Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Vinod Kumar
Director, Meteorological Office
New Technical complex, C. S. I.
Airport, Mumbai-400099
Tel. NO. 02226828009 (office)
Dated 28/05/2008
Dear Sir,

The Government of India is taking necessary steps to check the growing danger of external and internal terrorism in our country. I have presented my thought on terrorism with reference to a popular therapy in our country, which will immensely improve the mental and physical conditions of the Indians by neutralizing desire to kill and suicidal tendencies. The paper entitled "Extinguish the fire of terror mind in the bud through classical homeopathy" will provide in detail information about classical homeopathy which I have obtained through practical experience. As I have got no option to get rid off my illness, I tried homeopathy and got cured. Homeopathy has the potential to sooth the restless, cruel, killer (suicidal), greedy, and amorous minds in a harmless way. Teenagers can be interrogated at the time of their entry in class eighth or even earlier about desire to kill and suicidal mental. In 2006-2007, 5857 students committed suicide in India, out of which 43 % died because of fear of examination. A student getting 88% marks commits suicide because of getting less marks than his expectation and many students who failed do not commit suicide. A few infrequent doses of a particular homeopathy remedy will be sufficient to remove the negative thoughts and other health problems. These mental have also nothing to do with financial, social or family problems. All individuals are simply the recipient of such negative thoughts from their parents. Terrorists, sponsored by Pakistan and Bangladesh with the help of perverted youths of this country, have been bleeding this country enormously since long and powerless Indians have to offer condemnation and money time and again. Terrorists, by their actions, have been keeping the plant of nationalism in this country to some extent green, otherwise personal/ party interest gets top priority in this country. No Indian can disbelieve Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Hon' ble former President about his stand on nuclear agreement with USA. Prices of petroleum products are climbing new heights everyday. Oil companies do not have enough money to purchase petroleum products. What will happen after a few years, slow thinking mind can not feel the urgency of nuclear agreement with USA. It has been said on more than one occasions about China and Pakistan that Indians have been deceived by them. A person, who has been cheated, is himself to be blamed.The problem is that our thinking is slow and we believe all. An intelligent person neither have blind faith nor suspicious with every one. Which disease has made our thinking slow and how it can be improved by homeopathy, I have also taken up in this paper, Sir ! firstly I want to introduce myself as a Meteorologist to draw your kind attention on my writings. I have been working at C. S. I. Airport Mumbai since April 1991 as an Aviation Forecaster.The unprecedented rainfall of 26th July 2005 over Santacruz Mumbai (944mm) has been forecast by me 30 hours early for aviation people. The research paper has been published In IMD journal "Mausam" in April 2007 (copy enclosed). A circle has been marked around VABB (Mumbai) for the expected severe weather (Fig. 2). This is my third paper in meteorology over Mumbai. The detail information about my research work may kindly be seen in my personal biodata (last page). Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Prafull Vijayakar (Mumbai) are eminent classical homeopaths of International repute. I had a talk with Dr. Sankaran 0n 24th April 2006 regarding my thoughts on desire to kill tendency and its neutralization by homeopathy and he was in agreement with me. I am almost one year behind my anticipated time of completion of this work as I was busy in completing my undertaken research works. Medical men associated with The British Medical Journal "The Lancet" have been spiting venom time and again against homeopathy, which is farce and irrelevant. They are doing a great disservice not only to the people of U. K. but also to the whole medical fraternity, who are believing their research works. Certainly these people do not belong to intellectual class. Time and again Homeopaths have to clarify that homeopathy works. Perhaps this is the reason they do not want to come into limelight. A great homeopath in the United States was Dr.Constantine Hering, M.D. (1800-1880). When still a medical student at the University of Leipzig (Germany), he was asked to write an article attacking homeopathy. He undertook the task with enthusiasm, but his researches led him to convert to the new medicine. He settled in USA in 1833. India is a country from where four religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism have originated. Intellectual powers and creativity of the Indians are well known and majority of Indians are still non-materialistic. As a result homeopathy is growing up fast in our country. Although 12000 homeopaths are completing their studies every year from 120 colleges in our country, but standard of these Institutes and their students must be raised so that classical homeopaths should be able to tackle serious health problems of our country. Taking into account the vast population of our country, infrastructure available for homeopathy is not adequate. However, Mumbai has become the hub of the classical homeopathy. Dr. Sankaran , Dr. Vijayakar and others are giving training to the young homeopaths of our country. They can also deliver lectures on electronic media for making the people aware about classical homeopathy.They should also guide the general public about treatment for any serious acute problems not only to the human beings but also to the birds/ animals, whenever birds flue like epidemic erupts. In 1813 when combined armies defeated the French army of Napoleon in the battle of Leipzig, nearly 100,000 soldiers were killed or wounded. But typhoid epidemic erupted there in more deadly and virulent form. Hahnemann treated 180 cases, and lost just one patient. This victory over disease greatly enhanced his reputation, and that of homeopathy. If Indian homeopaths want to grab attention of the nation they have to do something extra. Shri Vilas Rao Desmukh, Hon' ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra may kindly consult Dr. Sankaran and Dr. Vijayakar to get rid off suicidal mentals in Vidarbha region. Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Hon' ble Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers and Steel, Government of India, has been taking treatment from Dr Sankaran since January 2006 on my request and he appears to be in good health. A person who knows the benefits of homeopathy has got little interest in other therapies. Lord Krishna has said in Geeta:

When a full reservoir from all sides is secured, people have got that much interest in a small reservoir; Brahmin who knows the elements of God, has got only that much interest in Vedas. In this paper I have tried to cover more or less all aspects of homeopathy, it may require your more invaluable time in going through the paper. I have no intention to touch the sentiments of any political party, any religion, religious thoughts and rituals. Whatever I have written is based on homeopathic principles. If unknowingly I did so I may kindly be excused. If I have exceeded my limit as a Government Servant I may kindly be excused again. Full text of this paper is also available on internet website:  I shall also prepare Hindi version of this work but it will take time. Contact numbers/ address of Classical Homeopaths, which are available with me, have been given after the personal bio data. I express my heartiest desire, through this poetry:

"Shraddha Suman Aarpit Karun Maa Bharatee Maa Bharatee
Vreeddha Yuvaa Harshita Karun Maa Bharatee Maa Bharatee
Shraddha Ka Deepaka Jalataa Rahe Ghar Ghar Me Ho Teri Aaratee
Hara Janama Me Hama Sabhi Pukaaren Maa Meri Maa Bhartee"
I wish you and all Hon ble members very healthy, happy and prosperous long life.

With great regards

Yours sincerely

(VINOD Kumar)

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Hon' ble Prime Minister
Government of India, New Delhi

Copy to
Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Hon'ble President of India, Shri Hamid Ansari, Hon'ble Vice President of India.
Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Hon'ble, former President, Shri Somnath Chatterjee, Hon ble Speaker, Shri P. Chidambaram, Hon ble F. M.
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Hon' ble Chairperson UPA, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble Minister of external affairs.
Shri Shivraj Patil, Hon' ble Home Minister. Shri A. K. Antony, Hon' ble Defence Minister. Shri A. Ramdos, Hon' ble, Health Minister. Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, Hon 'ble Railway Minister, Shri Sharad Pawar, Hon' ble Food &Civil Supplies, Consumer Affairs and Public distribution. Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Hon'ble Minister, Chemical, Fertiliser & Steel. Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon' ble Minister of State, Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, Shri Lal Krishna Advani, Hon 'ble Leader of Opposition, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, Hon ble M. P., Miss Mamta Banerjee , Hon' ble M. P.
Shri B. S. Khanduri Hon' ble C. M. Uttrakhand, Shri Sitaram Yatchuri, Hon'ble M. P., Mrs. Brinda Karat, Hon'ble M. P.
Shri Amar Singh, Hon'ble M. P. Shri Rajnath Singh, President BJP, Shri Arun Jaitley, Hon'ble M. P.
Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble M.P. Abbu Asim Aazmi, Hon' ble M.P, Shri Tarun Gogoi, Hon' ble C.M., Assam.
Shri Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy, C. M., A. P., Shri Chandrababu Naidu, Hon'ble former C. M. Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon' ble C. M. Bihar.Shri Sushil Modi, Hon' ble Dy. C. M., Dr. Jagdish Sharma, Hon' ble MLA, Sri B. S. Hooda, Hon ble C. M. Haryana.Shri Prem Kumar Dhumal, Hon'ble C. M., H. P., Shri Madhu Koda, Hon'ble C. M. Jharkhand, Shri B. S. Yeddyurappa,Hon' ble Karnataka, H. D. Kumarswami, Hon ble former C. M., Shri S. M. Krishna, Hon' ble former C. M. Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon' ble C. M. Maharastra, Shri R. R. Patil, Hon' ble Home Minister, Shri Gopinath Munde, former Dy. C. M Shri Uddhav Thackeray, Hon' ble President, Shiv Sena, Shri Raj Thackeray, Hon' ble President, MNS, Shri Gurudas Kamath, Hon'ble former President MPCC., Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Hon' ble C. M., J. & K., Dr. Farookh Abdulla, Hon' ble, former C. M Shri Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Hon' ble former C. M., Raman Singh, Hon' ble C. M., Chhattisgarh, Shri Shivraj singh Chauhan Hon' ble C. M., M. P., V . S. Achuthanandan, Hon' ble C. M., Kerala, Shri Naveen Patnaik, Hon' ble C. M. Odissa.Shri Prakash Singh Badal Hon' ble C. M. Punjab, Shri Narendra Modi, Hon' ble C. M. Gujarat, Mrs. Vasundhara Raje, Hon' ble C. M.Rajasthan. Shri M. Karuna Nidhi Hon ble C. M. Tamil Nadu, Miss J. Jayalalitha , Hon' ble former C. M., Miss Mayawati,Hon' ble C .M. U. P., Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav, Hon' ble former C. M., Shri Buddha Deb Bhattacharjee Hon' ble C. M., W. B. Shri P.A. Sangma, Hon' ble NCP Leader, Meghalaya, All remaining Hon 'ble C.Ms. Shri K. G. Balakrishnan, Hon' ble CJI, Shri N. Gopalaswami, Hon' ble CEC, Shri Ratan Tata, Hon ble Chairman of Tata Group, Shri Mukesh Ambani,Hon ble Chairman, Shri Anil Ambani, Hon ble Chairman of respective Reliance Group of Industries and Javed Akhtar, Hon ble writer and Lyricist for trying and promoting homeopathy. Dr. Rajan Sankaran and Dr. Prafull Vijayakar for kind information.



1. Introduction

"Atithi Devo Bhavah" was one of the seven beautiful colors of light emitted by"Indian culture". Indians were having joint family, unbreakable marriage, modest, music loving, non-aggressive and sacrifice mental since ancient period. Now the bright color consisting of seven colors is becoming hazy. Actually excess desire ( uncontrolled desire) is one of the main constituent of haze, which has affected the brightness of our ancient culture. After independence 552 princely states merged with the Indian Union.There is no country in the world where so many states merged with the parent body. Existence of so many princely states shows that head of these states were having excess desire, anxiety for money, selfishness, suspicious and egotism (dictatorial) mental, although they were having no support of the general public. In 1951, 14 national and 35 regional parties were registered with the election commission, where as in 2006, 6 national and 814 regional parties came into existence. The reason for existence of large number of princely states and increase in the number of regional parties is same. Earlier these mental were found in limited number of persons but now these have overpowered the large population with the addition of a few new mental which are: aversion to parents/ wife/ husband/ children/ family members, aversion to reading/ study/ work, cruelty, desperate, degeneration of moral values/ intelligence, homicide (desire to kill), impatience and suicidal. Aversion to work is also prominent among Members of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. How these mental have got their relevance with our peace and prosperity, let us have a gentle walk in homeopathy garden, which is full of blooming flowers, to have its fragrance.

2. Principal of homeopathy

"Like cures like" is the principle on which the theory of homeopathy has been laid down by the great saint, a celebrated scientist, chemist and one of the leading physicians (M.D.) of his time "Dr. Samuel Hahnemann". He was born on 10th April 1755 in Germany and took his heavenly journey on 2nd July 1843 at the age of 89 years. The principle of homeopathy was known to the ancient Indians. In "Shreemadbhagawat- Mahapuran" it is mentioned that:

"Persons who have been affected by consuming any food article, are not cured by the same food if taken in medicated form"? But this principle has been confirmed and developed by Hahnemann in a very scientific manner in the 19th century. When he observed that allopathic medicines do more harm than good, he abandoned his practice and after long research founded homeopathy. If this world has to survive from violent self destructing "excess desire", it has also to adopt a God sent therapy homeopathy, "The Super Therapy of the Millennium".

3.Psora, sycosis and syphilis miasms

Psora, sycosis and syphilis are the parents of all our ills- mental and physical. Hahnemann has stated that " psora or the itch disease is the most ancient, most universal, most destructive and yet most misapprehended chronic miasmatic disease, which for many thousands of years has disfigured and tortured mankind and which during the last centuries has become the mother of all thousands of incredibly various acute and chronic diseases". Hahnemann has futher observed that psora itself gives birth to at least seven-eighths of all chronic diseases, while the remaining eighth springs from syphilis, the venereal chancre disease (painless ulcer on genitals) and sycosis, the fig wart disease, or from a complication of two of these three miasmatic chronic diseases or from a complication of all three of them. The different names were given by different nations to more or less malignant varieties of leprosy (the external symptom of psora), which in many ways deformed the external parts of the body. Leprosy actually originated in east Africa (Egypt) in more than 3000 B.C. and then it spread to middle east (Arab). It reached India and Japan in 1000 B.C., in Europe after 1000 A.D. ( in France 1226) and in America nearly 500 years back. Crippling of soul, mind and body, nervous troubles, ulcers (cancers), paralysis, consumptions, painful ailments, dyscrasias , adventitious formations were not observed earlier when leprosy was not supressed (Hahnemann 1838). Dr. Ghatak (1931) has said that psora is only a condition of the system that enables it to develop diseases. The internal itch of the mind becomes noticeable in form of external itches, because the body is an outward reflection of mind. The course of psora is from centre to circumference, from mind to the body,from mental itching to physical itching. The course of cure also must be the same i.e. from centre to circumference, from mind to body. Psora is present in every case, without psora no other miasm can come in. Psora is full of anxiety, and want of anxiety in any given case it indicates that it is not psora. Psora has the greater power of feeling sensations, that is , psora is oversensitive physically and mentally. Psora alone is never able to cause iny change in the structure. If there is a pain in liver or kidney, but if there is no structural change in it, say, enlargement or hardening etc., it is certain that psora alone is there.
Gonorrhea occupies its original position in lymphatic system and it causes urethritis (inflammation of urethra) in the begining. Dr. J. H. Allens, M.D. has said that the redness at first is confined to the margin of orifice, but soon it spreads to whole glans, penis and sometimes the whole organ gets enormously swollen. Often,very early in the acute state the lymphatic glands in the groin become swollen and tender, sometimes this swelling can be traced from penis to the groin.The inflammation begins usually in the anterior part of the urethera and covers the whole canal. The patient often experiences much suffering from painful urination, chordee ( painful and persistent erection of penis) and urethral discharge (pus mixed with blood). Women suffer from painful urination, leukorrhea, pelvic inflammation, abortion, sterility etc. When gonorrhea is suppressed the disease takes the form of sycosis, backache in both sexes is noticed and the digestive tract is also attacked. Dr. Allens had mentioned that sycosis is not a partial infection of the organism nor by any means confined to pelvic field or genito-urinary path, it is more, it is infinitely more, it is an issue of blood. As a rule in sycosis, very little pain is present. sycosis is often suppressed and it lies in the organism like a sleeping volcano. It is in the lymphatic where a rich soil for gonorrhea and syphilis is found. It is in the lymphatic that the glandular system is so frequently involved and in which rapid and destructive process takes place . High value of lymphocyte is found in chronic sycosis. Dr. Ghatak has said that the course of sycosis is from the circumference to the centre, from body to the mind, from gonorrheal discharge to colic, rheumatism and insanity, but the process of cure should be in reverse order. The mentality of sycosis is suspicious, mischevious, mean, selfish and forgetful. In sycotic there is poverty of language and thought. However, in psoric, the case is quite reverse. Because when he speaks or writes he does it very quickly. Sycotic is sensitive and adjudged as "living barometer"and his/ her problems aggravate during rain and thunderstorm. When the atmosphere is filled with moisture he suffers; when the elements clash,his organism is at war with itself, the rain, the snow, the cold, the barometers rise and fall are his enemies. The following diseases are the offspring of sycosis : inflammation of eye lids, cataract, warts, corns, ringworm, black/brown discoloration of skin, liver spots, thrush , worms, asthma, stones, gall stones, chronic gastritis, hernia, piles, vericose veins, gonorrhea, chronic catarrh, tonsillitis, chronic sinusitis, tumors, chronic arthritis, gout, filaria, elephantiasis , psoriasis, tuberculosis, enlargement of heart, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis (a disease affecting the lining membranes of the arteries), chronic hyper tension, cancers, leukemia, epilepsy, fibroid uterus, prolapse uterus, infertility, painful mensuration, impotency, hypo/ hyperthyroidism , diabetes mellitus, nephrosis (kidney disease) etc. (Dr Prafull Vijayakar). Dr. J. H. Allens has said that a psoric patient suffering with cardiac troubles, has more or less anxiety, more or less fear in heart disease, while the syphilitic or the sycotic have very little mental disturbances, none to speak of, even at the critical period of disease. Often in sycosis the pulse is soft, slow, easily compressible. It is full, bounding in psoric fevers; and small thread-like and quick in the tubercular. Prostatitis is a primary stage sycosis and appendicitis has frequently a secondary sycosis as its primal cause. Gouty concretions, so frequently found in gouty adults, are also found at birth in the mouth, nose, ears, rectum, urethra, and in the outlets of the body, in these babes of sycotic parentage.
Syphilis is also a condition of the system, arising out of suppression of the chancre.The process here again is from circumference to centre and cure will be from centre to circumference. Some persons may have dry skin. This happens because in some parts of the body toxins are not allowed to come over skin in form of perspiration due to the effect of debris spread by abused medicines. Similar conditions around genitals inhibit sycosis and syphilis poisons to come out over genitals in large number of cases. Mental conditions of an individual give an indication about presence of psora, sycosis,and syphilis miasms. Dr. Ghatak has said that syphilis is decidedly weaker in sensation than either of them. Syphilis has never his internal organs- head, liver, kidney, spleen and lungs etc. in natural normal condition. There is always some abnormality in their structure. Syphilis can interfere with the structure of tissues, it attacks them -bone, blood and flesh etc. and causes serious destruction of organs too. The ulcers in the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, carries of bone and even leprotic degeneration of the parts of the physical body are some of the instances of syphilitic degeneration of structures. The chief manifestations of syphilis are malignant abscesses and boils, buboes , fetid sweat and a thick flabby tongue with a white coating and imprints of teeth round the margin. The breath is fetid like the sweat, and the sweat instead of relieving the troubles aggravate them. There are severe pains in the bones, and they are the severest at night, in the heat of bed. The skin troubles of syphilis are always non-itching and eruptions are copper colored. Syphilis may have an intolerance of both heat and cold or at times intolerance of heat only.It is also at night that his mental condition too is worse. He feels an irresistible impulse for committing suicide and thinks only of possible means for realizing that impulse. Man knows by nature his own life is dearest to him but syphilis makes him to forget all love for life. Physical diseases associated with syphilis are: caries of nasal cartilage, ulcers: mouth, tonsils, stomach, duodenum (upper part of small intestine), colon, rectum, chronic or acute renal failures, infarction (tissue death due to blocking of its blood supply) of heart ,ulcerative cancers, leukaemia, gangrene, anaemia-bone marrow, thalassaemia, atelectasis of lungs ( non- expansion of lungs in new-born) Parkinsons disease, epilepsy, paralysis, leucoderma, diabetes mellitus, infertility, impotency and AIDS etc. (Dr. Prafull Vijaykar).

4.Psoric, sycotic and syphilitic mentals

Dr. Ghatak has said that psora makes the mind overactive, sycosis malactive and syphilis underactive. Psora is quick, sycosis is bad, and syphilis is slow. Psora is intelligent, sycosis is mischievous, and syphilis is idiotic. Dr. Prafull Vijayakar has compiled mental for psoric, sycotic and syphilitic constitutions which give an idea about prominence of miasms and its depth in an individual. Human behavior is reflected first before the disease strikes. Mental which are commonly noticed with these miasms are as under:

Psoric: Anxiety, affectionate, ardent (very enthusiastic), activitty desires, benevolence,capriciousness, carefulness, cautious, cheerfulness, desires to be carried, complaining, confusion, excitement, expressive, honest, hurry, industrious, irritable, intellectual, mildness, sensitive, sociability and sympathetic etc.

Sycotic: Abusive, admiration desires, amorous, anger, absentminded, avarice, boaster, borrowing from everyone, aptitude for business, childish, cowardice, contended, corrupt, venal (open to bribery), charitable with expectation of recompense,delicacy, discontented, duplicity, extravagance, egotism, fear, flattery desire, flatterer, gamble, hatred, hypocrisy, home sickness, jesting, liar, loquacity, miser, moaning, mischievous, sadness, secretive, suspicious, selfishness, ungrateful and makes verses etc.

Syphilitic: Anguish, aversion to everything/ herself/ family members, averse to business, cruelty, cursing, death desires, despair, destructiveness, desire to kill, mental development arrested, fancies exaltation, wants to set things or house on fire, Godless, want of religious feeling, homosexuality, indifference, insanity, lewdness, mania, malicious/ spiteful (deliberately hurtful)/ vindictive, aversion to marriage, moral affection-anti social/ criminal disposition/ perversion/ want of moral feeling, wants to be naked, violent sex, rage, shameless, suicidal disposition, uncontrolled emotions and violence etc. When China attacked India in 1962, Indians said we have been deceived. Who is to be blamed? This is syphilitic mental (mind: under active and non suspicious). When Buddha smiled on 18th May 1974 and 11th May 1998, these actions were taken by intelligent psoric and sycotic (secretive) people. Names of cities and states have been changed to give boost only to regional feelings, which has nothing to do with the development of the people in a particular state. This noble idea is the creation of syphilitic mind and may have satisfied only the syphilitic mental. We often find spiteful remark is passed against a competent and respectable political personality, whose public image is clean, by syphilitic leaders only in desperation to get benefits (sycotic) in election, whenever it comes. People dance to the tunes of the miasms they possess. Sufferings of an individual are often linked with his actions but homeopathy has a different view. A person commits sins under the influence of the miasm, which has overpowered the mind of an individual. Gradually the miasm goes on increasing its nest in the human body and suffering starts in form of destructive diseases. Sympathy is greater than gold for psoric and gold (money) is everything for sycotic mentals. But syphilitic people can die /kill for their uncontrolled desire. Dr. J. H. Allens has said that psoric miasm so weakens the organism that the great life centres are unable to supply the necessary nerve force and the patient craves for tea, coffee, tobacco or any stimulant. But the time comes when a stimulant fails and a new stimulant has to be selected and so on until stimulants fail entirely. Thus a patient may begin with meat and follow with tea, coffee, then tobacco and finally end with intoxicating liquors. Head complaints (vertigo, headaches) and eye problems of psora begin as the Sun rises in the morning, increase till midday and gradually diminish and disappear according as the Sun climbs down and sets. Hunger at night is very prominent with psoric patients (Dr. Ghatak). Dr. J. H. Allens has observed that hunger with an all gone sensation in the pit of stomach at 10 a.m. or between 10 and 11 a.m.will be found in pseudo- psoric (psoric mixed with other miasm) patients or when the tubercular taint is marked. Psoric people like sweets, syrups, sugars, candies, acids, fried and sour things, while the tubercular craves potatoes, meats of all kinds. Prolonged use of meat as a food induces similar conditions in the organism to that found under the use of the alcohol, where it is used excessively. Dr. Allens has further said that human beings will live longer, endure more hardship, cold or heat when meat is not used in their diet at all. Sycotic and psoric patients are relieved by hot drinks and prefer their food hot or warm, while syphilitic and tubercular patients frequently desire cold things to eat or drink. It is a noticeable fact that if the system is not assimilating certain things they will crave that thing.The taste of psoric patient is either sour, sweet or bitter. A putrid taste or a taste of pus or blood will be found in the tubercular patient, and those suffering from a tubercular taint. Psora has much perverseness of taste, for instance bread taste bitter, water has an abnormal taste, occasionally foods of all kinds are rejected because of their abnormal taste. Tasting of food recently eaten,or eructations, tasting of food or grease, fats or oil, etc is a common psoric symptom. Some psoric patients are extremely sensitive to taste.Fishy taste will be found in sycotic patients. All metallic tastes is observed in syphilitic or tubercular patients. The saliva of a syphilitic patient is ropy, cottony, viscid, metallic or coppery tasting. Expectoration of a sycotic individual is occasionally ropy and may be of cottony nature. The nails of tubercular patients are brittle, break or split easily, often hang nails and spotted. In sycosis the nails are ribbed or ridged (raised vertical lines) but in syphilis or pseudo- psora (mixed miasm) they are thin as paper, bend easily and are sometimes spoon shaped, that is, natural convexity is reversed. The fingers of tubercular individuals are long and do not taper gradually but are blunt or club shaped at their extremities. Often the hand is thin, soft, flabby and easily compressed, usually very moist or often cold, damp, perspiring profusely. Cramps in lower extremities, in the calves of the legs, in the feet, toes, ankles and in steps are of psoric or pseudo psoric nature. In psora we have burning in soles of feet, numbness of extremities with tingling sensation, worse lying down or after sleep or crossing the limbs due to poor circulation.The psoric patient can walk well but it kills him to stand still. The moles with their hairy tufts are observed with syphilitic and red pinhead sized moles with sycotic miasms. Psora does give many eye affections but never change in the structure of the eye itself.

5. Vital force and its action

Hahnemann has said in Organon that the highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in shortest, most reliable,and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principle. He has further mentioned that every agent that acts upon the vitality, every medicine, deranges more or less the vital force, and causes alteration in the health of the individual for a longer or shorter period. This is termed as primary action. To its action our vital force endeavors to oppose its own energy. This resistant action is a property, is indeed an automatic action of our life preserving power, which goes by the name of secondary action or counter action. So if a person is prescribed a medicine containing opium for his sleeplessness, he will have a uncontrolled sleep on the first night (primary action), but he will remain more sleepless in the following night (secondary action). But if a small dose of homeopathic medicine is given it will slightly aggravate the problem (primary action) but the vital force employees against it only so much reaction (secondary reaction) as is necessary for the restoration of the normal condition. Hahnemann has mentioned in Organon under Aphorism 74 that in order to maintain life against inimical and destructive attacks (by abuse of medicines), the vital force must produce a revolution in the organism, and either deprive some parts of its irritability or sensibility or exalt (raise) these to an excessive degree (Psora: Dr.Vijayakar; cause dilatation or contraction, relaxation or induration (sycosis: Dr. Vijayakar) or total destruction of certain parts and develop faulty alterations here and there in interior or exterior (cripple the body internally or externally), in order to preserve the organism from the complete destruction of life (syphilis: Dr. Vijayakar). Thus a disease starts with acute inflammation (Psora) and progress to chronic inflammation (Sycosis) and further to indurations (Sycosis) or to ulceration and destruction (Syphilis Dr. Vijayakar). So we can see how does human body react to an unhealthy treatment. Dr. Sarah Richardson has said that the vital force is that mysterious agent which causes a seed to grow into a tree, a fertilized ovum into a human being,and which departs at death.

6. Homeopathic medicines

When Hahnemann observed that minimum dose of a medicine has got more curative power and is less harmful, he invented a unique way of preparing homeopathic medicines in which quantity of the medicine is not visible by naked eye. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from mineral, plant and animal kingdom. A plant is washed and juice is extracted without mixing it with water. Equal amount of absolute alcohol (water free) is mixed with the juice and the mixture is kept in a tightly closed bottle for 24 hours. Pure liquid is separated and is called mother tincture (Q). Alcohol stops fermentation of the mother tincture and helps in preserving the medicine. One part of mother tincture is mixed with 99 parts of pure alcohol. Now the mixture is given 40-100 jerks by machine ( Hahnemann was using his hands). Potency of this medicine is given as 1C (centisimal scale). The quantity of medicine present in 1C mixture will be 1/100. Now from 1C mixture, one part is taken out and mixed again with 99 parts with pure alcohol and the process is repeated. The potency of this medicine is given as 2C. The quantity of medicine present in 2C mixture is 1/10000. It has been observed that particles of the medicine is visible by microscope only up to 9C. The similar procedure is followed to prepare medicines of higher potencies e.g. 12, 30, 200, 1M (1000), 10M, 50M, CM (one lakh) and MM (10 million). Medicines having potency 200 and above are considered as high potency drugs and should be used carefully. Very rarely medicine having potency higher than 10M is required for treatment. So one can understand the power available for destroying the disease from its root. Now the question arises when the medicine is not visible in mixture, how does higher potency drug work. Hahnemann has written in Pura that when a piece of steel is strongly and rapidly rubbed by a downward stroke against a hard stone, incandescent sparks fly off. When sparks are caught on a sheet of white paper, then we may see either with the naked eye or by means of lens, small pellets of steel lying there, which has been detached in a state of fusion from the surface of steel by the smart friction blow with the hard stone and have fallen in an incandescent state like fire balls upon the paper where they cooled. At least a heat of 3000 degree of Fahrenheit is required to melt the steel, which the friction only has developed.Thus inexhaustible store of caloric can only be released by friction.The effect of friction is so great that not only the internal physical properties but also the dynamical medicinal powers of the natural substance are roused and developed by it. Hahnemann has again written that I was apparently the first who made this great, this extraordinary discovery that the properties of this crude medicinal substances gain , when they are fluid by repeated succussion with unmedicinal fluids, when they are dry by frequent continued trituration with unmedicinal powders. Thus the medicinal power of any medicine goes on increasing with every higher potency and its curative power goes on improving enormously. That is why material dose of any other branch of medicine can not match with the curative power of homeopathic medicines.The higher potency medicine has the power to penetrate and remove the deep seated disease from our body. In 1984 Paul Callanin, an Australian biophysicist, gave a lecture to Institute for Complementary Medicine in London at which he showed electron microscope photographs of frozen crystals of homeopathic remedies at various potency. These pictures, taken with polarized light, showed that the same remedy in different potency had different crystal patterns. He considered that certain potency worked best because the structural pattern of the remedy was stronger at some potency than at others (Dr S. Richardson). Medicines are also prepared on decimal scale in which one part of medicine is mixed with 9 parts of lactose (alcohol) and after grinding the mixture for one hour, the potency of the medicine is given as 1X and the quantity present in 1X is 1/10. Similar process is followed for making higher potency drug e.g. 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X and 200X. Biochemic medicines are prepared on decimal scale. Medicine having 30X potency is equivalent to 15C. High potency homeopathic medicines prepared from deadly poisons, including snakes, become nectar (ybЄ) because these can cure any serious health problems. Medicine, prepared from actual bacteria or virus which causes the infection, is called nosode.

7. Duration of medicine

Homeopathic medicines are very powerful, these must not be used recklessly. It acts faster than an injection and can be used in emergency cases also. It is better to take medicines having potency 12C or more. Belladonna and Phosphorus must not be taken below 12C (Kent). In chronic cases a single dose of 12C works for at least 10 days, 30X (15C): 15 days, 30: 30-45 days 200: 60 to 90 days, 1M : 4-5 months, 10M: 8 months etc. If proper medicine is selected it must work at least for the above period. However in some cases medicines are repeated by the Homeopaths. When the miasms come down from syphilis to sycosis to psora or disease come down from more important to less important organs duration of medicine goes on increasing. At a time single dose of a single remedy is given by classical Homeopaths. This is non-materialistic approach and any chronic disease can be cured by this approach only. Homeopathic medicines have inclination towards sick cells only, as a result they do not affect healthy cells. Allopathic or hetropathic medicines attack the parts most exempt from the disease (Hahnemann). Dr. Sarah Richardson has mentioned that "Bios" means life. Antibiotic were so named because they destroy bacterial life by removing harmful bacteria from our bodies. Unfortunately, they also remove the beneficial bacteria that live inside us all the time. Three to five hundred species of bacteria live in the intestinal tract, weighing three to four pounds- and it is these intestinal flora which help us to absorb nutrients from our food. That is why an upset stomach is a common side effect of antibiotic treatment. One drop or 4 small pills or 4 biochemic tablets of a remedy may be taken in single dose. One drop of medicine may be taken in half small cup of water and half water may be thrown out. The remaining part of the medicated water acts better than one drop dose. Here quality matters, quantity does not. If we take more medicines more aggravation will be noticed. I have been using 1/2 drop dose only. Medicine taken in water acts much better as it touches more areas of mucus membrane. No food or drink should be taken half an hour before and after taking the medicine. No food restriction is required during the course of treatment. If a person is having allergy from any food he should not eat that food at least for one month after taking the medicine. Any pathological test should be done only after 25 days of taking the medicine. Hahnemann has said that in tedious ailments the best result is not seen before 24th or 30th day after taking the medicine. Also in case of cold, cough or fever, in acute cases, only single dose of a remedy of potency 30/ 200 is given. In case of fever some remedies aggravate at a particular time so use of thermometer helps in finding a proper remedy. Fever may aggravate slightly from 0.5 to 1 degree Fahrenheit within 24 hours after taking the medicine, then fever comes down gradually. Some remedies complement each other, some are incompatible with others and some antidote others. The list of maximum number of such medicines with other relevant information has been covered by Dr. P. Sankaran in his book "The Element Of Homeopathy" Volume II. These information can also be found in "Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory" by Dr. William Boericke, M. D.

8. Genesis of suicide and terrorism

Theme of leprosy is "self destruction". Provings of psorinum (matter contained in scabies vesicals), medorrhinum (gonorrheal virus), and syphilinum (syphilitic virus), on human bodies, have been mentioned by Dr. C. Hering, M. D. and Dr. H. C. Allen, M. D. in their respective books on homeopathy. A few important mentals of these nosodes are as under:

Psorinum: very depressed, could commit suicide, anxiety for money, great fear of death, mania of self destruction, anxiety, impatient, aversion marriage and worst between 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. etc.

Medorrhinum: Tendency to suicide, depression, worst from day light to Sun set, desire to kill tendency (Synthesis), great selfishness, very impatient and desperate etc.

Syphilinum: Craving alcohol in any form, hereditary tendency to alcoholism, violent on being opposed, desire to kill and suicide, worst during night and desperate etc.

As per Prof. K. Nagraj findings ( The Hindu and Front Line) in 2005, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh (including Chhatisgarh) accounted for43.9% of all suicides and 64% of all farmers suicides in the country. Suicidal rate (per one lakh population) of the country during 2005 was 10.3% (1,13,914) out of which 15% (17131) were farmers. Suicidal rate was highest in Pondichery (58%), followed by Kerala (30.5%), Karnataka (24.2%) and Tamil Nadu (18.6%). All members of a family, every household of a village or every village of a region are not affected physically by leprosy virus. Leprosy has been controlled in our country but mental conditions of the people of these states confirm that self destruction tendencies of "leprosy" is present in Vidarbha and in other parts of the country in persons who are not infected with the disease. Anxiety for money, alcoholism and responsibility (of family) are aggravating the situation. Dr. Rajan Sankaran has observed that a person may not have leprosy but he has the feelings of a lepar e.g. despair (no hope of being normal), disgust, an outcast and aversion to company. I have cured two persons here having such feelings from Sepia, which Dr Sankaran has also recommended. So, in Vidarbha and in other parts of the country, psora and syphilis miasms are causing suicides. For defence forces aversion with wife/ family members, disappointment in love, anxiety for family members, homesickness and fear of death are additional mental systems which are causing suicides. In 2006, 113 men (16% per one lakh) from central police force (out of 7 lakh) and 100 (8%) soldiers ( out of 13 lakh army) committed suicide (India Today). An American psychiatrist, Dr. Jack Cooper, found homeopathic medicines invaluable in his work at New York s Westchester County Prison, where he dealt with problems of drug addiction and alcoholism among the prisoners. He observed that during the time he was prescribing the remedies, there were no suicides. Yet before he began to use them, and after he left the job,a number of inmates killed themselves each year (Dr. S. Richardson). Nearly 6000 youngsters committed suicide during 2006-2007. 56% teens committed suicide between March and June, 90% teens show extreme reluctance to go to school (Natrum Muriaticum, Nacl), 43% students have fear of examination (India Today). This can be only cured by homeopathy. Syphilis was firstly detected in Europe in 1493 (Hahnemann) and spread all over the world. Desire to kill tendency is found in sycosis as well as in syphilis miasms. Terrorists whether they are national or international, they are all cruel (syphilitic), coward (killing innocent persons including elders,women and children, sycotic), having excess desire to get power and money (sycotic). Religious fanaticism (syphilitic) and degeneration of moral values (syphilitic) are bonded with these people. For other killings, alcoholism, violent sex and uncontrolled greed for money (dowry death, all syphilitic) play important role.
Wheresoever democracy is functioning power remains with people having mainly psoric and sycotic mentals which is good for a nation. Syphilitic and sycotic persons rule the country where either power remains with army or one party in existence. Recent behavior of China reminds us its arrogant behaviour in early 1960s. The paper quotes (CIA) The Chinese President Liao Shao Chi in his discussion with Swedish ambassador in 1963 as saying " The attack had taught India a lesson that they can not change the border status quo by force. The MEA Secretary General, R. K. Nehru was scolded like a small boy by Liao Shao Chi in 1961 for coming to China only to demand a Chinese Withdrawal. Chinese diplomats were tasked to play up through the Indian Communists that Nehru was pro- US" (India Today,16th July 2007). We did not have the authencity about CIA paper but it is a fact that China attacked India in 1962 and thousands of square kilometers of Indian territory are still under their control. India is mainly a sycotic-syphiylitic country. The worst mental for sycosis are corrupt, flatterer and flattery desires, that is why we are never adjudged as pro- India. These mental are clearly seen with the political class of our country. What is happening in Tibet, their comments on our Hon' ble Prime Minister visit to Arunachal Pradesh and 12 incursions during 2008 (up to March) show that they are having uncontrolled desire/ emotions, cruelty, desire to kill tendency, pseudo bravery (courage with degeneration ot intelligence, all syphilitic), greed and dictatorial (sycotic), which will lead them towards destruction and there is a danger to world peace. Still they think that India belongs to 1960s strength. This has been reported in Times of India dated 22nd June 2007 that Hitler was infected with syphilis. Syphilis was in violent form till 1950s in China but it has been suppressed by allopathic medicines. Now it is resurfacing in China and USA. Wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq could have been avoided. So one can see how these miasms are dangerous for world peace. However India must get tough with China which has got worst mental towards our country. Unrest in any parts of our country can not be compared with China because people can criticize the Government if excess is committed any where and remedial measures are taken by the Government. We can see the functioning of Syphilitic Government in Myanmar, when Cyclone "Nargis" crossed Myanmar coast on 3rd May 2008. All Meteorological agencies had the same forecast, nearly 6 days back, that the cyclone will cross Myanmar coast. Heavy human casualty shows that preventive measures were not taken and the Military Government did not allow International relief workers to start relief operations because of some sort of delusion and suspicion (sycotic). During cold war time secretive mental (sycotic) was very much prominent in Soviet Union and China. In our country, syphilitic mental are on the rise e.g. violence, killings, suicides, bandh ( aversion for work), divorce (aversion to spouse), uncontrolled emotions/ desire. In recent years violence is making in roads in new areas where people are, in general, peace loving (Kerala, Maharashtra), which is most worrisome. When excess desire for money, power, sex and religion (sycotic) or any sycotic mental is overpowered by uncontrolled desire (syphilitic), desire to kill tendency develops. So sycotic and syphilitic persons are involved in all brainless killings and cruelty. In all suicidal and homicidal cases degeneration of intelligence is more marked. Terrorists spoil their immense energy for innocent killings, which could have been utilised for welfare of the humankind for which they have taken birth. But their offspring have to be saved from these destructive diseases by use of homeopathy as they are the future. Syphilitic miasm is also very much prominent in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Pakistan , Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal Governments must promote classical homeopathy for peace and prosperity in their countries. Here my thinking is crossing the boundary of the nation ( mental of gold series medicines, 6th level, Dr. Jan Scholten M.D.). He has also mentioned that the area of silver series of medicines is that of the province, 5th level. These people are good orator and painter etc. Even at the age of 80 if a person is concerned only about his children and grand children, his medicine will be of 3rd-4th level.

9. Cure of serious ailments

 Since childhood, I was lean and thin. I was getting sick on Deepavali (New Moon) and on Holika dahan( Full moon of Hindi month Phalgun), as these were important festivals I could remember. I was developing itches in winter since childhood, scabyol and germs cutter etc., I was using to remove it. I was getting cold, cough, fever in all seasons or at the slight change of weather. I developed food allergy (diarrhoea/ dysentery) from most of the food items (including fruits, vegetables, spices, milk etc.) after flagyl was prescribed to me for Giardia, when I was posted at Dum Dum Airport Kolkata in 1985. I was feeling weak both mentally and physically, developed high B.P. tendency (150/90) in 1995 at Mumbai. My father was having high B.P., rheumatism, rheumatic heart, hernia, hydrocele and persistent coughing. He died at the age of 74. My mother (80 years) is having high B.P. I tried everything from allopathy to naturopathy including exercise and acupressure. But I could get temporary relief. I was having no appetite, my weight reduced to 56 kg ( height 5 feet 10 inches) and I was working in roster duty. No body suggested me to consult any homeopath. Although my father was keeping homeopathic medicines for personal use and he used to give to the villagers in case of any emergency and also used successfully for animals. He was having books written by Dr. N. C. Ghosh, M.D. which forced me to think why an allopath has written a book on homeopathy. I wanted to know the root-cause of my illness and went on purchasing large number of books and the mania still continues. I took single dose of calcarea carb-30 in the last week of December !998 and never saw back. In my childhood when I was getting sick, I was having extreme thirst for cold water, which I was vomiting afterwards (Phosphorus). I was very much inclined towards Cocacola soft drink (Phosphorus) during my college days specially in summer. After going through Kent repertory, maximum symptoms of mine were matching with Phosphorus. I got maximum relief from Phosphorus, which I took from 30 to CM potency. I was never repeating any potency. I was going for higher potency in the next dose. Earlier just after 70 days, I took 50M potency after 10M. But when I realised that duration of these medicine is more, I took Phosphorus 10M on 21.05.2003 then I took Phosphorus 50M on 18.09 2003,after 4 months and then I did not go for CM potency again. Nearly 4 years back, I started purchasing an International Journal on classical homeopathy "Link" through which I could know the deep root of classical homeopathy in Mumbai. After going through Link and Dr.Rajan Sankaran's books I sticked to a particular potency. Recently I got rid off high B.P.(160/ 92 on 23. 10. 2006) and hyperlipidemia (rise in total cholestrol and triglyceride). I took 4 does of Aurum Metallicum 1M at the interval of 3 months during 2004-2005 (for high B.P. 150/90 during winter). Although got I relief in all respect, but had to repeat the medicine only after 3 months. So I thought that the remedy is not proper. Then I took 4 doses of Aur Muriaticum at the interval of 4 months during 2005-2006. My symptoms were matching with Aur Met, Arsenicum Album and Natrum Mur. But selection was again wrong as Aurum Mur. was given by Dr. Sankaran under syphilitic miasm, and I was having cancer miasm as per Dr. Sankaran's observations. Dr N. C. Ghosh has written that if symtoms match with two remedy then a remedy having combination of both should be taken. I took two doses of Aur Ars 1M at the interval of 70 days from 23. 10. 2006 onwards. Even though I was having no problem, I repeated the medicine after 70 days as no improvement was noticed in total cholestrol count after blood examination. I was also under pressure from family members and Physician to take allopathy medicine for hyperlipidemia ( total cholestrol 245). Then I realised my mistake when I saw the blood test report, in which total cholestrol has risen further. So I antidoted it by taking Aur Ars 30. The problem with homeopathy is that one can not have a homeopath of his choice when the need arises. Within 14 months I had taken two doses of Aurum Arsenicum-30 at the interval of 36 days and six doses of 200 potency of the same medicine at the interval of 45-85 days. Actually I did not have much aggravation when I took Aur Ars 1M., aggravation from Aur Ars 200 was maximum in form of cold, cough, fever and itching. Actually emotion level for me is very high for which Dr. Sankaran has prescribed 200 potency. Although I am highly imaginative (1M) even then it appears that emotion level is more dominant (music). I am hard working (diligent: Aurum Metallicum : gold) and I care for my colleagues (Aur), I never doubt that I will not succeed in hitting my target (positive thinking: Ars Alb). I can not be a spectator in the field of my interest (streching body beyond limit: Aur Ars, egotism: Aur). I can not listen criticism of my country, India Meteorological Department and homeopathy ( conscientious: Aur Ars, obstinate: Aur Ars, emotion). Dr. Jan Scholten, has written that Aurum can not let down the person or the task that has been entrusted into his care. He has further written that Arsenic people can not beg for help. They are self dependant people. In day to day working I am disinterested in taking help from any body. I do not want to be dependent even on doctor, as I have mentioned earlier "I wanted to know the root-cause of my illness". But I can go to any person for getting knowledge (Ars is a medicine of the youth adulthood group, Dr. Jan Scholten). Other symptoms are as under: aversion to company: Aur , Ars, intense love for light music (Hindi songs old: Aur as well new hits : Ars, youth adulthood group), breakfast aggravates: Ars (sleepiness, uncontrolled), complexion fair: Aur, winter agg.: Aur, Ars, desire warm food/ greedy towards fruits: Ars, desire bread: Aur Ars, desire pickle: Ars, cheese agg.: Ars, anxious dream about appearing in examination: Aur and losing luggage in train (anxiety, for money: Ars), ribbed nail (vertical lines: Ars), crack in ring finger nail in right hand (Aur Mur., Dr. Roger Morison M.D.), nails hard: Ars, perspiration making cloth yellow: Ars, high B.P. Aur, Ars, anxiety for others: Ars, fear from height: Aur, Ars. (Dr. Jan Scholten has written that the fear of failure is expressed in fear of heights and fear of falling from high buildings), religious: Aur, Ars. I was having a peculiar problem, I was feeling motion if was having serious anxiety, say, my son did not return in time, diarrhea anxiety : Ars, Phos, Sil (Synthesis). After taking the 4th dose of Aur Ars 200 I had the following dreams:
1. Saw a burning plane and ashes fell on me like dust and in the same night saw raining: Ist dream was syphilitic and 2nd was psoric. 2. Saw a large ship full of passengers in Arabian Sea which was being used for tourists. Sycotic dream. 3. I am keeping a sweet baby girl in my lap and getting wet in rain. Pleasing dream; psoric
So my disease came down from syphilis to sycosis and then to psora. I went for B.P. checking on 27.12. 2007 and it was 138/84. My B. P. was never coming down below 150/ 90 between November to February. After taking another dose of the medicine Hemoglobin increased from 12.6 to 14.8, lymphocytes came down to 40% from 45% and neutrophils increased to 55% from 51%, the pathological test has been done after four months of taking the medicine. I do not have any problem right now. However, I have to continue the medicine for at least one year. Dr. Rajan Sankaran has written that cancer miasm lies between sycosis and syphilis. In a success state the person is able to maintain control by stretching himself way beyond his capacity, by being a perfectionist and being fastidious (very careful about accuracy and detail). I selected my remedy Aurum Arsenicum, which Dr. Sankaran has mentioned under cancer miasm in his book "The sensation in Homeopathy" and followed its cure, which Dr Prafull Vijayakar has mentioned in his books "Predictive Homeopathy" part-I and III. I found the book also written by Dr. Jan Scholten as very useful . Dreams play important role in understanding the disease and its cure. A person having high cholestrol may dream that he has to pass through a very narrow space. Anemia, aversion to marriage, aversion with husband, chronic cold, cough and fever, depression, diabetes, fainting, insanity, knee pain, chronic backache, tonsillitis, urinary problems and violent sex etc. have been cured by me. I cured eczema in foot of my colleague with a few doses of Arsenic Alb. 200, at the interval of two months, with one prominent symptom that he was very much systematic in his working.

10. Important observations

(a) Every medicine, which is taken in a chronic case (single dose), maintains a cycle of aggravation as well as amelioration for every 15 days. Some old as well as new problems are repeated in every 15 days completed cycle. I had taken 5th dose of Aurum Arsenicum 200 on 3rd February 2008 and took next dose on 28th April after a gap of 85 days. A particular problem aggravated in every 5 completed cycles of 15 days duration.
(b) Hahnemann has written in "Chronic Diseases" that moderate aggravation may be noticed on 8th or 10th day after taking the proper selected medicine. Many Homeopaths have mentioned that aggravation takes place on 4th and between 7th-10th days after taking the medicine. I have noticed that on 13th day of every 15 days cycle some significant aggravation is noticed in addition to the above mentioned days.
(c) It is well known that problems related with syphilitic miasm aggravate maximum during night and sycotic during day time. I have noticed that syphilitic problems aggravate maximum during the waning period of moon (Krishna Paksha) and sycotic during waxing period of moon (Shukla Paksha). It is known that on 4th, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th and 15th days of both fortnight of the moon month, problems get aggravated. So one can not outrightly reject the Astrology. A person having syphylitic problems, his particular problem will aggravate in the begining of Krishna Paksha, say, on 4th, then in the forthcoming months it will shift gradually towards chaturdashi and amavasya (14th and 15th) and the disease will then shift gradually towards waxing period of the moon ( syphilis to sycosis) and finally it will leave the organism. The same process will be followed for other problems also. For sycotic persons aggravation will take place mainly in waxing period of the moon and gradually it will shift toward full moon and then leave the organism.
(d) After taking 4th dose of the medicine my miasm came down from syphilis to psora and my B.P. as well as cholestrol became normal, then what is the need of taking medicine again and again? The growth of the three miasms has been brought down from 4th to 3rd level ,say, which was giving certain type of disease to me. This was the immediate enemy. As we have been suppressing effects of season, weather, unhygenic food, unhealthy habits by abuse of either branch of medicine and also do immoral activities (including other than sexual). As a result debris remain deposited in our body layer after layer, which take time to remove by classical homeopathy treatment. I have been maintaining a diary for the last 9 years for myself and others about important observations and I also keep close watch on every patient under my treatment, even for taking medicine on time. This is the quality of an Aurum patient (Dr. Rajan Sankaran). I took so much time in getting fully cured only because it was also my learning stage.
(e) Lycopodium did not follow well after Arnica and Rhus Tox. after Phosphorus. Conium has been antidoted by use of raw garlic. Natrum Carb. fever peaked at seven p.m.

11. National interest

People from Bangladesh came illegally and settled in Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi, Maharashtra and other parts of our country. Many of them are engaged in anti national activity. If my children are starving, I can not do charity. Train services with Pakistan/ Bangladesh have been started with benevolence attitude towards general public of both countries but black sheeps will also come for creating network for terrorist activities in our country and tragedy like Jaipur may occur again. The problem is that we never suspect the intentions of the neighbouring countries and their people and our thinking is slow (syphilitic). We talk of about region, religion, reservation, secularism, autonomy and language etc. for personal/ party gains. Any policy matter of national interest can be implemented without dividing the society. Jesus Christ has said "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation and every city or house divided itself will not stand". Any individual leader or any political party or corrupt Government officials or businessmen can not be blamed for the present situation as they are representing Indians in their respective field and belong to Indians family. Parents are killing their children, husband his better half, brother his own brother and sister and vice versa. Homicidal people are taking birth in our homes. For these cruel people, matters of national interest have got no meaning. For cruelty and sexual attitude any relation or age is no bar. In general, we Indians are producing quality persons in minority. There must be something wrong with our genesis. Here again uncontrolled desire and degeneration of moral values are making us less sensitive towards our national interest. Homeopathy has the potential to rectify the genes of all living creatures. Judiciary, Election Commission and Media are considered as eye of a demcratic country. Even at times they exceed their limit in some cases, it should be ignored in national interest. Jesus Christ has said "The lamp of the body is eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. If your eye is bad your whole body will be full of darkness". But the situation is changing as Judiciary does not want to interfere with the work of executive. Homeopathically it can be interpreted as Judiciary does not want to take responsibility (Aurum Metallicum) because responsibility draws criticism, which no body would like. Every judgment is implemented by the Government only. People want to know the truth when there is a despute between two sides. So all the three very important organs of our democracy should work independently without caring for criticism.

12. Religious thoughts

In Shreemadbhagwat Mahapuran "Bhagwan Kapil (Narayan)" has said:
"I am present in all living creatures, those who disrespect my presence in any creature and only worship Idols, their worship is nothing but farce". Durvasa Rishi was famous for giving instant curse. Once he gave curse to Raja Ambrish a devoted to Bhagwan Vishnu for which Chakra Sudarshan followed him. Ultimately he reached to Bhagwan Vishnu for getting safety. Bhagwan Vishnu told him:
"There is no doubt that self mortification and learning are best welfare tools for Brahmin but if he becomes arrogant and oppressive, both start giving reverse results". Only Hindus are allowed to enter Lord Jagannath temple in Puri. What is inside the body of a living creature? Only dirt, then how a person is superior to any one on the basis of cast, gender or religion. We always pray Sita Ram or Radhe Krishna, but a woman can not enter a temple because she has attained the age of becoming a "Maa" or "Jananee"(10-15 years) and without women the world can not exist. This is happening in a state where literacy is 100% . All religions have put some restrictions on women in some way or the other. Whether we are following what have been said in the above references in our religious Epics?
In Holy Kuraan, The Almighty has addressed to Prophet Mohammad:
"Those who fight with you, fight with them for goodness but do not commit excess because God can not befriend with those who commit excess. You do not fight with them, if they are not fighting with you near "Masjide Mohtarama" (Khaanaa Kaabaa). If they fight kill them because this is the punishment for Kaafirs". Here one who attacks The Holy religious place has been considered as Kaafir. Terrorist outfits are providing trainings to the blooming flowers (children) all over the world and in many countries the hopes for future are being sent into the volcano in form of human bombs. This shows degeneration of moral values and cruelty mentals (syphilitic). No violence has been preached in Holi Kuraan. Lord Ram and others punished the offenders, the same thing has been preached in Holy Kuraan. In every religion we are misinterpreting the thoughts because of degeneration of intelligence, which is the result of syphilitic miasm. Religious leaders are working vigorously through out the world for spreading their religions. Whether we are having control on our body. Whether a person can save himself or his family from any disease or diaster. Any religious leader who does not respect other religion, can not be a torch bearer for his religion. The Almighty is present in every particle of the Universe. With so much hatred all over, He would never like His presence even in a particle of the religious place which we have constructed for our own convenience and comfort during meditation and worship. If religious places of different religions are situated at a particular region and the atmosphere remains cordial, the presence of The Almighty may be found in the region. One should not fight on behalf of The God for any religious matters. If oxygen is not available in the atmosphere even for a few seconds, the so called powerful human being will become garbage. This is the strength of a man. Any individual should not hanker that I am The Authority/ Creater. Lord Krishna has said in Geeta:

“In reality all works are done in all respect by the virtues of Nature, even then a foolish person, under the influence of arrogance, thinks that I am The Creator”. Homeopathy has identified religious fanaticism as mental disease nearly two hundred years ago and prescribed medicines for its cure. There should not be two extremes in following religious matters. If we do not have faith in God, this is also a disease. I came to know that "Guru Granth Sahib" is not available in open market. It can be only taken from "Gurudwara" and some religious rituals have to be followed after taking it, as told by my colleague. Any book is a tool for learnings. So teachings given in "The Holy Book" will not reach the masses, unless it is easily available. Religious leaders may kindly think over this.

13. Genesis of diseases in our body

In every living creature all the three miasms psora, sycosis and syphilis can be found but their hypo/ hyper functions aggravate the situation which we call a disease. Since ancient period non-vegetarian foods are consumed by human beings. All living creatures are diseased and have got different types of the three miasms as per their requirement and constitution. By eating them we are accumulating dissimilar varieties of all the three miasms which creat serious health problems. Cruelty, polygamy, selfishness, violence etc. have got their root in animals only and at times human beings behave like a beast. Articles like tobacco and alcohols, which we consume like food, are also creating artificial sycosis and syphilis in our body. Provings of tobacco and alcohal have been done homeopathically and results are as under:
Tobacco: Anemia, anginal pain, dialatation of heart, excessive depression, hernia, insomania, leucorrhoea, pain in kidney, seminal emission etc. (C. Hering). Artificial sycosis is created by use of raw tobacco.
Alcohol: Cruelty, desire to kill, epileptic, fury/ rage, impatient, insanity, irritability, jesting, laziness (aversion to business), liar, prostration of mind, want of moral values, weakness of memory etc. (Synthesis). In general life, we are observing these mentals among alcoholic persons. Sycosis and syphilis are created artificially by drinking alcohol. The same can be said about smoking. These addicted people pass these serious diseases to the next generation by hereditary. In many cases I have observed that children of smokers and raw tobacco eaters are alcoholic. But lessons given by Shri A. Ramdos, Hon ble Health Minister, Government Of India, will not go well with the people because of degeneration of intelligence (syphilitic) and excess desire( sycotic). Only psoric persons can grasp good lessons not only from films but also from day to day events. But sycotic and syphilitic persons can only follow negative thoughts and actions. But psora dominated persons may be found in minority all over the world. That is why only negative thoughts/ actions from films are followed by the youths.
Shamelessness, violent sex, alcoholism, aversion to study/ work, uncontrolled emotions etc. can be noticed in our youngsters. More than 1000 pregnancies of teenagers (even less than 16 years) are aborted in every month in different parts of our country (News Channel). Young girls and boys are visiting health clinic and ask for abortion without any sense of repent ency or shame or fear (syphilitic). These were observed in some foreign countries since long. Boy/ girl friend concept is not bad if physical relationship does not develop before marriage. But if it develops it is a perverted action (syphilitic). In Shreemadbhagwat- Mahapuran it has been said:
"Women are like fire and men like pitchers, full of Ghee (prepared from butter). One should not live alone even with his daughter. Whenever she is not alone, only when the need arises father should remain with her". Shamelessness, cruelty, violence and perverted themes can be seen in Bollywood films. A painter with a violent sexual attitude sees beauty only in sexual organs. Because of shamelessness and degeneration of moral values he finds nothing wrong with nude paintings and people with same mindset support in the name of art. But whether a sensible person will like to display these paintings in his drawing room? Some ancient Kings have promoted sex by constructing Sun and Khajuraho temples.These constructions may have been made to save the declining sexual attitudes among the citizens, it also shows the imaginative and amorous mind of the artists and the Kings. The same can be said about "Kamsutra". It is not necessary for any body to go through the book, I have not seen. Nature gives lessons to all as and when required. What has been done in the past we can not support in name of art. But people having the same syphilitic mental try to give moral lessons to the youths by creating violence on a Valentine Day and an exhibition of paintings is violently stopped. We can see indecent dressings in day to day life, but females concerned are unmindful of their dress because of having shamelessness mental. So we have to strike at the root cause of the disease. Students should be taught about homeopathy, religious thoughts which have been given in religious epics of different religions rather than sex education, which will only give spark to the stored highly inflammable item itch in the mind. It is also unethical from our part to advice about safe sex. Irrespective of religion, students should be encouraged to read Geeta.

14. Mentals in different parts of the country

Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, Hon' ble Chief Minister of West Bengal has been facing violence and aversion to work attitude in the state. Violence has increased in West Bengal during last 40 years. Life has got intrinsic bond with motion. We must control bandh in any state. It is a syphilitic mental and it has been degenerating the progress of the nation. Earlier Kolkatta was a hub of classical homeopathy. I have not seen any significant book on homeopathy after Dr. Ghatak (1931) and Dr. N. C. Ghosh (1941). A few years back I saw the prescription of an eminent homeopath of Kolkata in which Merc. Sol. 200 has been prescribed twice a day for one month to my father-in-law. Heavy rush of patients does not guarantee that the homeopath is following classical approach. So classical homeopathy has taken a back seat also in West Bengal. Easterly and southerly components of the winds are prominent in West Bengal, which bring moisture ladden air from the the Bay containing sodium choloride. Proving of Natrum Muriticum (common salt) homeopathically has shown that the following mental and physical problems can be cured by the salt:
Alcoholism, aversion to husband/ women/ school, cloudy weather aggravate, extravagance, excess desire, homesickness, inclination towards music, revengeful/ hatred, sexual desire diminished/ excessive/ violent, secretive, suicidal, studying difficult, violent, Sun aggravate, chronic malarial fever, hepatitis ( also chronic), hernia, anemia, leprosy, leukemia, leucoderma, obesity, swelling of tonsils, tuberculosis, desire fish/ salt/ sweets/ spice etc. This polycrest medicine can check aversion to work/ marriage and divorce and violent mental. Exactly 1,04,287marriages were registered in Mumbai and Thane between January 2002 and October 2007 and 44,922 applications were received for divorce as well (Times of India). If love marriage is the result of intense amorous mind, it is bound to break. Because opposite miasm attracts each other, they come together. So a psoric person will get attracted more towards syphilitic woman and vice versa. As both are having different mentals maximum number of divorce cases are reported in love marriage all over the world. Arranged marriage is still more successful and suits our culture. Maharashtra has to control alcoholism to get rid off syphilitic mental. It wll degenerate the intelligence of the young, which is seen in SSC results, when 30% students failed in mathematics and the number is growing up every year. Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon' ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra may kindly see that expenditure on education (cluding payment to teachers) is not curtailed. It will hurt the nation greatly and its impact can not be rectified easily. Education is the most priceless asset in the world, and the learning which a person possesses can not be robbed by any one. Homesickness, aversion for study and content mentals, I have noticed in my young local colleagues, which may be prominent in Maharashtra.
Water disputes between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu is hurting the nation. We can not help any one without taking pain. It is Universal Truth that if we help someone it is repaid by the Almighty with interest. After sacrificing some water for the people of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka Government may loose temporarily some votes but they will get huge blessings from "Mother India", (emotion) which will help the people of Karnataka in the long run. If we can not give concessions to our own people how can we expect to solve our disputes with China and Pakistan. The same thing can be said about border disputes between Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Since ancient period education and cultivation are the main strength of Bihar. Duplicity (use of unfair means by students), fear of examination, desire to kill tendency, violent, dictatorial approach, inclination towards tobacco and alcoholism are prominent mental for Bihar which can be taken care by homeopathy. Homeopaths like Dr. N. C. Ghosh, Dr. B. Bhattacharya and Dr. Debansu Banerjee were practicing in Patna and they were very much popular in Bihar. Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon' ble Chief Minister Of Bihar, may kindly promote homeopathy further in Bihar and establish best homeopathy institute at Nalanda University. He may take blessings from Hon ble Milk Man of India, Shri Verghese Kurien, in form of advice for proper development of dairy sector in Bihar. Government of Bihar may kindly (i) promote I. T. sector, (ii) go for atomic power plant, (iii) improve the functioning of Electricity Board for making losses and (iv) continue toughness attitude towards maintaining law and order and educational institutions for improving teachings and checking unfair means. Violence and diabetes in Gujarat, Cruelty in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, west U. P. and Delhi (aborting girl child and killing their own child if they do inter cast/ love marriage) and anxiety for money (worst) in Delhi, hatred and revengeful attitude (syphilitic) among politicians in many states, alcoholism in Punjab, home sickness , introverted mental in Northeast and Jammu and Kashmir, excess religious mentals in Gujarat, M.P. and U.P, violence and desire to kill tendency in Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh, Andhra Pradesh Odissa and in Northeast can be taken care by homeopathy. Shri Ghulam Navi Azad, Hon' ble chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has been appreciated by the different media for providing good leadership in the state. The natural beauty of Assam and its sister states (feeling: isolated ), Darjeeling in West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir ( feeling: supressed), Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttrakhand and Goa (alcoholism) can be preserved by promoting homeopathy. People of Kerala are very much sympathetic, nursing profession has got great boost all over the country because of them only. People from Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat are hard working and have got tremendous aptitude for business. People from southern states are in general diligent and sincere. Creativity is very much marked in West Bengal. Consumption of gold is maximum in our country, because it is present in our blood. Indians are still having joint family concept, take care of their elders and their inclination towards music is maximum, since ancient period. Homeopathic medicines containing Aurum may be found in large number of cases and can cure/ prevent high B. P., heart disease, and cancer etc.

15. Diet

Yoga, pranayam and nutritious diet (fruits) help an individual to expel toxins from the body more rapidly while going through homeopathy treatment. People of Maharashtra are taking care of the heart of the nation by producing pomegranate, as such they require more love and affection from the countrymen. The same thing can be said about Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh for producing apple, almond and walnut . Pomegranate, apple, banana, grapes, guava, orange, papaya, almond (five to seven seeds), date , walnut (full five nut), and beet are good for anemia, heart problems and high blood pressure. Banana, beet, guava, papaya and pumpkin are good for kidney. High B. P. and heart patient may take only fresh pomegranate seeds (or juice) and either of the above fruits in sufficient quantity in breakfast . Pomegranate seeds are said to be good for digestive system. After washing properly three - four pieces of date may be taken after food, it neutralizes acidity . Government of India as well as State Governments may kindly take necessary action urgently, to check the use of carbide, oxytocin and other chemicals, which are spoiling the nutrients of vegetables and fruits.
16. Different therapies and reference books

We have all grown up with the aid of allopathic treatment. Allopathy has got wide network, easily accessibility and in many cases surgery is inevitable. Every branch of medicine has got plus and minus points. Mr. Deng Xiaoping, Chinese Communist Party Statesman (1973-1980) once told with reference to improving economic ties with USA " It does not matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches the mice". Indians are wise enough to give equal opportunities to all branches of medicines. An intelligent person never closes any option. If any person is not getting relief/ cure from any therapy he should shift to other therapy in which he has got faith. Swami Ramdev is doing a great service to the nation by promoting yoga and pranayam. A book written on yoga and pranayam in Hindi as well as in English by Swami Satyanand Saraswati, published by Bihar Yoga Vidyalaya, Munger, Bihar, is the best book, I have seen on the subject. Books written by (i) Dr. H. C. Allen entitled "The Therapeutics of fevers" and (ii) Dr. Prafull Vijayakar entitled "Theory of acutes", Predictive Homeopathy Part II are very useful books on fever related cases. A book written by Dr. Farokh J. Master entitled " Guide to common allopathic drugs for homeopathic practitioners" is a useful book in which adverse effects of allopathic medicines have been given.

17. Points to remember

(i) Homeopathic medicine is based on mental and physical symptoms, so for any disease, medicine is always available.
(ii) A student from either a poor or rich family has desire to have his own identity. But both are struggling as they suffer from aversion to study/ reading/ school/ work, laziness, loss of concentration, weakness of memory/ will power, fear of examination and bad habits. Here only homeopathy can help.
(iii) Excessive anger, irritability, depression, obstinate nature, desire to kill and suicidal tendencies, loss of appetite, excessive hunger, food allergies, sleeplessness and restlessness among children and others are curable.
(iv) Obesity as well as lean constitutions can be modified, as food is not properly absorbed in either case.
(v) Only infrequent dose of a single medicine at a time can cure any disease. Homeopathic medicines are very powerful as such these should not be used recklessly. These medicines act very fast and can be taken in emergency cases also. One can enjoy his life if there is no restriction on food items and medicines are not required regularly.
(vi) Frequent injury to sports person will not occur and they can recover quickly if they take homeopathy treatment.
(vii) In chronic cases allopathic medicines can be continued with homeopathy, except antibiotic and steroid.
(viii) The same medicine can cure high B. P., diabetes, asthma, mental/ sexual weakness , chronic diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, nausea and vomiting etc. Every remedy for an individual acts like Viagra without any side effect. Any skin disease must not be supresed even by external application of any type of ointment.
(ix) Fever reaching peak at any particular time is of significant importance for selecting any remedy, so thermometer should be used. Effect of weather, season and moon will not cause much discomfort after homeopathy treatment. Rabies or snake bites can also be neutralized. Homeopathic medicines relieve post operation problems very fast.
(x) Homeopathic medicines are very much effective for livestock. One drop dose is also sufficient for an elephant.
(xi) Homeopathic medicines are very cheap and are badly needed for the poor and rural India.
(xii) Alcohol and tobacco are curse for the humankind if used as food, but both have high medicinal values.
(xiii) Homeopathic medicines will make the Indians more intelligent and careful towards their national interest.
(xiv) Crack wheresoever develops, it is not a good sign. Whether it is observed in human body or between life partners, family or party or state, it signals the arrival of syphilis miasm. From wherever demands of separate state,
autonomy or independence is coming, syphlitic mental are prominent and more violence is also observed in these regions.
(xv) Psora and syphilis miasms are responsible for suicidal cases and sycosis and syphilis miasms develop desire to kill tendency.
(xvi) Lord Krishna has said in Geeta that at the time when consciousness and wisdom power develop inside the body and mind of an individual one should understand that the quality of goodness has increased. I hope homeopathy will be able to improve the quality of goodness among the Indians.
I am thankful to Shri Adam M. Shaikh and Shri V. R. Swamy, my colleagues for providing me Hindi software and Holy Book Bible. I am also thankful to The Times of India, India Today, Front Line and The Hindu for using their reports.


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1.Name: Vinod Kumar.
2.Date of birth: 01. 01. 1952.
3.Fathers name: Shri Shyam Chandra Prasad Singh.
4.Native Place: Bharthoo, District-Jeh anabad, Bihar.
5.Educational Qualification: M. Sc. Mathematics ( Patna University, Bihar).
6.Post held: Director, joined India Meteorological Department through U.P.S.C in 1984.
7.Office: Meteorological Office, C. S. I., Airport, Mumbai.

8.Research works:

(i)."Forecasting heavy rainfall over Mumbai", published in TROPMET 2001.

(ii)."Maximum and minimum temperatures as predictive elements of southwest monsoon rainfall over Gaya"published in Mausam, October, 2003.

(iii) "Impact of low level jet over heavy rainfall events over Mumbai, published in Mausam, April 2007".

(iv) "Forecasting low level vertical wind shear over C. S. I. Airport Mumbai", published in Mausam.

(v) "Some aspects of the influence of northwest Pacific systems on Indian summer monsoon rainfall" (based on 38 years data) has been published in the Journal of Indian Geophysical Union.

9. Literary work: Completed a novel in poetry form in Hindi “ Aanuragee” (unpublished).

10. Hobby: Listening light Hindi music, watching Hindi movie/ cricket match/ News, reading news papers/ magazine/ homeopathic books, doing research work in meteorology, doing pranayam and yoga and providing homeopathic treatment to a few persons.
Contact numbers/ address of classical Homeopaths.
Dr.Chetna Shukla 1 Thelma apts, Vakola Market Road, Santacruz East, Mumbai- 55
E: mail
Dr. Divya Chhabra 02226204412 Juhu Tara Road Mumbai.
Dr. Farokh J. Master Homeopathic Health Centre, Ratan-abad building, Tukaram Javji Road, in Bhatia Hospital
lane, Grant road (west), Mumbai, E-mail:
Dr. Jayesh Shah 02223611338 Mumbai- 400006.
Dr. Prafull Vijayakar 02226147934/ Vile Parle (west) Mumbai
Dr. Prasad and Dr. Falguni 02228934455 Borivali (west) Mumbai.
Dr. Rajan Sankaran 02226103466/ 67 Juhu Mumbai.
Dr. Sunil Anand 02026807060 Pune.
Dr. Manish R. Panchal E-mail:, Pune.
Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea E-mail: Kolkata.
Prof. G.R.Mohan Visiting Professor for practice of medicine (PG), Principal, 6-4-504, Krishna Nagar colony Secunderabad - 5000080 A . P. E-mail:
Dr. Ramanlal Patel Subhanpura, Vadodara - 390023.
Dr. Munjal Thakar 28, vardhaman Flats, Paldi, Ahmedabad -7.
Dr. Priti Shah Fair Deal Complex, Swastic Char Rasta, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.
Dr. Bipin Gujjar S -28 Sudarshan complex Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.


jnuanand said...

shri kumar has very passionately done a thorough praiseworthy research but i need to read it again to share or better understand his vision .i expect the experts and concerned to take a serious note of the paper so that it is duly utilised for achieving the desired goal.

Linda said...

Thank you so much for posting this valuable information. I, too, have often thought terrorists might be suffering from the Syphilis Miasm. They actually enjoy hurting others which is so sick. I would love to see a religious leader, say, the Pope or the Dalai Lama, speak out in favor of homeopathy. Then maybe people would listen. Homeopathy is the best medicine I've ever found. I only wish I had found it much earlier in life. My family would have been spared so much trauma from chronic illnesses caused by the miasms. Illnesses we've been forced to experience include alcoholism, depression, anxiety, drug abuse, sleep apnea (swollen tonsils, tongue, uvula leading to almost suffocating), quick temper, impatience, extreme fear, hyperactivity, feelings of being an outcast, mental problems leading to not being able to finish school, and more. Homeopathy is now easing all these problems. I know that if everyone used homeopathy, this world would be a much better place.