fast in our country, they can be found in majority of
villages also. But we lack in charity work. If people can fix deposit an amount of Rs. five lakh or ten lakh in a nationalized bank and annual interest may be paid to the poor meritorious students
(preferably more girl students) of a secondary school as monthly scholarship
(say Rs. 200). This will help to improve the infrastructure for the poor
people. Also they can distribute Dhotis and Saris to needy people (say 100
in numbers) of a few villages annually on either 15th August or 26th
January, after preparing a list. These actions will help to improve the
relationship between rich and poor and its impact may be visible in controlling
internal terrorism in the long run. Lord Ram has said to ‘Jatayu’ “Parhit bus jinhke man mahin, tinh kahun jag durlav katchhu naahi
Tanu taji tat jahu mam dhaama, deun kaah tumh poorankamaa”.
But we also need homeopathic medicines to become more sympathetic, sensitive and responsible. The word ‘Begging’ came into lime light recently when Shri Bala sahib Thackeray, Hon’ble Shiv Senachief commented on the statement of Shri Rahul Gandhi, Hon’ble M.P. Sankaran (2008) has mentioned that when he gave Phosphorus 200 to a 32 year old woman
for her irregular menses and weakness, the woman had dreams of beggars who were
asking for money and touching her. I had also dreams of beggars even before I
took Phosphorus 200. I can not give alms especially to the young beggars. So I have got hatred for begging. The same may be the case with Shri Rahul Gandhi, Hon’ble M.P. I do not want to be
dependant on any body and even for health problems I studied homeopathy. For
improving my knowledge I can seek help from any body but if the man is mentally
poor I can not take his help.
People from all religions beg to the Almighty throughout their life for fulfillment of
their desire but they have got delusion that they will construct House
(religious place) for the God. They can not create
even a tiny particle; they construct a religious place from the materials
provided by the God (nature) only. Unnecessarily people are fighting in name of
religious places.
8. Same Gotra marriage
I belong to Kashyap Gotra, it does not mean that Kashyap Gotra people are descendent of Kashyap Rishi. All disciples of Kashyap Rishi, irrespective of cast, were given Kashyap Gotra. So, there is no question of brother and sister theory. Again, say, five persons of the same
cast had been the disciples of Kashyap Rishi, but it is not necessary that
marrying couple belongs to the same branch. Also many generations have passed
over, so fear for same blood relation is not true. However for better future
generation, some rules were made to avoid same Gotra marriage. Keeping in mind
of better future generation they finish the present generation. See the cruelty
(Syphilitic) of these people they kill their own children. Whether these people
do not tell lies, do not drink; do not do any immoral things? The answer is no.
Secondly I can not say that I am a saint and my children are anti social. Parents and the whole same Gotra people are responsible for the misdeeds of the young couple of their society. Here genes that matter. I would request Hon,ble C.M. Harayana Shri B.S. Hooda and Hon’ble
M.P. Shri Naveen Jindal for taking necessary action in making people more aware
in this regard. What Dr. Sankaran has said about disease are clearly visible
here (item 5). Here again, Homeopathy treatment will remove rigidity if children are given homeopathy medicines from the very begining.
9. Occupation of Indian Territory by China
Time and again China enters into Indian Territory in Arunachal Pradesh by violating international laws and India remains helpless. India must remain always tough in dealing with China. I appreciate the statement of Shri Omar Abdullah, Hon’ble C.M. of Jammu and
Kashmir in this regard. How much our
territory is in possession of China after 1962 war, the present generation of
our country may be informed? I would request Hon’ble Speaker Meera Kumar for
taking necessary action in this regard.

10. National Awards

I do not agree with Shri Markandey Katju, Hon’ble Press Council Chairperson
Justice, about his opinion on Bharat Ratna award to cricketers and film stars.
Entertainment is a part of human life and one can not survive without it. A person who raises nationalism beyond limit in our country definitely deserves Bharat Ratna award. Hockey legend major Dhyan chand and batting maestro Sachin are right choice for the highest national award. If Government of India wants Homeopathy to touch new heights in our country in all
respect, Homeopaths may be selected for national award annually. All state
governments may kindly take necessary action in this regard. As a citizen of India my humble request is to consider the names of two world’s eminent Homeopaths of Maharashtra Dr Rajan
Sankaran (02226103466) and Dr Praful Vijayaker (02226147934/26180989) for
national award. My stay in Mumbai is more than 20 years, so I may also
suggest their names for national award. Their contribution to homeopathy and
human kind are enormous. I would request Shri Prithviraj Chavan Hon’ble C.M. of
Maharashtra to take necessary action in this regard. I would request Hon’ble
President of India, C.M. Maharashtra, BJP president and other dignitaries of
the State to taste what one drop of homeopathy medicine does in case of acute
as well as chronic disease. A big homeopathic clinic “The other song” has been
opened in Juhu lane Mumbai (Telephone No. 02242616666) recently where at least
eight classical homeopaths are available. The team is lead by Dr Sankaran. I would
request Shri Rajeev Shukla, Hon’ble Parliamentary Affairs Minister to appoint
one Homeopath for the Indian cricket team. Frequent injury to players can be
stopped (reoccurrence of old injury) and quick recovery is also possible.
Uncontrolled emotions of one or two players can be also controlled through
homeopathy. Star cricketer Yuvraj Singh needs longer homeopathy treatment; otherwise he would be in deep trouble in future.
11. Bhrunhatyaa (Female foeticide)
MahaaKavi Tulsidaas dwaraa rachit Shriraamcharitmaanas ke Sunderkaand me ek chaupaai isa prakaar hai:
"Prabhu bhal kinh mohi seekh deenhee I Maryaada Punee tumhari keenhee II
Dhol Ganwar Shudra Pashu Naari I Sakal taadanaa ke adhikaari II"
Isaka anuvaad Geeta press Gorakhpur se prakashit naveentam sanskaran (Sambat 2068/ 2011 A.D.) me isa prakaar diyaa gayaa hai: "Prabhu ne achchhaa kiya jo mujhe shichha (danda) dee, kintu maryaadaa (jeevon kaa swabhaav) bhi aapkee hee banayee hui hai. Dhol, Ganwar, Shudra, Pashu aur Isatree- ye sabhi sheechha ke adhikaari hain". Taadanaa shabdaa ka arth "shichha" yaa "dand denaa" uchit nahi lagataa hai. Isi shabdic arth ke kaaran kaaphee lambe samaya se isa Mahaakaavya kee avam "Hindu Dharam" kee aalochanaa hui hai. Dow maah poorva Bharteeye Vimaanpattan praadhikaran, Mumbai dwaraa ek saanskritic kaaryakram kaa aayojan kiyaa gayaa thaa, jishme mujhe bhi shaamil hone ke liye aamantrit kiya gayaa thaa. Isame Maraathi bhaasha main bhrunahatyaa par ek laghhu naatak ka manchan kiyaa gayaa I Maharashtra ke ek Jila main "Naari bhrunhatyaa" ki gambhir samashya kee ore logon ka dhyan aakrishta kiyaa gayaa.
Tulsidaas dwaraa rachit uprokta pankti bhi dohraayee gayee avam naari ke prati bhedbhaav main badhotari ke liye isa rachana ko bhi jimmedaar manaa gayaa. Maine manch par aane ki anumati maangi avam isa prakaar aspashteekaran diyaa : Tulsidas jaise mahaagyani aisi baat kaha hee nahi sakte, jinhon ne Raamaayan rachanaa karne se poorva dushton avam ashanta logon ki bhi vandanaa kee hai. Raamaayan se jyadaa duniyaa main kisee bhee Mahaakaavyaa ko lokpriyata nahi milee hai. Bhargav shabdakosh (2007: Hindi-English) main "Tadanaa" shabda ka anuvaad " To punish/ to guess / to comprehend" diyaa hai. Comprend ka arth Oxford Reference Dictionary (2004) main Grasp mentally, understand diyaa gayaa hai. Ataha "Tadanaa" shabda ka arth "Samajhnaa" choupaai ke her shabda ke prati nyaay kartaa hai. Dhol ek vadya yantra hai, ise jaankrar hee bajaa sakte hain. Isi tarah ashichhita, majdoor, pashu avam naari ko samajhne kee jaroorat hai. Aashaa hai "shreeraamcharitmaanas" sabhi Bhaarteeyon me aur sadbhav ka srijan karne main samarth hogi.
(i) Many diseases aggravate on 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th and 15th
in both fortnights because of change in amount and frequencies of microwaves
emitted from earth because of change of solar-lunar gravitational force. The
same is the reason for aggravation of diseases on earthquake days.
(ii) Everyday fluctuating gravitational force of the Moon is the main cause of wear and tear of human body and mind. Microwaves plays important role in creation of new diseases in
human body.
(iii) Microwaves may be responsible for increase in number of cancer, hypertension, diabetes, suicidal, homicidal, insanity and other diseases.
(iv) Mental symptoms of Sycosis andSyphilis may be observed in a patient who does not have any venereal disease. The disease which is said to be created by Sycosis/ Syphilis has been actually
created by microwaves. It is already known that cancer is also caused by
radiation and syphilitic mental may be found. Aggravation during night will
also take place in the disease created by microwaves as emission of microwaves
is observed maximum during night.
(v) Homeopathy can minimize the impact of microwaves on human body and mind.
(vi) A board of eminent homeopaths may be constituted by the Ministry of Health for making recommendations for improving the standard of classical homeopathy in the country.
(vii) Reorganization of any state is not in national interest. A bill may be
passed in Parliament that there would not be further reorganization of Indian states.
(viii) Generation and spread of hatred is a double edged weapon. It gives birth to artificial Sycosis and Syphilis mental.
(ix) Life has got intrinsic bond with motion. Giving bands call is a destructive mental (syphilitic).
(x) Capital punishment given by Apex court may not be sent to the President of India for amnesty. It is not required in free India. Necessary amendment may be carried out in the constitution.
(xi) Syphilitic mental persons can not decide what is right and what is wrong. They are also insensitive andshameless people.
(xii) People can fix deposit an amount of Rs. five lakh or ten lakh in a nationalized bank and annual interest may be paid to the poor meritorious students (preferably more girl students) of a secondary school as monthly scholarship (say Rs. 200). This will help in improving the infrastructure for the poor people and relationship between rich and poor.
(xiii) Corruption can not be stopped by making laws only. Prevention is better than cure. Where ever loop holes are there that is to be sealed so that the crime does not take place.
(xiv) People from all religions beg to the Almighty throughout their life for fulfillment of their desire but they have got delusion that they will construct House (religious place) for the God. They can not create even a tiny particle; they construct a religious place from the
materials provided by the God (nature) only. Unnecessarily people are fighting
in name of religious places.
(xv) One can not say that I am a saint and my children are anti social. Parents
and the whole same Gotra people are responsible for the misdeeds of the young
couple of their society.
(xvi) How much our territory is in possession of China after 1962 war, the present generation of our country may be informed?
(xvii) A person who raises nationalism beyond limit in our country definitely deserves Bharat Ratna award. Hockey legend major Dhyan chand and batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar are right choice for the highest national award. Two world’s eminent Homeopaths of Maharashtra Dr Rajan Sankaran and Dr Praful Vijayaker may be given national award for providing eminence
service to Homeopathy and human kind. Frequent injury to players can be stopped
(reoccurrence of old injury) and quick recovery is also possible. Uncontrolled
emotions of one or two players can be also controlled through homeopathy. Star
cricketer Yuvraj Singh needs longer homeopathy treatment; otherwise he would be
in deep trouble in future.
(xviii) "Tadanaa" shabda ka arth "Samajhanaa" choupaai ke her shabda ke prati nyaaya karta hai. Dhol ek vadya yantra hai, ise jankaar hee bajaa sakte hain. Isee tarah ashichhit, majdoor, pashu avam naari ko samajhne kee jaroorat hai.
I am thankful to Miss N Nazma Khanum, my colleague, for typing the Hindi portion of the paper.
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